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Tuesday, 19 April 2011
Colleges and universities can enjoy considerable benefits by adding dynamic digital signage networks to their campuses.

I have written this 34-page white paper to assist in the planning and successful operation of implementing digital signage on campuses. Beyond student, staff and visitor communications, new revenue outlets are available through a signage network. Sponsored content and suitable, campus-approved advertising can balance installation and network expenses, expansion projects or bring new resources to individual departments.

This white paper outlines the broader value of dynamic signage on or near campuses. In addition, the proven approaches to effective planning, expansion and use, with a focus on revenue opportunities.

Download the white paper here.

Feel free to pass this white paper along to your colleagues.

Lyle Bunn
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Monday, 11 April 2011

The new report titled “Digital Signage Future Trends 2011,” produced by industry publisher, reflects key industry developments since the survey and report of 2009. In his forward, Christopher Hall notes that “forecasting larger trends to come is a necessary component of planning for success, and making certain your company is ready to face whatever the future may bring.”

The 49-page report is excellent. It includes 27 pages of charts reflecting the changing digital signage landscape based on over 1200 survey responses. Survey data is followed by commentary on the status and outlook for dynamic place-based media by a dozen people, (including yours truly), which I suggest reflect the views of many industry insiders. The significant cohesion in guest commentary points of view, suggesting that this report aptly represents a best-informed probable future view of the sector.

Download the report.

Substantial maturity in the way that digital signage is being configured and an acceleration of its use in a wide range of vertical is reflected in the survey data. While “that” it is being used is inspiring in being quantified, “why” it is being used is interestingly, very stable and relatively unchanging.

Some key survey findings include:

  • Expenditures are increasing. In 2009, 79 percent said they planned to spend up to $100K compared with 84 percent in 2011. 16 percent of survey respondents in 2011 said they would spend more than $1 million, versus just 6 percent on 2009.
  • 73 percent expect budget increases over the next versus the 53 percent who expected it in 2009.
  • 57 percent of displays are now networked versus just 35 percent in 2009.
  • In 2009, 60 percent of displays had no third party advertising. In 2011, only 37 percent have no third party advertising.
  • 24 percent of 2009 survey respondents expected to deploy new or additional screens in the 0-3 month period, whereas 49 percent of 2011 respondents expect to deploy or add displays.
  • Respondents expecting to use digital signage primarily for internal communications doubled in the period 2009 to 2011.

Commentaries on future trends are provided by 11 high profile industry representatives including seven technology providers, the CETW event producer, an author on content, an industry blogger and an industry consultant/educator.

The commentaries cover a wide range of subjects including brand communications approaches, content, technology infrastructure, standards, managed services, engagement, social media, transmedia and mobility, menu boards and third party advertising.

The commentaries point to the advancing of the effectiveness of dynamic signage in its increasing value as a part of a collective of communications and interactive devices for patrons, consumers and staff engagement.

Increasing operational effectiveness is a key industry direction. Technology elements and content are key components of this direction, as are the important advances in advertising and sponsored content planning, flighting and administration.

The 2011 trends report provides a positive outlook for industry growth based on the results of survey respondents from a wide spectrum of end users and suppliers. It offers valuable insights into the market growth and the dynamics that are impacting and could be expected to continue to drive this dynamic place-based media directions.

Lyle Bunn is an independent consultant and educator in North America’s dynamic signage industry who regularly assists end users in their dynamic media systems planning. He has published over 200 articles and white papers and regularly presents at industry events. See or email Lyle at

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