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Wednesday, 23 April 2014

SACRAMENTO, CA /24-7PressRelease/ -- DFI TECH today announced the availability of its latest solution to power the Digital Signage and Kiosk industries' most challenging environments. The F80 is designed around Intel's Next Unit of Computing (NUC), defining a new smaller form factor, providing more speed and processing power, while also supporting up to two high definition displays with Intel's HD graphics.

"We continue to develop innovative, industry leading solutions that solve real problems with the release of our F80 solution for Digital Signage and Interactive Kiosks" said David Lu, CEO of DFI TECH. "Our enhancements to Intel's NUC, address a variety of limitations and enable us to deliver advanced computing capabilities to support a variety of applications in extreme environments."

In designing the F80, DFI TECH created several enhancements and modifications to the NUC that essentially redefine it, extending its use across a variety of more extreme applications, such as high heat and heavy dust environments.

DFI TECH also addressed several overheating issues with the NUC, while simultaneously removing all moving parts, making the F80 fanless and less prone to accumulating dust in the unit. Going fanless also enables reduced acoustic impact. These innovations greatly enhance the usage of the F80 in automotive, hospitality, industrial automation, and other rugged environments requiring high reliability and extended life.

The smaller form factor also enables the F80 to be used in a number of applications not previously feasible. In-vehicle use, restaurant kitchens, cosmetic counters, manufacturing floors, and hotel rooms are just a few of the environments requiring a compact form factor that the F80 excels in.

Even with the smaller form factor and reduced footprint, DFI TECH also added several expansion slots to cater to environments that might require multiple monitors, keyboards, POS, bar coding, touch screen and other requirements.

The F80 is available for immediate order. To learn more about the F80, please call DFI TECH at (916) 568-1234 or visit our website at

About DFI Tech

For over 30 years DFI Tech has been a leading provider of hard systems tailored to meet the unique needs of companies in several industries, including Gaming, Digital Signage, Interactive Kiosks, Industrial Automation, Medical, and Broadcast. Well known for their custom integration services, multi-year lifecycle support, and extremely responsive customer service, DFI continues to lead the industry in delivering innovative solutions that meet the needs of demanding applications in a variety of industries. To learn more, call (916) 568-1234, email us at, or visit our website at

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Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Exceptional performance leads to supplier award

WOKINGHAM, UK - Wincor Nixdorf, the retail and banking solutions provider, today announced that Tesco, one of the world's leading retailers, has named it ‘2013 IT Supplier of the Year' for outstanding performance providing end-to-end IT solutions including hardware and services. This is the second consecutive year that Wincor Nixdorf has received a supplier accolade thanks to its commitment to excellence, and the first year that Tesco has named it overall IT supplier of the year.

Over 2013 Wincor Nixdorf delivered a number of outstanding projects to Tesco, most notably ensuring 100 percent availability of all checkout terminals across the retailer's European store network during the critical 22nd-23rd December shopping days. This highlight followed a year of exceptional service delivery during which time Wincor Nixdorf ensured high availability of checkout terminals month after month.

In addition to this, Wincor Nixdorf also piloted its latest cash solutions to very positive feedback and deployed its system integrator model - where Wincor Nixdorf is the primary IT service provider - across Asia, Malaysia and China. This model simplifies Tesco's business processes as it only needs one point of contact rather than having to deal with multiple suppliers and thanks to its success in Malaysia and China, Wincor Nixdorf is now looking to expand this to Thailand and South Korea.

Mike McNamara, CIO at Tesco said, "Wincor Nixdorf consistently goes above and beyond our expectations to deliver successful IT projects that optimise our business operations. Furthermore, the team's service delivery is second-to-none and the fact that they were able to ensure 100% availability of all our checkout terminals during the busiest days of the Christmas season demonstrates this. As a strategic partner, Wincor Nixdorf is constantly looking for new ways to help achieve our core business objectives and is integral in helping us realise our number one priority - ensuring customers get a seamless shopping experience."

Craig Bevan, Wincor Nixdorf's Tesco General Manager commented, "We are delighted that Tesco has named us ‘2013 IT Supplier of the Year', taking our award for ‘Service Supplier of the Year' in 2012 one step further. We are committed to delivering first-class solutions every day and it is great that Tesco has recognised this. Continuous improvement is integral to how we operate so we look forward to continuing to raise the bar over 2014 to help Tesco achieve its business objectives."

