Project: Performance Court Videowall
Client: Morguard
Submitted by: Cineplex Digital Solutions

The Performance Court building in Ottawa is a new state of the art office complex mixing historical and modern architecture including an integrated video wall/experiential digital display in its main entrance named the Winter Garden which is also publically accessible space. The 26’ high, uniquely designed video wall can be seen from inside the space as well as street traffic outside this busy Ottawa location.

Developed by Canadian real estate developer Morguard, Performance Court is an award winning project from its very inception, having its conceptual design selected by the City of Ottawa in a formal competition. They are currently targeting LEED Gold Core Shell certification. Providing tenants and visitors a world class experience in a traditional office tower complex, the installation mixes different technology solutions to provide a canvas that is interactive, gestural, dynamic and passive at any given time. A customized playlist meets the needs of all the viewers and is flexible to make room for presentations or special events – like airing the Olympics.

The objective of the video wall was to create an innovative digital canvas that could be used for receptions, exhibits, shows, lectures or performances, as well as providing immersive and interactive experiences for tenants and building visitors; while maintaining traditional information like a directory and news/weather information.

Key Objectives:  

  • Create an immersive and interactive experience for tenants and building visitors – exploring the overlap between art and business 
  • Attract key tenants to the building  
  • Provide information to viewers about community, sustainability, building, relevant & timely information (news/weather/stocks)
  • Cool factor – providing visual interest and information at any time of day  
  • Provide a canvas for tenants to showcase content & host presentations, including interactive and innovative digital motion graphic art  
  • Provide a traditional office directory available to visitors and tenants  
  • Use low energy products that support sustainability initiatives

Product Description & Timeframe:
Timeframe for content development, physical installation: 9 months, with final product launching in December of 2013.  

Equipment & Specifications:

  • Overall display is 26.5’ high, 21.5’ wide
  • 48 Christie Microtiles™ with multitouch capabilities
  • 72 Barco LED’s forming a uniquely shaped digital canvas
  • Multiple gesture cameras for interactivity and other functionality
  • All technology and content with ability to be remotely managed
  • Custom Content Management System to manage the different technologies, allowing tenants easy access to manage their content on the displays

Impart Results and Impact:

  • Unique design & installation
  • Seamless integration into the space
  • Arresting visuals
  • Deep touch experience that will allow all tenants to participate on the wall
  • Interactivity that suits the environment
  • Key tenant ability to showcase commissioned artwork
  • Showcase for live TV events - Olympics, live news, presentations, etc.


  • Meetings with all stakeholders, including property management, construction firms & key tenants
  • Three unique zones -  Christie Microtiles™, LED’s and a 46” standalone directory divided into four discreet interactive areas
  • Zones were then broken into five ‘content states’ to deliver multiple iterations of content across the zones
  • Multiple content layering functionality, allowing gesture activity to happen on displays while another user can have a touch experience at the same time
 Judges Comments 
  • Nice installation. like the multi-user aspect. content looks good. nice job
  • This looks like a very attractive use of technology. 
  • An exciting experience.
  • Visually the effectiveness of the deployment is high.
  • I like how the lower interactive portion can be used to impact the larger screen area up top.
  • Liked the high aesthetic level of the visuals & animation
  • Solution looks very nice.
  • Nice, high profile deployment of quality display..

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