2013 DSA Crown Award: Point of Wait (more than $10K) - Gold 

Entry: Christie Headquarters Lobby

Client: Christie Digital Systems USA

Submitted by: Arsenal Media

Christie® is a market leader in high-performance visual displays, offering solutions from cinema and media to education, government and corporations. This 108 Christie MicroTiles installation is located in their newly renovated corporate headquarters. The mega resolution video wall (64 Megapixels; 23,760 x 2700) fully leverages the MicroTiles capabilities, such as high brightness, unique shape and vibrant colors, even in an ambient-rich light environment.

Objectives of the content:

The general content objectives were to achieve a very high level of quality in terms of resolution and develop a project that would become an industry reference in how to use the MicroTiles technology in an optimal way. From a more specific perspective, the content strategy was to become an activator on four main targets: brand enhancement, product capability, industry leadership and innovative visual experiences. Every content element support these targets in different ways; some through informational elements, some through powerful visual statements. In addition to the content, it is important to note that Arsenal also designed the installation shape and the playback system, to ensure a tight thread from planning, to shape design and playback performance; all key elements when developing a project with that level of complexity. Ultimately, clients and prospective customers are educated on Christie’s products and core values while they wait in the main corporate lobby to be amazed with their latest innovations.

Budget category (content creation only): $10,000 or more

Results of the content:

The result is an impactful and unique visual experience that immerses the audience right from the moment they get in the building. As they enter Christie® headquarters, they discover a totally unique, shape-driven media canvas stretching across two walls as a curved video structure that blends into the renovated main lobby wall seamlessly, as a mixed media showpiece. The content further accentuates the unique, recessed design to convey their brand image as innovative and inspirational. The content has become a reference standard in high quality production and guides Christie’s customers in how to develop refined digital media installations. The project also had a major impact internally, as Christie employees have embraced this iconic installation that captures the essence of Christie innovation.

Selected judges' comments:

  • Very nice. Fits the environment and brings out the technology and experience!
  • Amazing Experience!
  • Art and commerce marry. Not an easy combination to pull off. Congrats to Christie and Arsenal.   Great work.  
  • Spectacular! An awesome example of powerful technology combined with relevant strategy and beautiful design. This deserves special recognition.
  • Very nice content and installation
  • Innovative use of shape


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