Tesco and Wincor Nixdorf have a long-standing partnership that began over 20 years ago when the British retailer placed its first order for POS systems. In May 2012, Tesco transferred maintenance and service of all hardware systems for 2,700 stores in its British and Irish home markets to Wincor Nixdorf. This came on top of the service business for 1,000 stores in five Central and Eastern European countries already under contract. Today, Wincor Nixdorf provides standardised services across borders for all of Tesco's European operations as the retailer's preferred systems integrator and strategic partner.

About Wincor Nixdorf

Wincor Nixdorf is a leading provider of IT solutions and services to retailers and retail banking. Its expertise lies in bringing together hardware and software and services to create global IT solutions to ensure the optimisation and smooth control of business transaction processes whilst at the same time cutting costs and complexity for the end user. With headquarters in Paderborn, Germany Wincor Nixdorf operates worldwide with subsidiaries in over 41 countries.

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Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Educational and/or corporate campus-wide emergency alert capability

Clinton, NJ – Kramer Electronics is pleased to announce that its newest line of ProScale™ digital scaler/switchers, the VP-770, VP-771, VP-773, VP-774, VP-773AMP and VP-774AMP are all equipped with a unique built-in Mass Notification & Emergency Communication (MNEC) feature.

This essential feature provides the ability to have an education facility, corporate campus, or stadium-wide emergency notification immediately displayed on connected projection screens and monitors.  When connected to a network, the Kramer ProScale digital scaler/switchers can be set up to automatically display an alert message.  Notifications include flexible options such as the inclusion of an audio alert siren, and the choice of displaying either a text crawler or a text window.  The system can even have the Kramer ProScale digital scaler/switchers power up displays that are off in order to display these important messages.

Messages with “Extreme” and “Severe” headers appear nearly full screen and cover any other content. Messages with lower levels of severity appear as text crawls along the bottom of the image. The new Kramer line of presentation switchers only requires an ethernet connection to the appropriate campus network.
Emergency alert messages are composed and transmitted using the XML-based Common Alert Protocol (CAP) application. This allows a warning message to be consistently disseminated simultaneously over many warning systems to multiple proprietary applications and devices. These CAP alerts can include specifics about weather (hurricanes, flooding, storms, etc.), safety and security, as well as secondary functions, such as alert tones, horns, buzzers, and sirens.

The system complies with the official national warning system standard in the United States, the Emergency Alert System (EAS), which works in coordination with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and a number of US national emergency agencies.

For information about all of Kramer Electronics and Sierra Video products please visit

About Kramer Electronics

Founded in 1981, with its world headquarters in Israel, Kramer Electronics Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of high-quality analog and digital audio, video and computer signal management products for the ProAV, Presentation, Production, Broadcast, Home Theater, Houses of Worship, Digital Signage and Security markets.

Kramer’s product line includes audio, video and computer signal processing equipment including: distribution amplifiers (DAs), switchers, matrix switchers, scalers, presentation scaler/switchers, digital and analog decoders and encoders, fiber and twisted pair range extenders, table mounted cable management products, cables, cable accessories and more.

Kramer also offers broadcast quality routers, distribution amplifiers, multi-viewers and controllers through its Sierra Video product line, digital signage products and high-end rental and staging scaler/switchers.

Aside for its headquarters in Israel, Kramer has corporate sales and distribution offices in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, United Kingdom, France, Spain, Finland, Sweden, Germany, Poland, Switzerland, Italy, India, China, Thailand, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, New Zealand and Australia.

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Tuesday, 22 April 2014

For lawyers, vast changes in advertising mediums make it difficult for them to effectively promote their services. Livewire Digital, in partnership with Blue Zebra Kiosks, is giving attorneys a new, powerful alternative—dedicated kiosks that offer legal tips to consumers.

Placed in areas where pedestrians congregate, these interactive kiosks allow users to Blue Zebra Kiosk Main Menuconfidentially inquire about legal situations where they might need the help of an attorney. By selecting a category, such as workers comp, medical malpractice, or wills, individuals can receive legal advice on the screen and view a recommended lawyer’s name for each area of specialty. The person can then choose how to receive the information.

“Our kiosks provide legal information and lawyer referrals to consumers,” says David Entin of Blue Zebra Kiosks. “These kiosks are located in high foot−traffic locations, such as shopping malls and medical facilities. Consumers can easily find information on a specific legal topic and instantly get a printout, text, or email with useful legal tips and referrals for attorneys and related services.”

