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Are digital mirrors the next big retail trend?
28 January 2015 | Jessica Glynn - Reality Interactive
Fitting rooms can be one of the most dreaded parts of a shopping trip for the customer. For the retailer it is one of the most important. So how can brands enhance the experience for shoppers?

Four places to look for interactive tabletops
20 January 2015 | David McCracken, Livewire Digital
Pizza Hut is probably the last place in the world to be wowed by technology. Don’t get me wrong, I love sinking my choppers into a stuffed crust as much as the next guy, but there’s not much about the restaurant chain that screams “on the cutting edge of tech.”

2015: A look at the digital signage year ahead
14 January 2015 | Digital Signage Today
It's time to turn expectant eyes forward to the future, here's what a panel of experts had to say about the biggest stories or trends in the industry in the year ahead.

What's in store for 2015?
6 January 2015 | Ron Bowers - Frank Mayer & Associates
Millennials controlling 70% of the spending power in the U.S. creates vast uncertainty amongst retailers; but with the strongest economy in years, optimism prevails as we begin 2015.

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Digital signage and Canadian consumer attitudes
28 January 2015 | Lyle Bunn - Bunn Co.
In the wake of US retailer Target closing 133 stores just 2 years after their opening, Toronto Star Fashion Columnist Karen von Hahn offers some insights into the buying attitudes of Canadians versus Americans. This commentary by Lyle Bunn looks at buying habits through the lens of digital place-based media.

Predicting the top 10 digital screen media trends for 2015
28 January 2015 | Keith Kelsen - 5th Screen Digital
Keith's seventh annual Top 10 Trends for the industry — trends that are changing in exciting ways, trends that always include the good, the bad and sometimes the ugly.

Entry-level and high-end growth converge to propel the digital signage market into 2015
21 January 2015 | Jeff Hastings - BrightSign
The digital signage market steadily expands. A great deal of this growth is organic. More and more retailers, restaurants, offices, airports and other transportation hubs are adopting digital signage because it is affordable, reliable and easy to update.

Digital trend predications & digital signage
21 January 2015 | Laura Miller - Kioware
The folks at Soap Creative give a tongue in cheek glimpse into the future with brash predictions that seem irrational but tend to contain at least a grain of truth.

Retail kiosks create an enhanced shopping experience (Infographic)
20 January 2015 | Frank Olea - Olea Kiosks
Consumers are increasingly expecting multi-channel interactive shopping experiences from retailers. This includes the use of e-commerce, mobile and in-store kiosks to complement traditional brick-and-mortar shopping.

Catch eyes with motion graphic content
13 January 2015 | Kelly Eisel - Industry Weapon
Moving pictures have captivated audiences for more than a century, animation and video bring a special level of entertainment that appeases all audience personas.

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