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Wednesday, 01 September 2010

This week, a article asks "Why aren't ProAV integrators doing DS yet?" The post, along with its illustrative graphic, hit the nail squarely on the head. Too true!

The “zzzzzs” have been coming hard from AV integrators, despite considerable prodding and education by InfoComm, champions such as Gary Kayye and some rational, clear-thinking providers of digital signage technologies.

While members of the army of AV integrators are being awakened by the message of a new day being delivered by distributors (Synnex hosts events in major cities, the next of which is San Francisco Oct. 21), and others, digital signage continues to rapidly find its way into the market – around AV integrators!

Yes, IT integrators are stepping in and stepping up, serving client relationships in situations where the IT department (which has an increasing hand in all major digital signage projects), decides not to be the integrator itself. As the key technology elements of display, media player, content-management software and connectivity become more integrated, other “non-technology” supply options become possible.

Enter the massive base of static sign and digital graphics providers. It is telling that both the Screen Graphics Industry Association (SGIA) and International Sign Association (ISA) have dramatically increased their focus on digital signage in their respective October and April Las Vegas conferences. Suppliers in these organizations have strong market presence and awareness of communications goals, and they even have their hand on messaging assets such as logos, etc., and they can see the revenue potential.

Woe that the AV integrator be relegated to the “hang and bang” line item when deployments proceed, while others enjoy high margin sales and ongoing revenues. 

Wake up and start shooting, AV integrators. Shooting off proposals, that is.

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 Blog: Lyle Bunn 
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