Livewire Digital partnered with Blue Zebra Kiosks, providing multiple screens and graphics that attract consumers. The centerpiece of Livewire’s contribution is its unique eConcierge® platform and content management system, which allows the kiosk client to monitor activity and safeguard and update the information seamlessly from a remote site. Livewire also provided the easy-to-use interface, functional design spec, screen flow and design layout, along with the requirements for the kiosk hardware and necessary interfaces.

Livewire Digital’s CEO, David McCracken, says, “We know that information kiosks like Blue Zebra’s are becoming more and more necessary, providing instant information for all types of businesses. In this case, not only do we provide an inviting, user-friendly interface for this innovative marketing tool, our software allows the client to continually customize sponsorships differently for each kiosk, as sponsorship agreements change and new locations are added.”

Blue Zebra chose to introduce their kiosk in a select market where they felt these legal information kiosks could prove the value of their product. They continue to add more kiosks in the test market and plan to expand to other markets in the near future. The kiosks have a small footprint, are practically silent, use very little electricity, and do not share the host’s Internet connection. Attorneys pay to advertise on the kiosks, and host locations receive a monthly fee.

About Livewire Digital

Livewire is an award-winning leader in interactive technology based in York, Pennsylvania. A Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, Livewire specializes in self-service solutions for casinos & gaming, ticketing, hospitality, retail, human resource, digital signage and custom applications.

We bring clarity to complexity with a track record of implementing solutions that add value and really work. Livewire`s expertise in transactional self-service systems is field proven every day by clients such as HSBC/Bank of Bermuda, Foxwoods Casino, Sports Authority, T-Mobile, Vail Resorts and Washington State Ferries.

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Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Alpharetta, GA – KORE M2M Systems Group, a leader in M2M optimized OSS/BSS application software, has deployed an M2M service management platform for Singapore’s StarHub, which in turn provides M2M services to enterprises, service providers and developers. The feature-rich platform from KORE will be locally hosted and fully integrated with StarHub’s mobile network and business systems, ensuring that StarHub’s customers’ data privacy is fully protected.

The introduction of the customized StarHub-branded M2M portal is one of a series of initiatives undertaken by StarHub to advance its M2M solutions and to offer creative pricing packages designed specifically to meet the needs of various M2M applications and business models. Through the platform, StarHub also offers end-to-end solutions such as fleet and asset management and IP surveillance solutions. In addition, StarHub will offer starter kits for developers to test new devices and build new applications.

“We are pleased to have chosen KORE for our M2M service management platform,” said Michael Ng, vice president of managed services & solutions at StarHub. “StarHub is driving M2M awareness, adoption and innovation in Singapore by collaborating with partners in our M2M ecosystem. The platform is the first step towards enabling us to offer valuable, differentiated and complete M2M services to our M2M partners and customers.”

KORE is providing StarHub with a robust business management platform for controlling all aspects of a connected device’s lifecycle, from StarHub’s M2M SIM ordering to SIM provisioning and SIM states to network usage, billing and troubleshooting. Through tight integration with existing mobile network elements and business systems, StarHub is able to provide differentiated services to service providers, enterprises and developers while at the same time, automating major business processes in order to speed up and minimize the cost of delivering and supporting M2M services.

“Leading operators like StarHub have identified the growth that M2M markets can provide and the revenue opportunities they represent particularly in the face of slowing growth in traditional business lines,” said Pat Verrington, vice president at KORE. “KORE has delivered a complete service platform with the applications required for operators to monetize their networks, control costs, optimize M2M services delivery and provide an ideal end-user experience.”

About KORE Systems

KORE M2M Systems Group Inc. was formed exclusively to provide solutions to operators worldwide that help them maximize their M2M potential. With more than 10 years of practical experience supporting large-scale multi-carrier platform services in a number of world markets, KORE leverages this proven success and 'know how' in serving the M2M market to deliver optimally integrated and customized solutions to operators including a carrier-grade, redundant, flexible and scalable 2nd generation M2M connected device platform. KORE Systems augments the M2M SDP with technical, marketing and project resources and expertise to deliver an M2M optimized solution to operators who are just getting started or who are looking to improve and scale an existing M2M business.

For more information about KORE Systems Group and our M2M service delivery platform, please contact us or visit us at:

About StarHub

StarHub is Singapore's fully-integrated info-communications company, offering a full range of information, communications and entertainment services for both consumer and corporate markets. StarHub operates a mobile network that provides 4G, 3G and 2G services. It also manages an island-wide HFC network that delivers multi-channel pay TV services (including HDTV, Internet TV and on-demand services) as well as ultra-high speed residential broadband services. StarHub operates an extensive fixed business network that provides a wide range of data, voice and wholesale services. Over Singapore’s fibre-based Next Generation Nationwide Broadband Network, StarHub offers a broad range of home and business broadband plans along with a host of advanced media-rich value-added services, such as IPTV for commercial entities.

