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Anne White
Vice President, Content Strategy & Development
Premier Retail Networks (PRN) 
600 Harrison Street,  4th Floor 
San Francisco, CA 94107 
United States
Phone: 415-808-9138

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Anne White  Vice President, Content Strategy & Development  Premier Retail Networks      An international brand communications expert, White has applied her strategic thinking and creative solutions to build meaningful user experiences for two decades. In her current role at PRN, she is responsible for establishing and implementing programming strategy and branding for targeted, mass-reach, place-based networks. From her innovative work in the movie Minority Report, to her current PRN projects steering the creative development of a dynamic new marketing medium, White excels at engaging audiences with relevant, innovative content that entertains and informs.

Recent Presentation (1):
Entertainment  Producer’s Guild of America “Crossing Over” Seminar
Egyptian Theater, Los Angeles
Are you in traditional film or television media and wishing you could acquire some new media skills to help you move ahead? Are you in new media and longing to move your content into a more traditional film or television distribution formats? Make your new year's resolution a reality with this fascinating seminar that looks at how media professionals can reshape their content and their careers to meet new goals. We'll talk with some of Hollywood's hottest producers who have successfully crossed the bridge either towards traditional or new media and learn some of the secrets to their success. And we'll spawn a lively debate about whether the grass is or isn't greener on the other side.

Recent Presentation (2):
November 21 & 22, 2008
C3 (Convergence Culture Consortium) Futures of Entertainment Conference
Bartos Theater, MIT Cambridge, Mass.                 
Consumption and Value              
Where does value come from in the media evolving media landscape? In a medium rooted in the popularity of content, who or what is the source of media value? Does it lie in the properties themselves, or in what people do with these properties? Do creative companies create value or does value creation also occur on the consumption side, as audiences discover hidden potential in existing properties, make their own emotional and creative contributions to the mix, and spread the brand to new and previously unsolicited markets? Might we also see value as originating from those who simply sit and watch? "Attention" can be thought of as a core product produced by media companies - under advertiser-supported models, media properties attract audiences whose attention is sold to advertisers seeking to reach groups of people. While this is not always the case, the increasing significance of product placement suggests even goods sold directly to audiences are subsidized by the sale of their attention. Especially with the rapid emergence of user-created content, can we consider audiences participants in the creation of the value media properties hold? How do we account for the non-monetary value of media properties? How should gains from media value be distributed through the networks of creatives who collaborate in its production?        

Expertise: Digital Signage Subjects:

* Advertising 
* Audience Measurement/Analysis 
* Content Creation 
* Content Management  
* Interactivity    
* Strategy

Expertise: Vertical Industries:

* Retail
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