2013 DSA Crown Award: Point of Wait (more than $10K) - Bronze 

Entry: Executive Motion Experience

Client: Adobe

Submitted by: Array Interactive

Adobe is re-imagining their office environments, creating spaces designed to incite higher levels of creativity, innovation, and collaboration. This vision extends to new executive spaces existing on two floors within the company’s San Jose, California corporate campus and specifically to a central waiting area designed to greet visiting executive leaders. Critical to this space was the strategic use of digital media content to express the inherent value Adobe products provide global brands.

Objectives of the content:

Corporations across industries are implementing new workplace strategies to enhance performance, efficiency, collaboration and innovation. These initiatives are fueled by new flexible work methodologies, technology advancements, and evolving employee expectations. Such was the case with Adobe as it initiated the re-design of its office environments including two floors housing executive leadership and support staff. This included an environment designed to accommodate visiting executive leaders as they awaited Adobe’s senior leadership to greet them. While the waiting area is expansive, modern, and open, reflecting new work environment standards, project stakeholders believed a digital media experience was needed to complete the experience.     

Adobe turned to Array Interactive to conceive an installation configuration and content strategy that was distinctive in terms of its execution while accentuating key architectural elements inherent in the space. Content had to rouse curiosity and interest for visitors likely to be there no more than three minutes. The agency created a 1x3 video wall incorporating 3D sensor technology and five advanced motion graphics vignettes to express the brand’s essence—how creative ideas, held captive in the human imagination, are realized through the power of Adobe tools and innovation. Content was therefore designed to be controlled according to one’s movement thus reflecting the enabling power of Adobe innovation.

Budget category (content creation only): $10,000 or more

Results of the content:

When conceiving content and enabling technology for a corporate environment and audiences, it’s paramount that media meets core business objectives, relevantly connecting with and even inspiring the casual observer. The content here has achieved this and has been well received by key Adobe stakeholders. Each piece beautifully reflects specific product and marketing campaigns like Creative Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Photoshop and other offerings. As such, select vignettes are now being considered for placement in other strategic locations or re-purposed for presentation on other display platforms. The behavior and specifically how thematic content is unveiled through the retraction of wood panels that mimic the environment’s facade is being met with “wows.” But perhaps the greatest of accolades is meeting Adobe’s high standards for design, especially as the brand looks to this space as a tangible expression of its new workplace strategy. For perhaps there is no place like Adobe where exceptional design skill and aesthetics is not simply desired but expected, where setting new standards for content is not the exception but the norm.

Selected judges' comments:

  • Really amazing - using motion capture. Very nice execution.
  • I loved how the screens took on the wood panel look. Very cool.
  • Imaginative engaging all that Digital Signage aspires to.
  • Cool, great job of hitting the objectives and producing an experience that enhances the Adobe brand
  • Really well done and on brand
  • Great content


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