Launched in 2000, StarHub has become one of Singapore's most innovative info-communications providers, and the pioneer in 'hubbing' - the ability to deliver unique integrated and converged services to all its customers. StarHub, listed on the main board of the Singapore Exchange since October 2004, is a component stock of the Straits Times Index and the MSCI Singapore Free Index.

For more information about StarHub, please visit

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Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Transaction strengthens Zebra’s asset tracking portfolio to create a global leader in Enterprise Asset Intelligence for the Connected Age

Motorola to become singularly focused on driving continued leadership in mission-critical communications for Government and Public Safety customers

Lincolnshire, Ill. and Schaumburg, Ill. ─ Zebra Technologies Corporation (NASDAQ: ZBRA) and Motorola Solutions, Inc. (NYSE: MSI) today announced that they have entered into a definitive agreement in which Zebra will acquire Motorola’s Enterprise business for $3.45 billion in an all-cash transaction. The acquisition will be funded through a combination of cash on hand and new debt. The transaction, which was approved by the Boards of Directors of both companies, is subject to customary closing conditions including regulatory approvals. The transaction is expected to be completed by the end of 2014.

"This acquisition will transform Zebra into a leading provider of solutions that deliver greater intelligence and insights into our customers' enterprises and extended value chains," stated Anders Gustafsson, Zebra’s chief executive officer. "The Enterprise business will generate significant value for our shareholders by driving further product innovation and deeper engagement with our customers and partners. It positions Zebra as a leading technology innovator, with the accelerating convergence of mobility, data analytics and cloud computing."

"Our Enterprise business is an ideal fit for Zebra," stated Greg Brown, Motorola Solutions chairman and CEO. "This transaction will enable us to further sharpen our strategic focus on providing mission-critical solutions for our government and public safety customers. Upon closing of the transaction, we intend to return the proceeds to our shareholders in a timely fashion."

With 2013 pro-forma sales of approximately $2.5 billion (excluding sales of its iDEN products), Motorola’s Enterprise business is an industry leader in mobile computing and advanced data capture communications technologies and services. Through this transaction, Zebra will enter the segment where Motorola’s Enterprise business competes and strengthen its position in key industries including Retail, Transportation & Logistics, and Manufacturing and serve approximately 95 percent of the Fortune 500.

Zebra Technologies, with 2013 sales of $1.0 billion, is an industry leader in barcode and enterprise printing, asset tracking, Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, and motion and location sensing. The combination of these technology offerings and asset tracking solutions, together with Motorola’s Enterprise business, will create an industry leader in enterprise asset intelligence for the Connected Age.

The combined Zebra Technologies with Motorola’s Enterprise business would have had pro-forma sales in 2013 of approximately $3.5 billion. Approximately 4,500 employees are expected to join Zebra upon completing this transaction. Motorola Solutions will retain its iDEN product portfolio that was part of its Enterprise business and will continue its Government business, including its professional commercial radio product portfolio.

Motorola Solutions will continue to manufacture, design, integrate and deliver industry-leading voice and data communication solutions for government and public safety customers worldwide. Motorola Solutions sells these secure, mission-critical and innovative products, services and solutions with unique software designs that are the cutting edge in public safety technology. It also holds a unique portfolio of intellectual property.

Strategic Fit for Zebra

The transaction will significantly expand Zebra’s geographic reach; the combined company will have about 20,000 channel partners in more than 100 countries, and will hold a robust portfolio of intellectual property, with approximately 4,500 U.S. and international patents issued and pending. Key benefits to Zebra and its shareholders include:

  •     Stronger combined platform with multiple growth opportunities
  •     New and comprehensive product, technology and IP portfolio
  •     Leading end-to-end solutions across key industries with global reach
  •     Highly diversified business mix
  •     Creating synergies by maximizing efficiencies and scale
  •     Attractive growth and free cash flow profile

Strategic Rationale for Motorola Solutions

"Last year, we undertook a thorough review of our strategy and concluded that the synergies between our Government and Enterprise businesses were not as great as the value we could create by being singularly focused on our core Government & Public Safety business," Motorola's Brown said. "Going forward, we will have absolute clarity of purpose and mission as we serve customers globally with our suite of mission-critical communications solutions. This business is truly distinctive in its industry leadership, strong pipeline position, long-term track record of consistent profitability and cash flow, and an array of growth opportunities."

