Project: Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital
Client: Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital
Submitted by: ComQi

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Product Description & Timeframe:
The project began in April, 2013 and included a unique bold display that was provided by Aceso, in partnership with ComQi.  The installation features a total of 18 media walls on 8 floors.  The media walls host fifty-one 46” LCD screens in configurations of 1x6, 1x5, 1x3, and 1x2.  

ComQi and Aceso installed the Post-Acute Care TV Network, an “end-to-end” integrated video network for patients, visitors, family and friends.  The Digital Media Platform is installed in the common areas for a full range of creative options that delivers engaging, relevant and compelling programming with a focus on wellness, learning and inspiration.  

Utilizing ComQi’s hardware and EnGage CMS, marketing teams can publish unique and custom content, anytime, anywhere. The content is often synchronized across each configuration, displaying full motion action, images and videos. Through ComQi’s On Site Manager (OSM), local messaging shares the screen with entertaining video features, news and weather as well as informative facility information.  A team member simply logs into OSM and can change or schedule the content via templates and the simple scheduling interface.  The TV network content is then seen in the hospital waiting rooms, cafeterias, lobbies and lounges throughout the facility. 

The digital media solution has improved patient satisfaction and has created a more adaptable and engaging experience for patients, visitors and staff.  The network and ComQi’s content management system delivers a caring experience across the enterprise, providing customer programming to inform and entertain, creating a connection between the public and the provider. It also is used internally to communicate facility capabilities and services to staff.  The network is the ideal marketing and promotional forum for hospital specific services.

Spaulding has the opportunity to generate new revenue and reduced costs, two important benefits in a time of uncertain reimbursement.  The TV Network has a potential advertising platform that offers a shared-revenue opportunity with the hospital based on a split of net proceeds from future advertising sales.  Internal messaging can be aired at no extra cost to the hospital.  The hospital also utilizes a virtually paperless environment.

Aceso and ComQi built a solution for Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital that creates awareness and builds confidence in the provider’s expertise.  Spaulding now has an enhanced state-of-the-art facility and is viewed as one of the leaders in adaptive technology solutions in healthcare.

 Judges Comments 
  • The video walls looked like they belonged in their respective environments.  The video content worked better than the checker-board image layouts, but overall the design looked well planned.
  • This is a good digital signage deployment. I like the flexibility of the different size screens, going 1x2, 1x3, etc. The potential for advertising is a plus, potentially offsetting operating costs and potentially being a revenue source. The capability of a local employee to make all of the content updates is a plus.
  • A great use of technology.  The content is quite inspiring and I'm sure it's appreciated by the patients.  I like the fact that space can be used for advertising to increase revenue and it looks like there is additional value added content (such as the lunch menu) to enhance the patients' experience at the hospital.
  • The 18 media walls will become focal points of communications it is clear, and the scalability of the system is apparent. Well done.. excellent case study when impact information is added.

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