2012 Best Healthcare Deployment: Self-Service Kiosk 


Project: Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital Interactive "PLAY" experience
Client: Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital at Memorial West
Submitted by: vislogix, inc
Also contributing: Creative Arts Unlimited


Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital Respondr Project from vislogix on Vimeo.

Brief overview of the project/technology:

Respondr was chosen to highlight the lobby of the newly renovated Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital in South Florida. The interactive playlist consisted of colorful and upbeat imagery in order to uplift the spirits of the children staying at the state-of-the-art facility while promoting the hospital's "PLAY" theme and allowing for easily updated content and seasonal enhancements by both hospital staff and vislogix alike.   

A few of the installation features included:   

- Easy-to-Clean VIStique SNOW 90" front projection screen mounted onto a specialty substrate. This allows for long term maintenance and care of the screen when taking into account that kids of all ages interact with the unit on a daily basis.    

- Outlets beneath the screen to keep patient monitoring equipment plugged in during play time. For many of the children that are hospitalized this allows them to get their exercise and fun without having to worry that their vitals are not being monitored.    

- Respondr Reactive System. Respondr transforms existing environments into highly dynamic and captivating areas that deliver your brand or marketing message in an unforgettable magic-like fashion. Respondr can be used for floors, walls, tables, countertops and virtually any other indoor or outdoor surface you can imagine. Respondrs playlist can be set to change effects and imagery automatically, remotely, or on a set schedule and all interactivity is driven by motion.   

- Housing Fabrication and Environment Design by Creative Arts Unlimited

Objectives of the deployment or the technology:

The primary objective for Joe DiMaggio's Children's Hospital was to highlight the "PLAY" environment lobby by designing and deploying an engaging interactive experience aimed at kids of all ages in such a way as to provide fun, exercise and most importantly an uplifting of the spirit for kids that are going through a difficult time medically.    

It was very important for the client that the screen would be easy to clean and sanitize considering the target audience involved and this was further enhanced by Respondr's ability to allow for this type of interactive experience without the requirement for direct touching contact as it is motion-based.   

Another key component was the ability for content to be easily altered, updated, and created by both hospital staff and vislogix, along with running on a timed playlist so that the system would in essence run itself without requiring dedicated staff in such an environment.

Results achieved relative to the objectives:

With an installation like this, and for the target audience it was intended for, it is really hard to provide statistical achievements beyond the smiling faces and overall happiness of the participants on a daily basis. Ultimately this deployment offers a fun and active distraction for the kids staying at the facility for a variety of ailments and illnesses. So to answer the question, results are measured in smiles, laughter and momentary distraction from the larger hurdles these kids have to contend with.
Size and geographic location(s) of the deployment: 

This project was a single unit custom project. The screen itself is a vislogix front projection film (VIStique SNOW) measuring 90" diagonally and was mounted to a 1/2" acrylic sheet which was then mounted into the custom built fixture. The system gets constant usage but unfortunately we do not have any statistics on hand. Hospital statistics can be viewed here.
Selected judges’ comments:
  • This is a good interactive kiosk. The use of the acrylic screen that can easily be sanitized was a smart one. The unit attracts children and allows their motion to effect the screen.
  • What a great focal point for what looks to be a wonderful waiting area for the children at the hospital. This can be an anxious time for children and parents and this attractive setting and fun filled activity reduces the stress level I'm sure!  Measuring success by happy faces counts for a lot.
  • 1) The deployment has positive social impact 2) The appearance of the deployment is inviting for both adults and children
  • Very good write up; interesting use of digital media to help children get through tough times in the hospital. Looks like visiting children can also "play", which is useful.
  • Nice attention to detail. Calling out the usability for the intended audience by adding the electrical outlets shows a lot of thought went into this project. Nice work.
  • I have seen these systems before and they are very engaging for the kids. With the correct content, they will accomplish their goals of creating a fun environment. The added bonus is that it is interactive. I also like that they made it large enough for multiple kids to participate at the same time. Content for these systems seems to be a little expensive to create, which may limit how fresh it is. However, with the correct strategy, they will hopefully build an inventory of content to work through.
  • Every Children’s Hospital should have one of these. 
  • I want one for my coffee table!  I've seen technology like this before, and at the time thought, "Cute, but is there more this could be doing?" Respondr and Joe DiMaggio's Children's Hospital answered my question in a positive and uplifting way. This experience looks outstanding for the kids being treated at the hospital AND for their siblings who have to wait and wait and wait in the lobby!

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