2014 DSA Crown Award: Point of Sale (more than $10K) - Gold 

Entry: Bank of Ireland

Client: Bank of Ireland

Submitted by: RMG Networks

Venue(s) where the content was displayed:

Bank of Ireland branch located in the heart of the Dublin City University (DCU) campus.   It offers banking services for students, staff and local businesses.  There is a cash desk, ATM and statement printer machine on site.  A meeting room is available for booking by businesses and small groups.  The bank is an open concept with open doors, a digital wall with 5 digital zones, and built in booth seating making the banking experience more accessible, casual and personable.  It is decorated in bright colors with a contemporary, edgy flair.

Objectives of the content:

In a revitalized banking sector, where competition is fierce and the need to differentiate is great, Bank of Ireland wanted to improve the customer experience at the point where people first interact with the bank.  DCU wanted to create a retail environment that reached into the community on the campus.  Partnering with BT Ireland, RMG Networks set out to combine a rich multi-media mix of up-to-the-minute signage while reinforcing the Bank’s marketing campaigns with interactive digital services that encourages instant customer engagement.  Content needed to be continually refreshed so to remain interesting and relevant.  Bank of Ireland wanted to centrally manage cross-promotional campaigns, ie: aligning TV advertising with next day messaging on the campus screens. Bank of Ireland also needed a solution that would work for DCU but also provide the potential to scale to other bank branches.

Budget category (content creation only): More than $10,000

Results of the content:

Customers can now pop into a meeting room for an informal chat with bank personnel or self-serve at interactive screens, exploring the Bank’s products. Through a combination of wayfinding signage and self-service screens, it steers customers and prospects to the information they need.

James Munnelly, Head of Marketing at Bank of Ireland, points out benefits already delivered: “Firstly, it expands our message frequency and effectiveness. Traditional posters provide one message; a digital screen delivers far bigger frequency of message from the same footprint” pointing out that the messaging can be targeted by location, time of day and audience profile. 

Customers can now interact with content, find out more information, get it sent to their email and move further along the customer journey.  This digital engagement between customer and bank can now be measured to continually improve the customer experience, a significant step forward in the way retailers market to customers.

Selected judges' comments:

  • Nice.  A multi-faceted execution with every aspect well thought out.
  • Fantastic example of integrating digital signage into the overall architectural and environmental branding plans.
  • I like the fact that the content blends the bank’s branding with campus information and serves to inform potential/existing customers of the services available even when the branch is closed.
  • Content met the objectives and presented very well.
  • Very good job and impressive overall experience.


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