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Wednesday, 13 November 2013

More and more, businesses around the globe are using lobby display kiosks — and for good reason. They are modern, digital, highly functional and interactive. Not only are kiosks a convenience for customers, they also serve as a branding tool for organizations, and they are cost effective as they can save your business both time and money.

What types of companies utilize professional display kiosks? Any company that wants to:

  •     Alleviate congestion
  •     Provide convenience to the end user
  •     Provide useful and valuable information to customers
  •     Create a buzz around their brand
  •     Increase revenue
  •     Cut overhead expenses

Where are lobby kiosks most commonly found? Lobby and reception kiosks can be displayed anywhere there are potential customers, such as:

  •     Hotel lobbies to handle the check-in / check-out process, as well as other features such as virtual concierge, internet access and wayfinding
  •     Tradeshows to provide check-in and wayfinding functionality
  •     Store lobbies to provide electronic payment options
  •     Airport check-in locations
  •     Charity events

Hotel lobbies are another place where kiosks are utilized to automate and streamline the experience of hotel guests. The kiosks can greet guests, check them in, and provide a room key. With other added features, such as virtual concierge software and internet access, these kiosks can help hotel guests find local amenities with a few clicks of a button or swipes of a finger.

In addition select airports now offer international customs check-in areas with kiosks that allow individuals the convenience of inputting information through a highly secure customs kiosk. These kiosks can be equipped with thumb print readers, retina scanners, passport scanners, barcode readers, printers and more. These kiosks can make the customs process much more efficient and user-friendly, which significantly cuts the wait times needed to pass through the customs checkpoints.

Many tradeshow events incorporate kiosks in the lobby for easy check-in. These types of kiosks often have several application features, such as:

  •     Badge scanning
  •     Credit card readers
  •     Printer
  •     Wayfinding to help attendees with directions around tradeshow floor

The possibilities are endless.

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