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What will the holidays bring retailers?
17 November 2014 | David Anzia - Frank Mayer and Associates
Shoppers and retailers are preparing for the biggest shopping season of the year. This less than 4 week window has retailers scrambling to grab and retain the consumer’s attention (and pocketbook). They are doing this in a variety of ways.

Taking your company from vanilla to WOW with digital signage
29 October 2014 | Jason Shave - RMG Networks
Spending a lot of time traveling to the reception areas of numerous companies in various industries. Jason is constantly amazed at how ‘vanilla’ and unassuming many are – surely a reception area is the place to showcase the company.

5 tech trends we will see in the next year
21 October 2014 | David McCracken - Livewire Digital
The retail world is moving quickly towards convenient technology solutions, and it’s showing no sign of slowing down.

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3 questions to ask about your digital signage content
17 November 2014 | Frank Kenna
What is digital signage all about — getting the right content in front of your employees. Here are questions to help you figure out how good your content is (or isn't).

Bring the courts to the people with kiosks
17 November 2014 | Frank Olea
Based on recent, hugely successful deployments in some high-traffic jurisdictions, court kiosks are now attracting plenty of attention from administrators of courts and other government agencies nationwide.

Outdoor kiosks & living in the past
16 November 2014 | Craig Keefner
Craig writes about his busy and fun month looking into rugged device features for kiosks, speaking with friends and reminiscing about the good old days.

'Bill the Billboard' cracks wise for Sprite
29 October 2014 | Christopher Hall
If you're stuck in traffic it probably helps to have company — even better if it's funny company, someone who'll crack jokes and keep you amused or at least bemused instead of yelling at other drivers.

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