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UX is not a process
24 June 2015 | Yu Sheng - ReferralCandy
Semantics, as well as precision and clarity, matter when it comes to how we describe UX and what goes in to designing a good one.

How kiosks make our daily lives easier
24 June 2015 | Kisha Wilson - SlabbKiosks, Inc.
Explore the benefits of kiosks and how they relate to printing and financial experiences for your customers, and how they can make your life easy and more profitable as a company.

Is that you, kiosk? I hardly recognize you
17 June 2015 | K Shipley - Livewire Digital
Today's kiosks greatly enhance the experience for the customer. They allow customers to obtain information on their own terms, a trend modern customers are coming to expect. The old clunky, single function machines are now flexible, omni-channel experiences.

Shoppers prefer using PCs to deal with customer service issues
10 June 2015 | Cherryh Butler - Retail Customer Experience
While it's imperative for retailers to embrace change to please customers, a new study has found that shoppers still find more comfort in logging on to websites and PCs when it comes to customer service.

How the age of abundance and allure of DIY affect retail
3 June 2015 | David Anzia - Frank Mayer and Associates, Inc.
Retailers and customers alike live in an age of abundance, driven by the internet. This abundant knowledge and control has propelled retailers to evaluate their do-it-yourself customer experiences.

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How self-service retail kiosks change consumer behavior (for the better)
29 June 2015 | Frank Olea - Olea Kiosks
As self-service retail kiosks continue to grow with rising consumer demand for convenient and efficient checkout options, it is important to understand how these self-service kiosks impact consumer behavior in many ways that enhance a retailer’s bottom line ROI while also improving consumer satisfaction.

InfoComm15 marks upward turn for digital signage
26 June 2015 | Lyle Bunn - Bunn Company
InfoComm15 reflected a new reality for the medium in its conference and trade show. Whether it is patron, shopper, traveler, staff or student communications, the opportunity cost of not using digital signage is outpacing its technology and operational costs. In other words, not using digital signage is costing more than its application.

California Energy Commission takes aim on digital signage
25 June 2015 | Doug Johnson - Consumer Electronics Association
The California Energy Commission is considering new rules that would greatly restrict the digital signage sector with regs out of step with the industry.

How to keep workplace digital signage simple in large projects
16 June 2015 | Frank Kenna - The Marlin Company
If you are in charge of sourcing a digital signage network in your workplace consisting of many locations, you really need to think about the complexity involved. A large digital signage network requires many different considerations to implement.

Digital signage: A potential $23 billion market brands are struggling to understand
16 June 2015 | Ashley Ropar - Industry Weapon
The global digital signage market was valued at $14.63 villion in 2014 and is expected to reach $23.76 billion by 2020. An amazing figure for an industry that hasn't made a great effort helping people understand this new technology.
With so many choices out there, trying to purchase whichever "board" your brand needs can be a nightmare.

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