2012 Best Digital Out-of-Home Campaign: Self-Service Kiosk 


Project: Kraft Diji-Touch
Client: Kraft Foods
Submitted by: Intel


Brief overview of the project/technology:

Through the innovative use of technology and key partnerships, Kraft Foods and Intel have created a new product distribution and marketing platform that uniquely combines digital technology with traditional hardware platforms. The resulting immersive experience enables brands to interact with consumers in a new way, creating an emotional connection. Powered by a modular software/hardware architecture framework leveraging cutting-edge Intel technologies such as Intel® AIM Suite (Audience Impression Metrics) and the powerful i5 processor, this new platform delivers fun and engaging sampling, vending and digital signage experiences. This platform is built on a modular architecture to develop, deploy and maintain multiple solutions.  

The first three instantiations of the platform are: Jell-O Diji-Taste, Cadbury Diji-Taste and Diji-Touch Vending. The Jell-O Diji-Taste experience serves up delicious free samples of TEMPTATIONS -- but only to adults! Intended to create an edgy experience, it leverages the Intel AIM Suite to determine whether an adult or child is present, going into a stand-by mode and refusing to deliver a sample should a child be detected.    

The Cadbury Diji-Taste is another experience created by Kraft Foods. It provides delicious samples if you share with your friends that you’re “indulging.” It also includes a gestural-controlled game you can play while you’re waiting for your sample to dispense.    

Diji-Touch is a combination of traditional vending with a touch screen interface that delivers product nutrition information and engaging advertising. The Diji-Touch vending machine allows brands to better connect with consumers at point of sale. Kraft Foods’ new modular architecture framework is the foundation for the next generation of Diji-Touch vending machines, enabling large-scale deployment that will deliver millions of branded impressions and engagement opportunities with consumers.

Objectives of the deployment or the technology:

This platform provides a sustainable model for Kraft Foods to deliver personalized consumer experiences in a wide variety of locations such as grocery/mass merchandise retailers, airports, shopping malls, and college campuses. It also enables Kraft Foods to quickly and cost-effectively deliver solutions that are customized to meet the needs of retailers and brands. Key objectives were:    

  • Lower Cost of deployment - this problem was solved by developing a common scalable platform architecture to enable multiple solutions that support different brands to drive economy of scale.    
  • Build Brand Loyalty - by delivering an immersive and engaging personalized consumer experience, that allows brands to interact with consumers in a new way, creating an emotional connection and building a lasting relationship with consumers
Results achieved relative to the objectives:

Kraft developed three different solutions validating the scalability of the platform. To measure brand loyalty and consumer perception, the Jell-O Diji-Taste experience was installed at two locations, Shed Aquarium in Chicago and South Street Seaport in NYC. In the first two weeks of deployment, the Jell-O Diji-Taste experience garnered a total of 450 placements and more than 128 MM impressions with an overwhelming positive reaction from consumers.

Size and geographic location(s) of the deployment:

Two pilots: Shed Aquarium in Chicago and South Street Seaport in NYC. Each unit has three screens.


Raj Maini (right), accepts the award on behalf of Intel from Janet Webster, DSA EVP - Self-Service Kiosks.

Selected judges’ comments:
  • Great idea - simple, endlessly flexible, keeps the consumer proposition in the forefront and the technology well hidden, plus a really nice visual execution of both the hardware unit and the on-screen content.
  • Very effective! The effects were "eye" catching the results of the test proven effective in accomplishing the objectives. Allowing the consumer to make choices while using the Intel to define the type customer was a good measurement of the brand.
  • Nice implementation and use if the AIM tools. This implementation has the ability to easily adapt to other product lines.
  • Fantastic experience; well developed campaign; great use of the technology
  • Great campaign ... Excellent use of audience detection offering useful engagement analytics
  • The promo video definitely helps to communicate the idea and emotional reaction of the experience. Innovative. Fun. Delicious!
  • Well designed kiosk and interface overall. The design and use of technology is relevant to the campaign. The signage was attention grabbing and engaging, with a big pay off. The use of the eye scan was a clever use to represent the facial recognition software. There was an added experience of exclusivity, when children were not allowed to receive product.
  • Well thought out. Of course, the privacy critics are going to be upset but beyond that, looks like a great experience and a good tool for the brand.
  • Very innovative.
  • Unique, interactive taste-test solution. 



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