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Monday, 02 June 2014

In mid-June the digital signage industry will once again descend on Las Vegas at InfoComm 2014. This is a perennial favorite of mine. Even though the show's focus extends far beyond digital signage, I like InfoComm because it affords us the opportunity to showcase the unique ways that digital signage is integrated into the much larger pro AV market.

As for what we can expect at InfoComm, I believe the key takeaway from the show will be that 4K has gone mainstream. True, 4K buzz is nothing new and 4K-capable products are hitting the market on a steady basis. But to say that 4K is now mainstream is a bit of an overstatement. That’s about to change, and InfoComm will be the tipping point where that change starts to occur.

At DSE we saw specific applications for digital signage, including 4K playback. In fact, our own 4K player powered many of the booths showcasing 4K content. Then at NAB great emphasis was placed on streaming 4K content in the broadcast market, such as the MPEG-DASH streaming of live 4K video content over IP. Both were great testaments to the promise of 4K, yet key hurdles still existed, such as the availability of 4K content, and the ability to display such content at 60 frames per second via HDMI 2.0.

InfoComm will signal the mass-market shift to 4K. I predict we’ll see a wave of new displays supporting HDMI 2.0, effectively completing the 4K-delivery ecosystem. This shift will naturally drive declining pricepoints in various 4K-related product categories, further accelerating adoption of 4K. Announcements made at InfoComm will catalyze many of these market shifts, giving key industries such as broadcast, digital signage and Pro AV powerful tools to thrust 4K into mass-market acceptance.

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Wednesday, 26 February 2014

True 4K is spectacular–as good as a top quality printed poster. One of the bigger myths out there right now is that 4K is too expensive. That may have been true in the past, but the price point for 4K is dropping very fast!

Most digital signage content is already shot in 4K and signage providers, retailers and integrators can present it in its pristine native quality without great expense – by picking the right installation components.

While most top commercial grade 4K screens can be very expensive, there are monitors available for under $1000. The 50” consumer grade Seiki 4K screens we used in the BrightSign booth at ISE sell for under $950. I think you will see this trend, 4K screen prices dropping to a reasonable premium over full HD screens, start to happen in the commercial market soon.

Equally, you can spend thousands on a solution for decode and output to the display, or you can use a less than $900 purpose-built, solid-state player that perfectly supports the requirements of the new 4K ecosystem, handling H.265 encoded content at 60 fps for output via a HDMI 2.0 interface.

Since 4K is becoming affordable at a very rapid rate, I believe that this transition will be one of the fastest that the digital signage industry has ever seen. There is a good chance that commercial adoption of 4K will happen ahead of consumer adoption. The reason is that we have much greater control of the whole ecosystem from content creation and distribution to presentation. While most movies and other broadcast content are already shot in 4K, the distribution challenges are much greater for the broadcast industry. There is good momentum for 4K’s arrival in the consumer space as evidenced by announcements from Netflix that they will be starting 4K delivery trials with H.265 encoded content in the first half of this year and by Amazon which also promises 4K content delivery in the near future.
When our player ships this summer, signage industry professionals will be able to buy a player with leading-edge technology along with a screen that presents a true 4K experience for under $2,000. That’s a promise.

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