2012 DSA Screenmedia Integration Award: SoloHealth Station 


Project: SoloHealth Station
Submitted by: SoloHealth

Brief overview of the project/technology:

SoloHealth is a leading consumer-driven healthcare technology company that specializes in developing and deploying interactive health screening kiosks to empower consumers about their health through awareness and education, which leads to prevention and lower healthcare costs. The SoloHealth Station is a next-generation kiosk offering free vision, blood pressure, weight, and body mass index screenings, as well as an overall health assessment and access to a database of local doctors.

The SoloHealth Station offers highly personalized, targeted and interactive healthcare opportunities for consumers, advertisers and retailers by placing kiosks in high-traffic retail locations and offering access across a multi-platform ecosystem including Internet, mobile, social and emerging platforms, as well as a digital signage network.

Objectives of the deployment or the technology:

The SoloHealth philosophy is simple: awareness + education = action. Simply put, we want to make consumers aware and educate them about their health in an effort to propel them to action. And action leads to awareness, prevention and overall lower healthcare costs. By placing our interactive healthcare and wellness kiosks in high-traffic retail locations we offer consumers – many who don’t see a doctor regularly – the opportunity to easily learn of any potential healthcare issues they might have and connect them with a database of local healthcare professionals for follow-up care. It’s a free portal to empower consumers to take control of their health through awareness and prevention. This is not only great for consumers but also will help lead to a more efficient and cost-effective healthcare system.

Additionally, the SoloHealth Station offers highly personalized, targeted and interactive healthcare opportunities for consumers, advertisers and retailers by placing kiosks in high-traffic retail locations and offering access across a multi-platform ecosystem including Internet, mobile, social and emerging platforms, as well as a digital signage network. The multiple-platform approach gives advertisers, consumers, retailers and medical professionals the ease of interaction from many touch points allowing for greater effectiveness and efficiencies.

Results achieved relative to the objectives:

The SoloHealth Station has been in numerous test markets nationwide gathering data as consumers interacted with the kiosks. For example, in a select region, almost 175,000 consumers interacted with the kiosks during December 2011. And results showed a high level of potential health issues. The majority indicated they were not aware but would like to take action to treat and prevent. Again, proving our philosophy that awareness + education = action.  

Key Insights from Data

  • Over Indexed Male (55%); 47% users aged 35-64; although users spanned ages 11-66+  
  • 75% of users are at medium risk of hypertension  
  • 54% are overweight to obese  
  • 35% are at severe risk of vision impairment  
  • 59% eat less than one fruit serving per day  
  • 39% skip breakfast  
  • 41% regularly eat packaged foods vs. fresh foods  
  • 48% have a family history of heart problems  
  • 28% exercise less than one time a week  
  • 20% are heavy tobacco users  
  • 58% have a family history of diabetes  
  • 19% often experience fatigue  
  • 11% frequently experience classics signs of diabetes  
  • Almost 40% are at severe risk of vision impairment

Size and geographic location(s) of the deployment:

Nine metro markets across the United States.  Approx. 300 devices total averaging over 50 people per day using the station.

Selected judges’ comments:

  • Non invasive, effective way of getting consumers involved in their health. Cost-effective for the consumer.
  • Very interesting network; excellent use of digital display technology.
  • As shopping locations such as drug, food and other stores seek to become a destination, and to add value to the patron expereince - and reason to visit - this health status information kiosk offers high value to all stakeholders including the location provider, sponsors and SoloHealth itself.
  • Excellent execution of the station, content, and appropriateness. I think consumers will find these stations very useful and easy to use.
  • Great use of signage and interactive interface. The use of an avatar helps make the experience more human. The ease of navigation for a variety of services works well. The kiosk is able to provide a comfortable environment for the user.
  • Lots of good information available in an easy to use format. Great job.
  • It incorporates a fairly standard and expected look for a medical test kiosk, but allows more complex tests, especially the eye test. There is a good user interface and flexibility on using the resulting information whether the individual wants to email it, create a profile and save it, or communicate it to a doctor.
  • I am impressed with this next generation of health monitoring from  SoloHeath.  I like that the various features of the kiosk and the way that the user can track their on-going results.  What a great way for a person to own the management of their on-going health!  Thank you for providing such great statistics.   It really shows the importance of monitoring your health and the need for kiosks of this nature that make it easy and unobtrusive.
  • Excellent write up; excellent explanation of reasoning behind this new kiosk; excellent transition from the vision kiosk to overall health assessments; excellent explanation of goals and benefits; excellent use of funding from NIH - way to go, SoloHealth!
  • Well thought out design and interaction takes health care to a new level!
  • It is great that people have access to this type of information easily and offered assistance to find the correct resources to deal with their issues.  The units look well thought out and show potential for future expansion.
  • With the research and expertise needed to execute this initiative, I find this to be the best interactive kiosk deployment I have come in contact with.  Congratulations!
  • One of the things we know about changing unhealthy habits in humans is that we crave feedback; feeling as though we have some control, keeps us motivated to continue with the "good" habits.  That's why we weigh ourselves every day while we're on a diet, but things like BMI, Vision, etc., are harder to measure on your own.  The Solohealth kiosk is a winner.  I am really impressed with this device. I can see that the feedback creates a call to action for the consumer, while the ease of the device itself provides an opportunity for further monitoring.  Very impressive.  



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