2013 DSA Crown Award: Point of Transit (more than $10K) - Silver 

Entry: Mont-Tremblant Informational Kiosk

Client: Station Mont-Tremblant

Submitted by: Groupe Viva

Venue(s) where the content was displayed:

Mont-Tremblant Ski Resort offers a unique experience with activities and events to keep their clients entertained all year long! Recently, the Mont-Tremblant Resort moved into the digital era by integrating 5 touchscreens into its 5 existing outdoor information kiosks. The idea was to find a way to transform these existing kiosks into interactive terminals while keeping in mind location specific factors: cold, snow, electricity, etc.

Objectives of the content:

The objectives of the project was to both inform clients on-the-spot on what's happening on the resort (events, activities, restaurants, lodging, etc) and help them finding their way to whatever destination they are looking for. Five outside interactive terminals allow visitors to be informed of activities, to find a store or restaurant as well as a whole host of other information. The second phase of this project included the use of smart phones to help your way to a specific location and receive special offers .

Budget category (content creation only): More than $10,000

Results of the content:

Results have been way better than expected from day one! We conducted a survey after a few months in the field and people are really astonished to see how easy it is to find things (tickets for an event or skiing, for examples) or venues (where can I find an Italian restaurant, how do I get there and what is the menu). Since the project has been installed, our monthly statistic report shows a constant increase in use of the kiosk and merchants close by are very pleased with the results and the feedback they get from clients.

Selected judges' comments:

  • Very detailed, nice graphics with lots of information.
  • The nagivation appears to be intuitive, which is critical when standing in the cold weather looking for some place warm.
  • Nice execution,it appears to be very user-friendly which is mandatory for any interactive way-finding project
  • It has a great look and seems to have robust content for this type of application.


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