Transaction Details

Under the agreement, Zebra will acquire the Enterprise business from Motorola Solutions in an all-cash transaction valued at $3.45 billion, which Zebra management expects to be immediately accretive on a cash earnings basis. Zebra expects to fund the transaction with approximately $200 million of available cash on hand and $3.25 billion that is fully committed to be raised through a new credit facility and the issuance of debt securities. The transaction is not subject to a financing condition and is expected to be completed by the end of 2014.

Morgan Stanley is serving as financial adviser to Zebra and is providing a fully underwritten financing commitment for the debt component of the transaction. Kirkland & Ellis LLP is serving as legal advisor to Zebra.

Goldman, Sachs & Co., and J.P. Morgan Securities LLC are serving as financial advisers to Motorola in connection with this transaction. Winston & Strawn LLP is serving as legal adviser to Motorola. Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz is serving as legal adviser to the Motorola Board of Directors.

About Zebra

A global leader respected for innovation and reliability, Zebra Technologies (NASDAQ: ZBRA) offers technologies that give a virtual voice to an organization's assets, people and transactions, enabling organizations to unlock greater business value. The company's extensive portfolio of marking and printing technologies, including RFID and real-time location solutions, illuminates mission-critical information to help customers take smarter business actions. For more information about Zebra's solutions, visit

About Motorola Solutions

Motorola Solutions is a leading provider of mission-critical communication solutions and services for enterprise and government customers. Through leading-edge innovation and communications technology, it is a global leader that enables its customers to be their best in the moments that matter. Motorola Solutions trades on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker “MSI.” To learn more, visit For ongoing news, please visit our newsroom or subscribe to our news feed.

Forward-looking Statement
This press release contains forward-looking statements within the meaning of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995, which involve a number of risks and uncertainties. Actual results may differ from those expressed or implied in the company’s forward-looking statements. When used in this release and documents referenced herein, the words "anticipate," "believe," "estimate," "intend," and "expect" and similar expressions are intended to identify such forward-looking statements, but are not the exclusive means of identifying these statements. Similarly, statements herein that describe the proposed transaction between Zebra and Motorola Solutions, including its financial impact, and other statements of managements' beliefs, intentions or goals also are forward-looking statements. These forward-looking statements are based on current expectations, forecasts and assumptions and are subject to the risks and uncertainties inherent in both Zebra's and Motorola’s respective industries, including the Enterprise business, market conditions, general domestic and international economic conditions, and other factors. These factors also include the satisfaction of the conditions to closing of the transaction (including receipt of regulatory approvals), the completion of the acquisition of the Enterprise business from Motorola Solutions, the successful financing of the transaction, the expected timeline for completing the transaction, the successful integration of the operations by Zebra, and Zebra's ability to implement plans, forecasts and other expectations with respect to the Enterprise business after the acquisition is completed and the ability of Motorola Solutions to return proceeds of the transaction to its shareholders and the timing thereof. Customer acceptance of Zebra’s products and solutions and competitors' product offerings, and the potential effects of technological changes are inherent risks associated with the ongoing combined business. The continued uncertainty over future global economic conditions, the availability of credit, capital markets volatility, may have adverse effects on Zebra, its suppliers and its customers. In addition, a disruption in Zebra’s ability to obtain products from vendors as a result of supply chain constraints, natural disasters or other circumstances could restrict sales and negatively affect customer relationships. Profits and profitability will be affected by Zebra’s ability to control manufacturing and operating costs. Because of a large investment portfolio, interest rates and financial market conditions will also have an impact on results. Foreign exchange rates will have an effect on financial results because of the large percentage of Zebra’s international sales. These and other factors could have an adverse effect on Zebra’s sales, gross profit margins and results of operations and increase the volatility of Zebra’s financial results. Descriptions of the risks, uncertainties and other factors that could affect Zebra’s future operations and results can be found in Zebra’s filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission. A detailed description of other risks and uncertainties affecting Zebra is contained in Item 1A of Zebra’s 2013 Annual Report on Form 10-K and in its other filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission. . . A detailed description of other risks and uncertainties affecting Motorola Solutions, is contained in Item 1A of Motorola Solution’s 2013 Annual Report on Form 10-K and in its other filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission. These filings are available for free on the SEC’s website at, on Zebra’s website at and on Motorola Solutions’ website at The forward-looking statements made herein speak only as of the date hereof and none of Zebra, Motorola Solutions or any of their respective affiliates assumes any obligation to update or revise any forward-looking statement, whether as a result of new information, future events, developments or otherwise, except as required by law.

