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Friday, 04 February 2011
Feedback from kiosk partners has led to the development of a web program that provides kiosk hardware specialists with automatic sales revenue

Not only do Working Solutions’ kiosk partners now have free promotional trial versions of Acquire, Kiosk Monitor and CyberBrowser to give to their customers but they also have an intelligent data feedback program. This works in two ways. Firstly as a link that the kiosk company has on their web site which, when clicked, directs the customer to the Working Solutions online shop, and also using the same method on the demo software CD. When the customer purchases the software the transaction is recorded and a sales margin is automatically credited to the kiosk company’s account.

Why has this been developed? Well, you can probably count the number of kiosk companies who actively promote software, on one hand. The software is arguably the most important part of any kiosk solution. It can certainly be the most expensive and time consuming aspect of any kiosk project. The main issue is that most kiosk hardware companies simply do not have the in-house expertise to manage software pre-sales support, sales or post sales support. But with this new solution, the kiosk company only has to put a link to the software on their web site. Everything else is automatic and pre and post-sales support is handled by Working Solutions.

Working Solutions is a unique software development company. Over the last ten years it has developed a range of ‘off-the-shelf’ software solutions for both the digital signage and self-service kiosk markets. And, at the same time, has created a number of bespoke solutions that can be further modified to suit a client’s needs. These include: Interactive Taxi System; Exchange Board; ID and Fun Photo Booths; Rant Booth and even a Virtual Receptionist.

For more information call on +44 (0) 116 231 8921 or email, or go to for information about Acquire and for information about Working Solutions (Creative IT) Ltd.

About Working Solutions (Creative IT) Ltd

Based in Leicester, England, Working Solutions (Creative IT) Ltd has been providing award winning solutions to the digital signage and kiosk market segments for more than 12 years. So much more than just another media player, the Acquire™ range includes software products and player devices that combine power and functionality with the ability to control and manipulate content to create unique digital signage and interactive kiosk projects. Acquire™ software is already powering more than 15,000 players worldwide and has the flexibility to support multi-nationals corporations and small ‘start-ups’ alike.

Working Solutions (Creative IT) Ltd is based in Leicester, England.
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