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Sometimes less is more in digital signage ROI
27 August 2014 | Dan Brown - RMG Networks
Less is more. It's a phrase that gets used often and one that came to mind recently about the results of a company's decision related to a digital signage deployment.

Will self-service kiosks eventually replace humans?
19 August 2014 | Kisha Wilson - Slabb, Inc.
We’ve been seeing a lot of articles lately about potential job loss due to emerging technologies, including robots, self-service terminals and even kiosks. It’s an interesting fear that might be rooted in events of the past including the industrial revolution which saw the loss of many jobs due to automation.

We're cooking up digital signage!
13 August 2014 | Ben Johnston - RMG Networks
Nothing like using screens and software to motivate employees, shoppers, or whoever is coming over for dinner. No doubt you've put lots of thought into all the benefits

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Two common questions (and answers) about scheduling digital signage content
27 August 2014 | Frank Kenna
Join Frank as he discusses two common questions about scheduling digital signage content and the ways to figure both out.

The out-of-home immersive entertainment frontier
26 August 2014 | Paul Flanigan
On a plane trip to Australia Paul had enough time to read "The Out-of-Home Immersive Entertainment Frontier: Expanding Interactive Boundaries in Leisure Facilities" by Kevin Williams and Michael Mascioni. Read his review.

Arrow buys Seneca, grows its footprint in digital signage
15 August 2014 | Paul Flanigan
Yesterday, we learned that Arrow Electronics has acquired Seneca Data. We were only privy to a short letter sent out to some of Arrow’s partners explaining the acquisition, so it appears that Arrow and Seneca are keeping this quiet for now.

Ziosk at Chili's
6 August 2014 | Craig Keefner
In a recent outing Craig had the opportunity to use the Ziosk at Chili's restaurant. Read his review.

Train wrecks in digital signage
29 July 2014 | Lyle Bunn
So many digital signage installations are either a “train wreck” today or are going “off the rails” on their path into the ditch. Many are under-performing.

The menu board opportunity
18 July 2014 | Jeff Hastings
One display that every single visitor to a restaurant or fast food outlet will unfailingly consult is the menu board. Most retailers have to attract customers’ attention to their in-store displays, but restaurateurs have a guaranteed audience.

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