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Sheridan Orr
Managing Partner
The Interrobang Agency
102 Tower Hamlet Drive
Cary, NC 27518
United States

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Sheridan Orr is the managing partner of The Interrobang Agency, a consulting and design firm focused on crafting engaging customer experiences for retailers. She has worked with some of the most recognizable global brands in the world. she uses Design Thinking to work with businesses to help them continually innovate. She holds a MA in English from Vanderbilt and a MBA from Tulane.

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Design Thinking for Customer Innovation

Design Thinking is a problem solving methodology developed by Tim Brown and embraced by some of the most innovative companies in the world including Apple and Ideo. It is an exceptional approach to customer experience because it focuses on customer empathy at the forefront of the process. at The Interrobang Agency, we have used it with companies like Nike, Costco, T-Mobile and Starbucks to understand customers and craft elegant and innovative ways to increase engagement, loyalty and brand affinity. Events: AMA, AIGA, Meredith College, UX, Various Customers

Seminar (2)

Buzz, Pop, Fizz: Creating Customer Experiences that Sizzle

When creating customer experiences you have to start with the basics. You can't craft amazing engagement if you do things that irritate your customer. I call this the Hippocratic Oath of customer engagement: first do no harm. For example, we've worked with a major logistics company who by simply putting in electronic doors, after watching customers struggle with packages, greatly improved the customer experience.  It is hard for customers to go from irked to delighted in one experience. Therefore, it is essential not to irritate them in the first place.  Events: AMA, AIGA, Start Up Incubator.

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Customer Experiences, Design Thinking, Brand

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Customer Experiences, Design Thinking, Brand

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General Trends
Successes and Failures
Customer Experiences, Design Thinking, Brand

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