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Brian Ardinger
Entrepreneur in Residence
NUtech Ventures, Inc.
University of Nebraska
1320 Q Street
Lincoln, NE 68508
United States
Phone: 402-770-9567

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Brian Ardinger is the Entrepreneur in Residence at NUtech Ventures, co-founder of The Big Plate (, a collaborative community for entrepreneurs and startups, and former Chief Marketing Officer at Nanonation ( Brian is a regular contributor to industry publications, a public speaker and quoted industry expert with over 20 years of experience in interactive media, marketing consulting, and research. Prior to these most recent projects, Brian was head of research at Ion Global, a Hong Kong headquartered technology firm where he developed Asia’s first dedicated customer experience lab to analyze and measure how customers utilized technology in their shopping and online experiences. In addition to his work overseas, Mr. Ardinger has been a Senior Consultant with Gartner based in Silicon Valley where he implemented strategy and research for multinationals around the world and managed projects in industries ranging from software to telecommunications. He holds a Bachelors degree in Marketing from the University of Nebraska in Omaha and an MBA from Penn State.


The Four Keys to Creating, Deploying, and Managing Customer Experience Technologies

Recent Presentation (1):

GlobalShop 2009
Las Vegas, NV

Enhancing The In-Store Experience: 5 Technologies Changing The Marketing Landscape

This session will explore the new marketing tools and technologies retailers are using to better impact their customer experience. Through case studies and examples, attendees will explore how digital signage, kiosks, in-store audio, smart shelves and mobile technologies are being integrated and delivered to drive sales and fuel profits.

 Recent Presentation (2):

GlobalShop 2008
Chicago, IL

Unleashing the Customer Experience: How technology is changing the way retailers interact with customers.

From touch screens to cell-phones to RFID-triggered smart shelves, find out how businesses are using the power of interaction and integration to impact the customer experience and measure the results.

Expertise - Self Service Subjects:

* Content
* Design
* Network Management
* Service
* Software
* Strategy

Expertise - Vertical Industries:

* Education
* Entertainment/Casinos
* Financial/Banking
* Healthcare
* Hospitality
* Restaurant
* Retail
* Transportation
* Travel

Expertise - Project Management:

* Justification
* Planning
* Training
* System Management

Expertise - Industry Outlook, Trends and Statistics:

* General Trends
* Specific Vertical Trends
* Successes and Failures

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