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5 tech trends we will see in the next year
21 October 2014 | David McCracken - Livewire Digital
The retail world is moving quickly towards convenient technology solutions, and it’s showing no sign of slowing down.

Are Millennial brains wired differently?
15 October 2014 | Ryan Lepianka - Frank Mayer and Associates
There is a fascination with studying Millennials since they are a digital generation and have vast purchasing power. Marketers should ask what they need to do to change their stores and products. 

#DSASymposium14: Digital signage and design connect people to place
8 October 2014 | Christopher Hall - Digital Signage Today
The aesthetics of digital signage and design — and the intermarriage of the two — are in flux. The idea behind digital signage is now in many cases as much about providing a digital experience as about advertising a sale or delivering a message.

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Shopper conversion through retail shelf media
21 October 2014 | Lyle Bunn
The answer to confusion is always “no”. As product selection at the retail shelf is, by definition, a source of confusion for consumers, brands have a significant opportunity for point-of-purchase conversion through shelf level or service counter promotion.

Self-service on the rise (Infographic)
21 October 2014 | Frank Olea
Will self-service kiosks become the technology for the next generation? learn why going digital is good for customers and great for businesses.

How Android is beating Apple in race for developers
15 October 2014 | Craig Keefner
It's on TV constantly, you see the picture after picture of consumers standing outside the store waiting for the next iPhone.  The evening news devotes a lead story segment. So how is Google beating Apple?

Digital signage content design isn't always black and white
15 October 2014 | Kelly Eisel
Few people choose to watch a black and white movie if there is a color alternative, just as no one gets excited about plain, black on white text. The same rule applies to digital signage content. Color is key to audience attraction.

The 5 best ways to use kiosks in healthcare
15 October 2014 | Frank Olea
At a time when healthcare providers are being squeezed by the economic realities of shrinking operating budgets and thinner revenues, the good news is that healthcare kiosk technologies have now evolved to offer truly effective solutions with numerous benefits for providers. Given the high operating costs of providing care, kiosks give organizations a variety of powerful tools to save money and improve patient outcomes.

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