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Tuesday, 30 July 2013

A point of sale (POS) network is what you might expect: digital signage that consumers encounter close to a product or service for sale. These screens are usually comprised of in-store or retail digital signs. These are not ad-based networks but merchandising networks.  

It’s all about the shopper and “How can I help you buy something today?” Sometimes, they include screens placed on the end of an aisle, or end cap, near the deli in a grocery store. When in front of a point of sale (POS) network, the consumer has become a shopper. The mindset of a person who has deliberately entered a store is much more attuned to cues and opportunities related to their needs and the wares on sale at the particular store. They are now reachable with more direct offers about products – and particularly offers that now take into account their gender, age and income, for example. These viewers are shoppers. 

The power of this type of network is that the call to action is immediate; the screens are placed where consumers make their buying decisions. The content is attention grabbing, relevant to product and brand, while the consumer is focused on buying.

While retailers and brands have sometimes different goals, one huge trend that is in common is creating a digital experience -- or digital destination -- that is engaging, interactive, personal and connects bricks and mortar with the new digital consumer while in-store. Putting all these together creates real relevance for the content of a POS network because it can create an emotional response that drives desired behavior.

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Tuesday, 23 July 2013

The Point of Wait (POW) digital signage network—one targeted to consumers waiting for a product or service. Usually we encounter these in retail lines and healthcare and hospitality locations, as well as internal corporate communications.

The consumers watching these screens are dwell time viewers. One typical POW network is found in retail banking, where consumers are entertained in a queue while also being exposed to advertising and general feel-good content. Good content, usually lengthier, results in a happy customer for the teller. It is all about perceived wait time.

Digital screens installed inside elevators present a quick news bite, an ad, and perhaps a weather forecast during the short trip from one floor to the next and enable advertisers to reach viewers during this dwell time. The largest POW networks today are in health care, doctor offices of all types include vets, hospitals, ophthalmologist etc.

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Monday, 15 July 2013

A point of transit (POT) network is one in which the viewer is in transit past the sign and is not expected to linger. These networks are tailored for “on the go” viewers. These can be signs along the side of a highway, where they are visible to large numbers of diverse viewers passing at fairly high speed, or they can be in airports, train or bus stations, or other locations where people are passing more slowly.

Content on a POT network is most like a traditional billboard in that it needs to quickly create a thought-provoking impression and is usually more focused on a brand rather than a particular offer. Its value over traditional paper is twofold. One is motion; with the exception of a handful of mechanical billboard arrangements, a digital sign is the only way to produce movement that will attract an otherwise inattentive eye.

The other is that a digital sign’s message can be changed at frequent intervals or to match the time of day or other external conditions. A digital sign along a highway might highlight a coffee brand during the morning commute, and the evening commute message might relate to a chicken dinner. POT networks break down into a several subcategories: digital billboards, signage inside transit hubs and  exterior-facing retail signage.

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