Project: Interactive Wayfinding: Navigating A Path to Success at Dubai Airports
Client: Dubai Airports
Submitted by: NCR Corporation

While interactive wayfinding is quickly replacing static airport maps of the past, the similarities – and potential benefits – clearly end there.  

Dubai Airports incorporated an interactive digital signage and wayfinding solution as part of its Information Zones, one-stop shops that provide information on all the airport’s services and facilities as well as assist with boarding and security procedures.  Since then, the world’s second busiest airport for international traffic reports significant improvement in both operational efficiency and the passenger experience.

Dubai Airports, with its growth in passenger numbers and infrastructure delivery, looked to enhance the airport experience for its passengers at Dubai International (DXB) by providing a simple, seamless journey throughout the airport. The first in the region to implement an interactive navigational solution, DXB wanted to help minimize the risk of passengers getting lost and potentially missing flights by making it easier to find their gates, as well as to guide traffic to the airport’s many retailers and food-and-beverage destinations.

Product Description & Timeframe:
Dubai Airports partnered with NCR Corporation, the global leader in consumer transaction technologies, to help deliver an intuitive, easy-to-use wayfinding solution with an ultramodern look and feel, throughout Dubai International.    

The solution was deployed in 2013 as part of DXB  ‘Information Zones’ — one-stop  shops for passengers to get information on all the airport’s services and facilities as well as assist with boarding and security procedures.    

The NCR Wayfinding solution allows passengers to scan their boarding passes to display the best route to take to their boarding gate as well as search for airport amenities such as restrooms, retail stores, restaurants and entertainment services.

Since deploying wayfinding, DXB has seen a steady increase in adoption with nearly 5 million interactions from visitors. The majority of interactions involve passengers scanning their boarding pass to find their gate, with the second most popular search being for entertainment/relaxation services.    

Employees have also embraced the solution, opting to assist customers using the Wayfinding touchscreens.    

In recognition of its efforts to improve the traveller experience, DXB received the ‘Best Passenger Assistance Initiatives’ award at the 2013 Future Travel Experience show for its dedication to simplifying the airport experience across a number of key passenger touch points, including a simplified wayfinding system across all terminals.

 Judges Comments 
  • The objective of this deployment was well stated and really helped me understand the problem / opportunity you were trying to address. It looks like your objectives were met in a creative, interactive way. The fact that the airport staff has embraced this solution speaks to its effectiveness as loudly as the statistic of 4 million users!
  • An excellent experience for digitally savvy travelers.
  • Good implementation. I like the scan your boarding pass to show you the path. 
  • The problem and the solution were both clearly communicated
  • Very nice implementation.
  • Useful wayfinding.

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