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Friday, 18 April 2014

NCR installs over 1,200 new ATMs with voice guidance in Lloyds Banking Group branches, featuring U.K.’s first contactless card capability

LONDON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--NCR Corporation (NYSE: NCR), the global leader in consumer transaction technologies, announced today that Lloyds Banking Group selected NCR SelfServ™ cash dispense and cash deposit ATMs to upgrade over 1,200 ATMs in the U.K. The new solutions replaced legacy ATMs used by Lloyds Bank, Halifax, Bank of Scotland and TSB for more than a decade, improving availability and banking services for consumers. The new ATMs feature bigger screens, voice guidance for visually impaired customers and two-sided thermal receipt printing. This is also the first installation of contactless card readers in ATMs in the U.K., providing Lloyds Banking Group with the ability to activate that service when they wish.

Lloyds Banking Group selected NCR to modernize its ATM estate as the solutions have more effective upgrade capabilities and include the latest technology. The new ATMs will allow Lloyds Banking Group to innovate in the future without having to invest in replacements. The SelfServ ATMs include larger 15-inch screens, designed to create a bigger visual impact on the street, with faster service and a more engaging experience for consumers. In the future, the contactless card capabilities will allow customers to carry out small transactions quickly and securely, thereby decreasing transaction time, cutting down queues and improving service. In addition, the new NCR SelfServ ATMs are Windows 7 certified - an important feature with Windows XP support from Microsoft ending this month.

“Consumers are increasingly aware of the value that technology can provide when they bank with us and demand a compelling experience,” said Gillian Sephton, head of ATM channel and branch security at Lloyds Banking Group. ”We have a long history with NCR, and this deal is testament to that relationship. We are delivering on the expectations of our customers through this ATM real estate upgrade. Moving to NCR SelfServ ATMs provides us with the flexibility we need as we invest in the future for our customers.”

Over 1,200 NCR SelfServ 22, NCR SelfServ 25 and NCR SelfServ 34 ATMs replaced legacy ATMs that have reliably served Lloyds Banking Group customers for up to 20 years. The deal included NCR installation services and second line maintenance, ensuring longevity. As NCR seeks to make life easier for customers, such as Lloyds Banking Group, and the consumers and businesses that use their facilities, the installations were conducted at night to reduce disruption.

”Time-starved consumers want quick, secure access to banking services and technology, such as ATMs, providing them with choices that can make their lives better,” said Rachel Nash, director of financial services at NCR U.K. “This new breed of ATM achieves that by improving the consumer experience with better access for the visually-impaired, queue-reducing measures, such as contactless readers, and bigger screens which respond quickly to commands. What works for consumers will also provide huge benefits for financial institutions, such as Lloyds Banking Group, as they seek to run their business more effectively and improve services.”

Lloyds Banking Group was the first U.K. customer to deploy NCR SelfServ ATMs when they were launched in 2008. NCR SelfServ ATMs have been purchased in more than 130 countries around the world, making it the most successful ATM launch in the company’s history. NCR has led the world in ATM shipments for 27 consecutive years.

Migration to Windows 7 will be a necessity for financial institutions, such as Lloyds Banking Group, in 2014. The move is also an opportunity for greater security and regulatory compliance, and allows financial institutions to reduce costs in the long term as XP support and resources become limited and therefore more expensive. More important is the improved customer experience that Windows 7 will enable through features that include gesture and multi-touch control. For more detail on Windows 7 migration on NCR ATMs read this white paper.

About NCR Corporation

NCR Corporation (NYSE: NCR) is the global leader in consumer transaction technologies, turning everyday interactions with businesses into exceptional experiences. With its software, hardware, and portfolio of services, NCR enables more than 485 million transactions daily across retail, financial, travel, hospitality, telecom and technology, and small business. NCR solutions run the everyday transactions that make your life easier.

NCR is headquartered in Duluth, Georgia with approximately 29,000 employees and does business in 180 countries. NCR is a trademark of NCR Corporation in the United States and other countries.

Web site:
Twitter: @NCR_UK, @NCRCorporation

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Thursday, 17 April 2014

New partnerships with Everbrite, Toshiba, Spectrio trigger deployments using Comqi"s digital signage platform and services
NEW YORK – Marketplace momentum from emerging partnerships focused on vertical markets and enterprise opportunities highlight a strong Q1 and continuing 2014 outlook for shopper engagement technology firm ComQi.

