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Tuesday, 10 September 2013

One of the newest kiosk technologies is the multitouch system that allows multiple touch points to be functional on the screen at the same time, meaning that two or more points of contact on the screen can be controlling functionality simultaneously. This provides more flexibility in how kiosk applications are structured so that a single user can interact with the kiosk using both hands, or multiple kiosk users can interact with the kiosk screen at the same time. These innovative kiosks are being used for a range of applications in the public and private sector.

One of the most common applications of the multitouch kiosks is wayfinding. Whether deployed in retail stores, museums, hospitals, or other public venues, wayfinding kiosks can be placed nearly anywhere and provide an easy-to-use method of guiding the user to their final destination. Touchscreen and multitouch technology has brought about a revolution in the way we use our personal hand-held devices, such as tablets and mobile phones, and this same technology offers benefits to electronic kiosks. By using multitouch functionality, wayfinding kiosks are easy to use, and navigation between screens is fast and efficient, even for a layperson.

In the commercial market, multitouch kiosks may be used to present your products and services in a distinctive way to the target audience. One example of this distinctive user experience is the application of multitouch kiosks in a retail store to allow customers to compare the prices of different products. By using multitouch functionality, customers can browse for multiple products at the same time on different sides of the screen to create a highly efficient user experience. In addition, sophisticated multi-touch retail kiosks may also include wayfinding functionality to guide the user to the physical location of the product in which they are interested.

Another benefit of multitouch kiosks is that they are highly extendable with a wide array of add-on modules, functions, and peripherals. For example, multitouch kiosks can be configured with high resolution digital cameras and photos printers to create a sophisticated and portable photo kiosk system. The multitouch functionality of a photo kiosk's touchscreen can provide for a highly efficient user interface that allows the user to handle multiple photo editing tasks through multiple touch points. In addition, multitouch functionality can also be leveraged to allow multiple users to engage in the photo editing and social sharing process at the same time.

Multi-touch kiosk functionality is constantly evolving to encompass many new and innovative implementations in both the public and private sectors. As touchscreens become a greater part of all of daily lives, the potential for multitouch applications is endless.

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