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onezerOne is the result of 3 regional service providers coming together to address the exodus of quality techs in the communications service industry. The result is an International service provider that has attracted the top talent back into the Industry.

Using technology we are able to increase the accuracy of collected service and installation data while reducing the number of human bottle necks that not only delayed and sometimes corrupted the data, but also add to the cost of processing the data. This allows us to offer our technicians top pay without increasing the bottom line to our customer or diminishing the oversight our customers demand. onezerOne also uses pay incentives such as “Project Share” to encourage techs to achieve even higher levels of customer satisfaction and quality of work. “That which is measured, is managed”

onezerOne is leading the way into the 21st Century with “Real-Time” QA results, allowing our customers to easily review completion data and QA photos in real-time before issuing a sign off number.

onezerOne’s management has been in the industry since the 1980’s when 1.8m and 2.4m VSAT systems were the norm and thought to be “amazingly small” compared to the 4.5m and Larger systems they typically worked on.  Our portfolio of services and experience includes the service and installation of commercial VSAT systems, telecom equipment, Kiosks, POS, distributed Audio/Video, Digital Signage/flat panel televisions, and many more.

onezerOne offers service in North America as well as Internationally. We have extensive experience in the Caribbean and in Central and South America.

101 Technologies, Inc.
512 North Main Avenue
Bridgewater, SD 57317
United States
Contact: Steve Sawyer
Phone: 877-410-1832
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