The New York-based software and services firm is actively collaborating on quick service restaurant menus and messaging with Everbrite, one of the largest and most well-established retail sign companies in North America, and on retail and other out-of-home digital projects with Toshiba.

Another partnership with Spectrio builds ComQi’s shopper engagement technology and services into the solutions package of one of America’s top all-inclusive audio/video marketing companies.

“These are strong, very active partnerships that we’ve collectively invested a lot of time and resources to spin up, and we’re now starting to see the results in orders and field deployments,” says Stuart Armstrong, President and Chief Revenue Office for ComQi. “We expect to see business from these partnerships continue to accelerate in rest of 2014 and 2015.”

The partnership with Milwaukee-based Everbrite leverages that firm’s more than 80 years of experience building signs and visual identification plans for retailers. The ComQi EnGage digital signage platform, and supporting services, is now embedded into a full-turnkey offer provided to Everbrite customers in Quick Service Restaurant and other retail sectors.

Toshiba America Business Solutions started in 2013 deploying digital signage projects that use ComQi EnGage as a central component as part of its newly launched ellumina Digital Signage Managed Business Services turnkey solution. Toshiba re-branded ComQi’s software as “Experience Manager”, a platform supporting services that directly addresses the needs of customers within a variety of vertical markets.

One of Toshiba’s signature projects is a network of more than 800 screens – scheduled, managed and supported using EnGage software and media playback devices – at Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego, home field of the San Diego Chargers NFL team.

“We started rolling out a store of the future project in 2013 and Q1 of 2014 with a major automotive brand at its U.S. dealer stores, underpinned by ComQi’s EnGage digital signage and video on demand capabilities,” said Aaron Kleinhandler, CEO of Spectrio. “Combining the multiple screen sizes with mobile and tablets, and our music and messaging services, creates a full audio-video experience designed to help staff and inform customers.”

These partnerships are on top of a set of already strong collaborative efforts forged earlier between ComQi and partners. PlayNetwork uses EnGage system in verticals such as fashion retailing. Aceso and VGSi are active in health care, and EWI is lighting up screens in auto dealerships.

This broad spectrum of partners takes advantage of ComQi’s diverse and unique shopper engagement technology suite, which includes:

  •     EnGage Content Management System:  A comprehensive web-based platform to define, manage and measure highly-targeted digital customer touchpoints;
  •     Passport: A cloud-based platform that power communication and interaction between digital displays and shoppers’ mobile devices;
  •     EnGage On-Site Manager: Easy-to-use web tools that let store-level staff manage on-screen messaging;
  •     EnGage Video on Demand: Smartphone and tablet controls that let retailers store, train, demonstrate and assess video content on media players on demand. Approved staff can connect to screens, and then browse and play from the content library.

About ComQi

ComQi is a global leader providing a cloud-based Shopper Engagement Technology that influences consumers at the point of decision, in-store, using all digital touch-points: digital signage, mobile, video, touch, web, and social networks. ComQi’s mission is to deliver an end-to-end solution that is tailored to engage consumers by optimizing communications and marketing strategies that provide the best ROI. Passport, ComQi’s mobile solution, is a targeted communication channel between the retailers and the shop-pers, through the stores’ displays and the shoppers’ smartphones and tablets.

Through the Passport interactions, retailers enhance their marketing campaign for shoppers to experience a unique and personal connection with their brand. Visitors are stimulated by an entertaining digital dialogue, reinforcing the brand identity and the consumer brand relationship. Simultaneously, retailers gain valuable detailed data analytics and business intelligence on the shoppers.

ComQi’s hundreds of customers include leading brands around the world, such as Victoria’s Secret, Bath and Body Works, Meijer, H&M/Weekday, Six Flags, AT&T, McDonald’s and The Premier League (in the UK), CinemaxX (in Germany), Toys ‘R’ Us (in China), and Carrefour and Credit Lyonnais (in France).

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Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Adding New Executive Vice President & Chief Customer Officer

Reflect, the premier turnkey digital media solutions provider for out-of-home customer experiences, today announced the addition of Dick Doyle as Executive Vice President and Chief Customer Officer. Dick brings over 20 years of retail marketing, management and sales experience to Reflect.

In his role as Executive Vice President and Chief Customer Officer, Dick will be responsible for strategic business development and client relationship management. “It’s exciting to be joining a company with the reputation and momentum Reflect has in the marketplace. I am eager to grow current and new client relationships to bring innovative in-store digital media solutions to retailers and brands,” said Dick.

