2013 DSA Crown Award: Point of Wait (more than $10K) - Silver 

Entry: Gensler Multi Surface Experience

Client: Gensler

Submitted by: The Hive

Also Contributing: YCD Multimedia

Gensler is a global design firm with 44 offices worldwide. The Hive / Gensler Multi Surface Experience is an installation in the lobby of their award-winning downtown Los Angeles Headquarters. The smart space installation showcases the architectural firm's portfolio by attracting users toward a digitally augmented table, and book. An interface appears on the iconic SLO_Gen Table, allowing visitors to digitally explore the content of Gensler’s urban architecture monograph on a 4k video wall.

Objectives of the content:

The Hive / Gensler Multi Surface Experience is designed to engage and inform visitors to Gensler’s award-winning downtown Los Angeles office. A collaboration between Gensler and The Hive, the smart space installation was designed by the partners to showcase the architectural firm's portfolio of work. The experience attracts users toward a digitally augmented table, and book. The table is the SLO_Gen Table, an iconic collaboration between Gensler and architecture students at California Polytechnic School in San Luis Obispo. An interface appears on the table allowing visitors to use movements such as hand motions to digitally explore the content of Gensler’s urban architecture and modern cities monograph.    

The Hive/Gensler Multi Surface Experience was built by The Hive using the latest products from technology partners Canon, Planar and YCD Multimedia. The installation enhances each object with a new layer of digital content, and adds new context to the contents of the book. The interface allows guests to access digital media from Gensler’s vast portfolio on a connected 4k video wall. This exceptional tableau showcases the firm’s work on across a variety of sectors ranging from expansive international airport projects in Palm Springs to Chennai, to intricate retail experiences in leading luxury stores—which can be explored on the video wall, or in the book.

Budget category (content creation only): $10,000 or more

Results of the content:

According to Gensler, the installation has allowed them to expand the engagement opportunities within their lobby space. It also allows them to deliver what is potentially an infinite amount of content via digital tools and virtual interfaces. The firm is now able to have their entire library of literature available to their visitors without any of the physical constraints of having to use the actual books, magazines, or other printed materials. This installation has also created conversations with their clients that couldn’t previously occur in an organic fashion. Gensler is now getting clients who have been inspired by the installation and have been able to imagine similar applications of content for their own environments.   

Additionally, The Hive / Gensler Multi Surface Experience has been featured in many premier news outlets, raising brand awareness for all the partners in the project.

Selected judges' comments:

  • Outstanding. I love the interactivity between surface and screen.
  • Awe inspiring interface
  • Very cool. Intuitive and interactive.   
  • Love it when digital and architecture blend together seamlessly.
  • Very innovative
  • Innovative, well designed, thoughtful and intuitive


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