Project: Four Winds Enterprise Interactive Experience
Client: Four Winds Interactive
Submitted by: Four Winds Interactive

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Prompted by rapid growth and a larger office space, Four Winds Interactive turned to its own digital signage platform to enhance company-wide communication: Metrics - Every department throughout FWi's headquarter utilizes digital signage to help identify goals, capture data, track productivity and share relevant data for their specific department.    Mapping - An interactive directory sign is used to help visitors locate who and what they're looking for and local mapping is used to find nearby eateries and attractions.     Events - Visitor information and meeting room signage keeps employees up-to-date on exactly who is in the building and what meeting space is available.     Employee Recognition -FWi showcases employees birthdays, fun facts, you rock, new hires and thank you recognition throughout the facility.    Useful Information - All FWi’s internal messaging is displayed on a vertical touch screen near the employee’s entrance/exit to the building.

Challenge: Making new hires feel like part of the family, while keeping all FWi employees up to date on company news and events, particularly across departments and floors. The physical created the challenge. The network's goals are to increase operational effectiveness and efficiency by making sure all FWi employees are on the same page and in contact with each other, and to boost company morale and employee satisfaction by providing accountability, transparency, broad/open communications and recognition for jobs well done.

Product Description & Timeframe:

  • June 2011: Digital signage is installed in main showroom and meeting spaces.
  • Nov. 2012: Signage is added to each department and in high-traffic areas.
  • Feb. 2013: Content is refreshed and new applications are added.
  • Aug. 2013: FWi’s mobile corporate communication application is rolled out.
  • Oct. 2013: FWi installs its new Interactive Meeting Room Sign & Scheduler 

Currently the network leverages an array of applications including:   - Metrics show real-time key performance indicators (KPIs) such as sales, satisfaction surveys and project turnaround.   - Office Directories and Interactive Wayfinding help visitors find who they’re looking for and Local (Bing) Mapping   - Events, including that day’s visitors, meetings and projects.   - Meeting Room Signs list in progress and upcoming meetings.  - Employee Recognition highlights FWi staff Birthdays; presents fun facts; tells an FWi’er You Rock; posts a Welcome message to new hires; and greets staff as they come in with a personalized message  - Useful Information is available in the form of Ski Reports, Weather forecasts, live Traffic and news.  - All information posted to FWi’s Sharepoint site is accessible for employees via its Corporate Mobile Application.

FWi’s digital communications network has made a notable impact on the growing company by facilitating constant, up-to-date and widely available communication throughout departments, across multiple floors and with new hires. Such effective communication has been instrumental in increasing the organization’s operational efficiency and overall effectiveness by making sure its employees are all on the same page.    From an HR perspective, the network has not only helped attract new employees by helping convey an open and communicative environment, but it’s boosted current employee morale and retention by fostering a culture that emphasizes transparency, accountability and collaboration.     By integrating its new mobile application to its employee communications network, FWi has expanded the reach of its communications, ensuring that traveling and remote employees don’t miss a beat by making all of the information from its corporate Sharepoint site available on each employee’s mobile device.

 Judges Comments 
  • Very nice deployment.
  • What a great way to showcase your product to your employees and potential employees.  Sounds like the content is constantly evolving which is great.  And it appears the content is relevant to the employee experience.
  • Good objectives. 
  • Good digital signage. Encompassing all areas of the company's headquarters.
  • Clear objective, clear results
  • It was a good idea to use their own software in the corporate environment.  They should be able to learn about effective use of content.  It looks like the employees appreciated the content being displayed in the various locations.
  • Very useable. Would be interested to learn how it's controlled and managed.
  • WOW - great project, very nice implementation.  Excellent description of the project as well as the goals/objectives. 
  • One would expect "the coblers children not to go barefoot" and so this is a good sales tool for the firm. Good for Four Winds!

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