Project: Montréal Convention Centre
Client: Montréal Convention Centre (Palais des congrés de Montréal)
Submitted by: Arsenal Media

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As part of a major technology upgrade, the Montreal Congress Center (MCC) officially launched its new digital signage network in November of 2012. The network of 95 screens deployed on its 7 floors includes multiple types of configurations and serves event attendees as well as the employees, visitors and commuters.


  • Who: Arsenal Media in collaboration with the Production Management at the Montreal Congress Center.
  • What: Launch of a 95-display digital signage network and a corporate content strategy at the Montreal Convention Center,  including its public areas (with access to subway and boutique levels)
  • Where: The MCC is located in the heart of Montreal and is an important architectural landmark, playing a major role in the economic development of the city.
  • When: The network was officially launched in November 2012 as Phase 1 of a new digital strategy that will eventually integrate touchscreen and gesture interactivity, along with Smartphone applications. Deployment, optimization and content production continued into 2013.
  • Why: The main objective was to reinvent the role of digital media in the MCC environment how their digital signage network informed attendees, promoted the MCC brand and contributed to enrich the ambiance.

Product Description & Timeframe:

  1. Before fully developing the content strategy, Arsenal first built a technical 'logic' between the software capabilities, the players and the internal workflow process. This logic was based on extensive testing. From our findings, we created a content strategy that framed the deliverable process into a detailed list of specifications and workflow sequence.
  2. This detailed list limited the risk of error by the internal team, and gave them specific instructions to follow in terms of asset management and renderings procedures. Initially, Arsenal delivered both static and animated templates, depending on the nature of the content and frequency of update.  Now the internal team produces content across multi-zone and multi-display configurations, including 4K and 5K content.
  3. The core of the content strategy was based on the constant juxtaposition of purely informative content with rich motion design ambient content, and a subtle color coding system of the event information. Additional optimization included re-engineering the displays related to the players and adding a high performance video wall system that ensured optimal quality for their marquis installations.

Visitors were drawn to the visual digital experience that emulates the vibrant decor, thereby encapsulating the architectural essence of the convention center into consistent branded messaging that conveys an innovative and progressive spirit, while relaying pertinent information. By establishing a content strategy that tightly linked the technical infrastructure with a branded content production approach using customized high-resolution content, the MCC further optimized its approach in effectively informing visitors of upcoming events while easily locating their proper destination(s) throughout this expansive public venue. The MCC has also developed two new revenue channels from the network. One revenue channel is with event organizers, that in turn sell visibility on the network to their exhibitors, and the other revenue channel is through external advertisers.  Additionally, from the client's perspective, the first sign of success was delivering the network on schedule. Despite the complexity involved while managing so many different suppliers, we were able realign each contribution with a central game plan that established continuity between the project objectives, the content strategy, the management process, the technical infrastructure and the workflow which was quickly adopted by internal teams allowing them to efficiently distribute key information on the network on a weekly to hourly basis.

 Judges Comments 
  • Very cool.
  • This is a good digital signage implementation across many screens in a large facility with several different user experiences depending on the location of the screens. The user interface is good. The capability for using the systems for ads is a plus as well.
  • Nice work in progress. Visually appealing. Will really make a difference when the future phases are deployed. Definitely want to see more
  • This deployment appears to enhance the visitor's experience at the convention center.  Seems a creative way to draw in the visitor while generating revenue.  Certainly a win! 
  • Great use of technology to inform and engage customers.

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