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Tuesday, 09 April 2013

Safeguarding your company's infrastructure against malware attacks is crucial whether you're a financial institution that exchanges proprietary data or a utility facility that provides power to communities. Because today's cyber-attacks have significantly increased in sophistication, target and frequency, it's more important than ever to consider the cyber-security of your organization. Often times, these security breaches can be transferred by vendors, service personnel or even an unsuspecting employee through portable media devices.

Malware kiosks ensure that your organization is fully safeguarded by providing you with control over the flow of data that enters the facility. The following are five of the primary benefits of deploying cyber-security kiosk solutions:


In malware kiosks, multiple antivirus engines are activated simultaneously, improving the speed and efficiency of detecting possible contaminants. By detecting threats before they enter the facility, organizations protect their systems and critical data and prevent an attack from occurring.


In some circumstances, complex government regulations require secure facilities to use removable media scanning solutions which were successful at detecting more than 1.5 million computer worms, viruses and Trojans last year. Malware kiosks help to provide organizations with control over the media devices that are allowed access into the internal network so they can filter.


Regardless of whether you're managing the security of a corporate headquarters, a government organization, an educational campus or banking institution, cyber security kiosks can help protect you and your company's infrastructure. These kiosks are designed to accommodate a wide range of facilities and organizations and can be customized to utilize a wide range of security and scanning software systems. In addition, the scanners within the malware kiosks can check various types of media including USB Drives, DVDs, CDs and memory cards.

Reducing IT Staff

Visitors and staff can use these kiosks in a self-service capacity to check their offline media, which can potentially reduce a company's IT and cyber security staffing needs.


The cyber security kiosk offers peace of mind and confidence for organizations to know with certainty that they can keep their network malware-free and maintain an extra level of security at all times.

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