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Content management strategies for digital touch points

In today’s ultra-competitive retail landscape, delivering valuable customer experiences is everything. And when making the kind of relevant customer connections that drive action on the sales floor, timing is everything. In-store digital devices have evolved into powerful consumer touch points. In this webinar you will hear all this and more...

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Avoiding the Hidden Costs of Kiosk Deployment

In this one-hour webinar, you’ll hear from three industry experts who will share the lessons they’ve learned from deploying thousands of self-service kiosks. The panel will discuss considerations for indoor and outdoor kiosks, installation, maintenance, security and more.
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WEBINAR: The Myths and Realities Surrounding NFC

Imagine a world where copious amounts of information about anything you can touch are only a smartphone-tap away. Imagine, too, a world where goods and services are bought simply with a tap of a smartphone. These are just two examples of the vast potential uses for Near Field Communications (NFC). 

WEBINAR: Using the DSA Digital Signage ROI Calculator

In 2011, DSA’s ROI Task Force released a beta version of the DSA Digital Signage ROI Calculator to the membership. The tool was well received and we were given valuable feedback from several members. Coinciding with the 2012 release of the latest version was a webinar to explain how the calculator was developed and how to use it.

Webinar: Using Location-Based Marketing Technology to Reach the Mobile Consumer

In this session, three experts provide unique perspectives on the capabilities, value, and future of leveraging location information. In addition, you will get to hear a case study of Meijer’s implementation of location awareness into their mobile applications.

Mobile: Opportunities To Engage Consumers Throughout Their Journey

Mobile will be the primary digital channel to engage with consumers in the future. The opportunities are incredible if the development and delivery of mobile services is done well. The majority of mobile professionals, however, focus on squeezing elements of their made-for-the-PC digital assets on to a small screen. This is a good starting point — but a bad long-term strategy. Mobile phones and tablets are evolving in ways that will make them unlike any PC we know today — and so the approach to delivering mobile services must evolve, too. 

Webinar: Digital Signage in Retail

Digital signage can be one of the most impactful shopper marketing technologies in use in retail today. It can deliver the right message to the right place, at the right time, and in the right format. If done correctly, it has the power to impact sales, build brands and improve the customers' experience.

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Webinar: Kiosk Design
This free online event, hosted by the Digital Screenmedia Association (DSA), focused on critical kiosk design issues and potential pitfalls that must be addressed to ensure successful kiosk deployment.

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Webinar: Digital Signage in Healthcare 
Hospitals, doctor's offices and other healthcare facilities can benefit greatly from digital signage, whether it's used for wayfinding, entertaining those in the waiting room, or communicating important messages to patients and employees.

Hear real world examples and learn tips on how to make your deployment a success.

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Webinar: The State of Digital Place-Based Advertising

According to the 2010 Arbitron Digital Place-Based Video Study, over two-thirds of teens and adults have seen a digital video display in a public venue in the past month. Now that digital signage has reached critical mass, we'll look at the current state of digital place-based advertising, from the brand, agency, network operator and measurement perspectives. 
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LG Electronics USA, Inc. and Cisco Systems

Webinar: Self-Service & Kiosk Future Trends

What's the state of the art of self-service and kiosks? What's next? How will mobile impact the future of self-service? This webinar will talk about what's hot and what's not, from technology to vertical market applications.
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Elo TouchSystems, Inc.

Webinar: Digital Signage ROI

For many people involved in digital signage or considering implementing digital signage, achieving a return on investment (ROI) is one of the major goals, if not the primary objective. In this webinar, members of the Digital Signage Association ROI Task Force will share their insights on how to measure and achieve ROI for your digital signage implementation.

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Webinar: Digital Signage Future Trends

In this webinar, we shared some of the results from the recently published Digital Signage Association report, Digital Signage Future Trends, which contains survey data from over 1,200 participants. Industry experts will share their insights on the future of digital signage.
Sponsored by: Diversified Media Group and NEC

Webinar: Kiosk ROI


Three letters separate successes from failures: ROI. But return on investment is not always easy to achieve or measure. In this webinar, we’ll present success stories from innovative companies, discuss tangible and intangible savings, metrics, collection methods, and measurement approaches.

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Kiosk Information Systems

Webinar: Best Practices for Digital Signage Content at the Point of Sale

Members of the Digital Signage Association Content Best Practices Committee present and discuss examples of great content and the latest content strategies. They’ll show examples and provide tips on best practices. You’ll learn how to create powerful and relevant messages in retail environments.

Webinar: Survivor's Guide to Deploying Kiosks

This is the first in a series of deployer-focused webinars where members of the Self-Service & Kiosk Association Deployer Council discuss key points to help you have a successful self-service program. They provide integrated and informative data focused on today’s economic conditions, customer attitudes and how kiosks can add value and help you achieve your corporate goals.

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Kiosk Information Systems
Webinar: Content Best Practices for Digital Signage Networks

A very special webinar where members of the Digital Signage Association Content Best Practices Committee will present a methodology that delivers the highest possible viewer impact, influence and response for digital signage networks. The presenters will discuss the critical DO's and DON'Ts for creating content and programming schedules.

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