2014 DSA Crown Award: Point of Wait (more than $10K) - Silver 

Entry: Sprint WeGo - Product Video

Client: Sprint

Submitted by: TwoWest

Venue(s) where the content was displayed:

Sprint’s corporate communication headquarters serve as an internal network hub for new business, finance and procurement, along with product offerings, promotions, branding and call centers to help educate, entertain and align internal employees with consumer-facing products, services and current market interests and trends.

Objectives of the content:

The Sprint WeGo acts as safer, more affordable alternative for parents looking to get their children (ages 4-9) a first phone. Casting a kid talent as the Sprint WeGo spokesperson to break the fourth wall, the video helped capture attention while addressing the mobile concerns of parents everywhere. The objectives behind the Sprint WeGO product video were: 

  • Promote and support Sprint’s brand positioning, “the joy of connecting” 
  • Motivate consumers, particularly parents, to purchase the Sprint WeGo by creating a persuasive, engaging and educational product video 
  • Drive incremental gross adds from existing customers   

The concept of the Sprint WeGo product video was to flip the sales story so that the kids are the teachers and parents the students. Our talent brings us into his own Ferris Buller/Charlie Brown-like world where he speaks honestly, acts genuinely and ultimately makes parents wonder how they ever got away without buying their kids the WeGo in the first place.

Budget category (content creation only): More than $10,000

Results of the content:

Playing the Sprint WeGo product video within Sprint headquarters helped elicit external product awareness and internal brand loyalty among Sprint employed parents – helping develop a deeper understanding and appreciation for Sprint’s efforts in safer, more affordable wireless technology for families.

Selected judges' comments:

  • Great emotional triggering content from a kids point-of-view
  • Nicely done. Told the product message in a easily understandable way. Nice video
  • I like the approach of using the kid as the teacher to inform viewers of the features of the phone.
  • The writing, performance and production are good and the resulting video appeals to the audience.
  • The overall presentation of the information through the eyes of a kid breaking the fourth wall would be enough for most to watch through to the end.  Nice work.


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