2014 DSA Crown Award: Point of Sale (less than $10K) - Gold 

Entry: LG UHD Wall

Client: Best Buy

Submitted by: TwoWest

Venue(s) where the content was displayed:

Dee Daa is a fast casual Thai restaurant chain in New York City that delivers an alluring mix of exuberant zen and zest. Meals blend authentic Thai ingredients to perfectly balance the four basic flavors of sweet, spicy, salty and sour. The architecture is modern and fresh, just like the brand. The digital network covers 4 key areas of the store, including the main menu board.

Objectives of the content:

The main objective of the content experience was to bridge traditional Thai roots with modern decor and spirit of the brand. In that regard, a multi-zone approach was adopted to segment the guest journey from awareness to dining as four (4) distinct zones:   

  1. Dynamic storefront promotions: to allure pedestrians to venture into a branded culinary destination  
  2. A 4-screen digital menu and promotional board: using the 4 displays as one canvas, content flows from one display to the other, efficiently blending menus choices, social media presence, brand promotions and disruptive marketing to catch the guest's attention  
  3. A Did You Know (DYK) screen: located in the pickup area and focused to reduce perceived wait time. This screen features educational segments about Thai culture along with interesting facts on ingredients, health and the history of the brand. 
  4. An ambient 2-screen video wall display: located in the dining area, this content evokes the serene essence of Thai culture through a series of ambient visuals with soft motion design.

Budget category (content creation only): Less than $10,000

Results of the content:

The result of the digital content strategy was very specific to each content zone, working together as a holistic unit:    

  1. Storefront Window: doubled the percentage of walk-by guests.   
  2. Menu and promotional board: accelerated the ordering process, generated more customer engagement in terms of multi-platform marketing.   
  3. Did You Know (DYK) screen: reduced perceived wait time and raised brand acceptance through cultural appreciation and awareness.   
  4. Ambient dining displays: the relaxing, branded ambiance contributed to strengthening the relationship with patrons and completed the visitor experience with style.

Selected judges' comments:

  • Love the simplicity of the graphics and the slight animation in the elements.
  • Nicely done! Love the consistant graphic integration with the rest of the store.
  • That's great work, especially for less than $10K. Really like the zone strategy
  • It's rare to get a project that involves such a comprehensive approach to digital signage, so exciting to see the multi-zone approach in action.
  • Very well thought out and beautifully executed.
  • Great work on a limited budget!!
  • Nice integrated screens
  • Intuitive, clear and easy to understand


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