Winners will be announced March 13, 2014

The Digital Screenmedia Association (DSA) Industry Excellence Awards honors the best self-service, digital signage and mobile technology deployments across all vertical market segments.

DSA welcomes entries from all interested companies - members and non-members alike. The cost to enter is $195 per entry for members and $225 per entry for non-members. After completing the entry information, you will enter your payment information on a secure site. You may enter more than one project or you may enter the same project for more than one category. Either way, the cost is $195 for members or $225 for non-members per entry or category.


NOTE: Video demonstration required. All entries will require a video demonstration of the product in use. The video MUST be available to view on the web via YouTube or Vimeo and must be embeddable.

See the 2013 winners.

See the 2012 winners.


For all of the categories above you will be asked the following questions related to the digital screenmedia solutions being nominated. Each answer has a 200 word limit. Warning: Any words over the 200 limit will be cut off in the judging form. PLEASE ensure your entry information contains less than 200 words.

  1. Please provide a brief overview of the project/technology that may be used for the awards presentation or promotional purposes - information provided here must be non-confidential.
  2. Explain the objectives of the deployment or the technology - what problem were you trying to solve and how? Please be specific.
  3. Provide an in-depth project description including timeframe of the project. You may include information for the judges' consideration that cannot be made public - answers to this question will be viewed by judges and staff only and will not be included in the presentation or promotion of the awards program.
  4. Please describe the results you achieved with this project, relative to the objectives set forth. Be sure to state how results were measured and provide as much tangible evidence of your results as possible for the judges' consideration.

Helpful hint: prepare the answers to the above questions in advance in a word processing application to determine that your entry will be within the character limitations.

NOTE: Video demonstration required. All entries will require a video demonstration of the product in use. The video MUST be available to view on the web via YouTube or Vimeo and must be embeddable.

IMPORTANT - Criteria for your video submission are as follows:

  • Videos must be no more than 5 minutes in length.
  • Videos must be hosted by either YouTube or Vimeo. We embed the videos in our online judging form. Embeddable YouTube or Vimeo formats are the only acceptable formats. Judges will NOT view videos that require downloading a file.
  • Videos should start with a wide shot of the product in its natural setting and zoom in for the demonstration.
  • A person should use the product to demonstrate aspects of the system’s capabilities (e.g. hardware, software, content, interaction, etc.). 
  • Narration of what is occurring in the video is acceptable. No promotional or sales narration will be considered.
  • Digital Screenmedia Association has permission to download and utilize these videos in the awards presentation, on its web site and other promotional purposes relative to the Digital Screenmedia Association awards and conference/trade show.
  • Videos not adhering to these criteria will result in disqualification of the entry and forfeiture of the entry fee.
  • This URL must stay active until at least April 30, 2014 — if your entry is a finalist/winner, this video will be visible on the Digital Screenmedia Association Excellence Awards website. Digital Screenmedia Association is not responsible for broken links.

Screenmedia Integration Award - Judges will select one project from among the entries which best demonstrates the integration of two or more technologies (digital signage, kiosks and/or mobile). No additional fee is required.

Industry Deployer of the Year
The Industry Deployer of the Year Award will be given to an end-user organization (retail, government, healthcare, casino, hotel, etc.). This award will focus on the strategic role the organization has played in the development and growth of the industry through screen media deployments.

Network Operator of the Year
The Network Operator of the Year will be given to an organization that operates networks of digital signs or kiosks, often for the purpose of selling advertising. This award will focus on the company’s success in creating a sustainable network delivering high quality, relevant content that reaches the intended audience.

Please note: No fee required for Industry Deployer of the Year or Network Operator of the Year submissions.

Rules and Regulations:

  1. Applications may be submitted by companies in the private and public sectors as well as technology companies. However, the focus of the program is on how the project was successful for the client, so their input is vital and should be included in the applications.
  2. After a thorough review of the written applications by the judging panel, finalists for each category will be announced.
  3. The application scores will count for 60% of the overall score, and video demonstration will count for the remaining 40%. Mere fractions of percentage points may separate winning entries, so please make sure you follow the application, and answer each question completely.
  4. Awards will be presented for first place in each category. The DSA Industry Excellence Awards winners will be announced at the DSA Symposium on April 8, 2014 in Dallas. The award winners will also be highlighted in press releases and online. We strongly encourage you to save the date. Should you win, we ask that you be in attendance to accept the award.
  5. A portion of the project must have launched between January 1, 2013 and February 1, 2014, and you must have sufficient results to support the success of the project.
  6. All entry forms must contain a contact person and their contact information for the client, not just the technology supplier.
  7. Digital Screenmedia Association reserves the right to move applicants into more appropriate categories upon receipt of application. DSA also reserves the right not to present an award in a category that does not receive adequate submissions.

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