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Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Consumers love the convenience and speed of drive-thru at quick service restaurants (QSR) and so do the food service establishments that offer this safe, easy service option. Drive-thru can account for as much as 70% of location revenues and establishes the location as the “go to” place for future visits.

Whenever the term “digital signage” is used the term “analytics” is increasingly used in the same sentence or quickly follows. Organizations want their digital merchandising to both reflect and provide consumer insights, preferably simultaneously. Where forward-thinking retailers such as Wal-Mart have already embraced this approach successfully, QSR operators are now integrating analytics in their digital media use, and drive-thru success can improve.

With so much to be gained, QSRs are looking to business-enabling approaches that move customers through the order, payment and fulfillment processes as quickly as possible while getting the order correct and bringing the parton back as soon as, and as frequently as possible. Loyalty is enhanced when the drive-thru journey is a positive one.

Technologies will improve the cost/benefit equation in QSR drive-thru by significantly contributing to these critical success factors:

  1. Creating the optimal combination of minimizing order time while maximizing order value.
  2. Branding the establishment and its products
  3. Assuring the service experience is better than the competitors'.

To achieve these business-building goals, QSRs are digitizing the order process. This digital transition ot day-part menus can minimize effort and simplify menu board composition, while instilling loyalty, bringing the patron back quickly or motivating gift card or large order sales.

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Tuesday, 19 April 2011
Colleges and universities can enjoy considerable benefits by adding dynamic digital signage networks to their campuses.

I have written this 34-page white paper to assist in the planning and successful operation of implementing digital signage on campuses. Beyond student, staff and visitor communications, new revenue outlets are available through a signage network. Sponsored content and suitable, campus-approved advertising can balance installation and network expenses, expansion projects or bring new resources to individual departments.

This white paper outlines the broader value of dynamic signage on or near campuses. In addition, the proven approaches to effective planning, expansion and use, with a focus on revenue opportunities.

Download the white paper here.

Feel free to pass this white paper along to your colleagues.

Lyle Bunn
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