Project: Jyske Bank TV Digital Signage
Client: Jyske Bank
Submitted by: Scala


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Overview: is the go-to, interactive source for all those who wish to be informed on the latest financial happenings.    “ and LIVE are two very important parts of Jyske Bank’s collective marketing and communication strategy. This strategy has given Jyske Bank a unique position in the financial sector in Denmark and has contributed to making the Jyske Bank stocks among the highest rising and ranked in the Danish stock market in 2013.” – Steen Mertz, Director, Communications Technology at Jyske Bank

Jyske Bank wanted to provide what no other bank has before: a TV news channel that delivered live information on financial markets and breaking economic news.    Effectiveness is measured by the increase of their content production and distribution, and the number of viewers that reaches.

Product Description & Timeframe: had already designed the actual layout of the channel so it was up to Scala to make everything work within the given design. Scala’s Nordic team installed the software used to play out the content. Scala ensured that the content was automatically collected, put together, and displayed live to viewers. This allowed for an increased efficiency of the station and reduced manual supervision.     Maintaining a close relationship between Jyske Bank and Scala’s Nordic team throughout the entire process was required in order to produce a self-sufficient system that automatically pulled in content at a high level.

Jyske Bank has expanded their news channel to social platforms. In addition, an app has also been created to host the most popular channels on Being able to distribute content at a high level has led to partnerships with some of the largest media companies in the world. Not to mention, Jyske Bank TV now has their very own station at NASDAQ in Times Square, NY.    Jyske Bank has also implemented an open-editorial process where viewers now have a voice via social media. The audience can now contribute content to the network, bringing an increased level of engagement with Jyske Bank.

 Judges Comments 
  • Outstanding deployment and integration of content. Fun and informative for consumers and lots of opportunity for paid advertising. Nice job
  • This technology takes television to the next level.  I believe that in the future this is the type of interactive media consumers will expect.  It appears that the content is not only interactive but diverse.  It would have been helpful to have some statistics regarding the number of content contributions submitted by viewers as this would assist in rating the effectiveness.
  • Excellent use of various technologies and visuals to tell a story.  The content message is solid.
  • The reduction of manual supervision is impressive.
  • The multi-platform content was very well done.  Integration with Facebook, a mobile app, and the planned user video integration hit the important touch points for the consumer.
  • The bank production values are very high.
  • Great to see you've added the ability for the audience to contribute content.
  • This has been entered for other award programs and the channel is a good illustration of the convergence of broadcast, narrowcast and digital signage.

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