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Connectivity: Changing the brick & mortar to click & mortar
15 April 2015 | Randy Amundson - Frank Mayer and Associates, Inc.
With the right merchandising, retailers succeed in engaging with consumers and inspiring them to buy more products. Merchandising can range from custom signage or corrugated displays to interactive kiosks – the right one for you is dependent on your company’s needs.

Amazon Retail Patent Seeks to Redefine “Buy Now Pay Later”
8 April 2015 | Jessica Glynn - Reality Interactive
Customers don’t want to spend their time in line waiting. The longer a customer waits in a retail store, the less they enjoy the experience. Amazon’s new patent seeks to use technology to remove the wait altogether.

Jocks and Tech Nerds: (Digital) Friends at Last
31 March 2015 | David McCracken - Livewire Digital
Turn on any high school or college sports movie and you’ll see a natural rivalry between the jocks and the tech nerds. Something in their DNA just can’t make these two groups get along. But in the case of sports Halls of Fame, life doesn’t seem to imitate art — jocks and tech geeks get along perfectly.

Video wall color calibration keeps your colors straight
25 March 2015 | Glen Young - Philips Signage Solutions of North America
Airports, QSRs, retail stores, malls and electronics shops have more digital signage displays than ever before. Besides giving an appearance of a growing business, the presentation digital signage makes is always a key issue.

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Customer Engagement Tip #2: Grab their attention before they enter
15 April 2015 | David McCracken - Livewire Digital
Turning your store front into an amazing experience before people ever enter will definitely get them interested in what is happening within.

Not every problem can be fixed with a hammer
15 April 2015 | Laura Miller - Kioware
One of the biggest complaints heard both within the IT community and outside of it circles back to the issue that technology is not always the best solution to problems. Bringing this to the world of purposed devices, customer facing devices, self-service kiosks, and digital signage, you can see that both the security and lockdown software and the protective hardware being used should be selected with care based on the specific usage intended.

Customer Engagement Tip #1:  The Disney Experience
8 April 2015 | David McCracken
Disney-themed parks continue to be known for the magical experiences that happen within. However, only a few retailers can make such a claim about the amazing in-store experiences they create for their customers.

Self check-out kiosks & Apple Pay
7 April 2015 | Frank Olea - Olea Kiosks, Inc.
Consumers are becoming increasingly comfortable with conducting transactions on their smartphones and other mobile devices, as evidenced by the rapid growth of Apple Pay since its launch in October 2014.

Welcome to the ICX Association
1 April 2015 | Scott Slucher - ICX Association
2015 is a year of transition for the ICX Association, and Executive Director, Scott Slucher outlines plans for the coming weeks and months

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