Dick’s background in executive management, marketing and sales in the consumer packaged entertainment, technology, and CPG industries allows him to bring over twenty years of experience to Reflect’s leadership team. Prior to joining Reflect, Dick was most recently Executive Vice President, Integrated Customer Solutions, for Acosta Sales and Marketing - who purchased Mosaic Sales Solutions in 2012. As part of Mosaic’s leadership team for more than 10 years – Dick built and led some of Mosaic’s largest client teams serving brands and retailers from Disney to Walmart & Best Buy. Dick holds an MBA from Harvard Business School and a BA in Economics from Boston College.

Servicing brands like Target, Best Buy, GameStop, and Verizon Wireless for over a decade, Reflect’s reputation as the go-to turnkey solution provider for in-store digital media has led to rapid growth including nine new clients in the last eight months. “I am very, very excited that Dick has joined Reflect. His experience working with Fortune 100 companies in North America brings invaluable experience and insight into our organization. I am confident his experience will bring measurable business value to our current and future customers,” said Bill Warren, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of Reflect.

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Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Screens, a new, young Israeli media company, has successfully completed installation and digital media broadcast in over 100 bars and pubs in Israel. The company installed Android tablets and TV screens connected to Android streamers in the hottest hang-outs for young Israelis. The ad and content network is based on cutting-edge NoviSign technology, which enables creating, broadcasting and managing content on multiple screens in a cost-efficient way.

The installations were made in the leading bars and restaurants that are well-known as trend-makers, dictating the next-best-thing in many diverse fields from dining to fashion to vacation spots and so on. With an exposure of more than 200,000 people every week, the broadcasts are a paradise for advertisers.

In an ever-changing world, any business, especially in the highly dynamic entertainment market, must adopt the latest available marketing and technological tools in order to stay in the game. By harnessing cloud-based capabilities together with Android availability, the business can update its customers in real-time, at any given moment, enabling rich and interactive content, with no special IT capabilities required.

Screens-Innovative Ad Platform believes the simplicity of usage, combined with rich content and a prestige spread, targeted nationwide is exactly what the next generation of advertisers is looking for. Instead of shooting in all directions, the NoviSign software platform enables creating a focused and accurate campaign that is also interactive and dynamic, reaching exactly the 'right people' with the right profile and, no less important, with the ability to spend money.

Screens, based on NoviSign's innovative broadcast solution, enables any bar, restaurant, or club to present real-time content: from preparations for an event, through the event itself and after the event, as well, including a promotion for future events. Using Facebook, Twitter, 4Square, and Instagram, the platform lets clients and customers participate in the scene as it happens. Combining real-time social capabilities with advertising tools on premises creates a unique opportunity for owners and the advertisers, without the usual annoying 'hard marketing' the customers might feel when it is pushed aggressively as in most other types of media.

Screens is taking ownership over the entire solution: from screen set-up through NoviSign's software implementation and training and including support and additional services.

Gil Matzliah, NoviSign CEO: “Screens is taking the advertising world to the next level by distributing a dynamic advertising arena, combining social networks and real-time content to a highly valued market of young adults. Screens is a great example of creative integration of technology, broadcasting, marketing and advertising.”

How exactly does it work?

Screens installs a set of screens in the customer’s premises (TV screens, smart screens, tablets, projectors, etc.). Using NoviSign's Digital Signage software for Android, Screens installs the application and sets up the network. With NoviSign's easy-to-use CMS (Content Management System), the business manager can control the content, manage it and broadcast it to the entire network or to each segment or screen separately. Screen's representative trains the local staff on how to use NoviSign's software from basic campaigns to multi-user interactive real-time campaigns.

Screens offers advertisers to share in 'advertising real estate' and establish ad hoc creative business collaborations.

About Screens

Screens is an Israeli advertising and media company that provides a unique advertising platform for the young adult population (ages 21-35) in recreational and entertainment businesses in the hottest spots in the main cities of Israel. Learn more about Screens at

About NoviSign

NoviSign offers a complete, end-to-end Digital Signage software as a service solution, based on easy-to-use off-the-shelf components. With NoviSign, businesses can create, manage and broadcast a campaign to specific locations in real-time. The NoviSign platform with its unique editing capabilities for creating campaigns, includes specially configured interactive ways to promote a business. The broadcasts, displayed on screens or tablets at the business’s various locations, encourage visitors at each venue to interact with the screens through their smartphone devices for entertainment, information, and promotions. To read more about NoviSign Digital Signage, please visit the company website: for more information, email

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