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Don't touch that dial! Can remote control apps damage your digital signage?
10 September 2014 | Glen Young - Philips Signage Solutions
Smartphone technology continues to amaze with so many different features and functions. But the latest one is the one to be extremely wary of in certain situations. Among the most recent advancements coming from the smartphone is a TV remote changer app.  

3 ways digital signage boosts brand advocacy
2 September 2014 | Kelly Eisel - Industry Weapon
Brand advocates are easily the knights of the branding chess board.  Versatile enough to reach the audiences regular marketing can’t; they are key players well worth your time and effort. Their good reviews are marketing gold.

Sometimes less is more in digital signage ROI
27 August 2014 | Dan Brown - RMG Networks
Less is more. It's a phrase that gets used often and one that came to mind recently about the results of a company's decision related to a digital signage deployment.

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Digital signage does work force management
10 September 2014 - Kelly Eisel
As a retailer, are you devoting too much time to Workforce Management software? Stop spending time on WFM when you should be spending time with customers! Digital signage can come to the rescue as a solution that communicates fast and effectively.

Service in Self-Service
9 September 2014 | Craig Keefner
The other day Beeline purchased OnForce. Most people don't recognize those names but if you look into the service side of self-service they can be familiar.

5 ways to use professional sports to boost readership of your digital signage - for free
4 September 2014 | Frank Kenna
You’ve got a nice new, digital signage (DS) system and find that you’re not getting the readership you hoped for. You need something to attract people to the DS, something that they’ll find dynamic and interesting. How about sports?

Anticipation is growing for 4K, but is it ready for the big time?
2 September 2014 | by Jeff Hastings
To say that our industry is poised for the transition to 4K is an understatement — we are ready, our customers are ready, but is the technology itself ready for mass adoption? The answer is yes, but with a few caveats.

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