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Project: Care Media Networks
Client: Care Media Holdings Corp
Submitted by: 
Also contributing: Saddle Ranch Productions 

Brief overview of the project/technology:
CARE Media Holdings Corp, through its brands KidCARE TV, Women's HealthCARE TV and PetCARE TV, produces and delivers advertiser supported educational programming to millions of consumers through pediatric, OB/GYN and veterinary offices throughout North America via a 100% digital broadband network. The captive audience networks broadcast short informational video segments interspersed with relevant advertising at point-of-care, educating patients and caregivers on pertinent healthcare issues and encouraging viewer/physician discussion during the examination. In 2010, Care Media launched a new content initiative across their three networks raising the communication bar for all three of their constituant audiences: physician, advertiser and most importantly the viewer in the waiting room. They accomplish this by delivering even higher production value with informative, exclusive content segments providing relevant and accurate healthcare information approved by a board of experts. Adding to that 2-3 minutes of presenter and b-roll format interspersed with advertising and PSAs. Additionally, Care Media delivered DVDs, online and mobile produced for doctors to give to patients for at-home viewing and education.

Objectives of the deployment or the technology:
With an increasing demand on physical, staff and patient time combined with the fact that healthcare is getting more complex, involved patients want more information from a trusted source ... namely their physician. Patients and caregivers wait an average of 17 minutes in reception areas before an exam, and doctors are increasingly concerned about providing reliable and valuable information to pass the time. CARE Media Holdings Corp bridges the gap of wait time using new high-definition digital media to air its content, which is all written and approved by doctors. Additionally, the technology, EnQii Digital Signage System, enables Care Media to pin-point the messages and media right down to the individual screen within the location, even down to specific day-parts, thus making the content even more relevant and timely.

Results achieved:
Following this launch, Care Media conducted through Arbitron an evaluation of CARE Media Holdings Corp networks. The following data was provided in October 2010, as well as composite of findings over the past two years for the advertising effectiveness of CARE Media networks. Methodology: Arbitron survey staff conducted interviews and/or tallies at a total of 211 CARE Media offices. A stratified random selection process was used to determine the offices in which to conduct surveys and tally visitors. Based on the number of weekly patient visits reported by CARE Media, offices were stratified into several strata for each network. Significant Highlights - CARE Media networks have approximately 5,675,000 gross adult visitors a month, or about 1,324,000 gross adult visitors per week. A super majority of visitors to CARE Media offices are women between the ages of 25 and 44 who have children in the household. 
- 80% of visitors notice CARE Media televisions playing health education programming in the waiting rooms of doctors’ offices. 
- Visitors have been to CARE Media offices on average twice in the past month and spent on average 17 minutes in waiting rooms while being exposed to CARE Media programming and advertising. 
- Viewers think positively about CARE Media networks. A majority of viewers think CARE Media television is a good thing for doctors’ offices to offer their patients. Viewers believe CARE Media programming is a credible source for useful health education. Moreover, CARE Media enhances patients’ relationships with their doctors. A majority of viewers plan on watching CARE Media programming the next time they visit a medical office. 
- Average aided advertising recall among CARE Media viewers is 35%. 
- More than half of all visitors go shopping on the same day after visiting an office that features CARE Media programming and advertising. After being exposed to CARE Media programming and advertising, the majority of visitors’ next shopping trip is to a grocery store (42%) or a drug store/pharmacy (28%).

Size and geographic location(s) of the deployment:
KidCARE TV offers direct-to-consumer television programming to more than 2,500 pediatric practices. Women's HealthCARE TV airs in more than 1,500 OB/GYN practices and PetCARE TV operates in more than 1,500 veterinary hospitals and clinics. CARE Media networks have approximately 5,675,000 gross adult visitors a month, or about 1,324,000 gross adult visitors per week.

Selected judges comments:

  • The CARE network reaches a valuable audience with relevant content and messaging. Additionally, the results in terms of ad recall are impressive.
  • This entry is an excellent example of a) the application of dynamic place-based media, b) focus of a network in serving viewer, advertiser, location provider and network investor investor interests, c) the importance of relevant content, and d) leveraging network success into adjacent lines of business.
  • Overall, it's easy to see that CARE has cornered and succeeded at a particular niche in the digital OOH market.
  • The content and presentation seem to work great for the environment.  It educates and entertains – the main goal for the host venue.  Can’t argue with simplicity.



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