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Tuesday, 17 April 2007
SALT LAKE CITY, Utah · Gym rats looking for the right tunes to burn fat, pump iron or pass time on the treadmill are about to hit the jackpot. An agreement announced between Mediaport Entertainment and Power Music will make one million music tracks available to gym customers starting in May on MediaATMs.
According to a news report released by the two companies, this deal represents a "first"� for the digital music kiosk industry. Since 2003, when Mediaport introduced its first MediaATM, it has placed manned and unmanned digital music kiosks on four continents, at universities, military bases, retail shops, music stores, truck stops and travel locations.   
Trials with the MediaATMs will begin May at several gyms around Utah and eventually expand to about 300 locations throughout the U.S. over the next 12 months.  Workout aficionados will be able to select music from Mediaport's one million tracks and also enjoy more than 300 albums available through Power Media. Power Media currently serves approximately 125,000 fitness professionals around the world in North America, Europe, the Far East and South Africa. 
Gym members will now be able to download a personal fitness workout, provided by their personal trainer or various other workouts produced for other fitness experts. Since 2002, gym members have been buying music from music providers like iTunes and bringing it to the gym. This partnership gives gym owners the ability to provide music to their clients and take a share of the $1 billion music download market.
Helen Seltzer, chief executive of Mediaport, said the partnership, "breaks open an exciting new frontier in the music kiosk industry. It's a perfect fit between two innovative companies that continue to push the boundaries of musical enjoyment. This puts us closer to an ‘anytime, anywhere' solution to downloading musical favorites."�
Richard Petty, chief executive of Power Music, said the agreement with Mediaport "is a monumental step forward for the fitness community. In the near future, gyms around the world will not only be on the cutting edge of technology but we believe MediaATMs will be a value-added service that will attract and retain gym customers."�
Music can be downloaded from a MediaATM to an MP3 player in less than a minute for 99 cents per track and $7.99 for a 30-minute workout. Music from these kiosks can also be downloaded to CDs and UBS devices like memory sticks or flash cards.
Mediaport was the first company to integrate the idea of a "music store in a box"� with an unmanned digital distribution system. Founder Jon Butler developed the first MediaATM prototype in 2002. Mediaport also has technology partnerships with NeoProducts and IBM and licensing agreements with the top music labels EMI Music, Warner Music Group, SonyBMG Music Entertainment, Sanctuary, Tommy Boy and others.
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