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The DSA Welcomes Scanalytics to the family. Based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, here's what you need to know about Scanalytics.

Company: Scanalytics (Member Profile page)

Where is Scanalytics Headquartered? Milwaukee, WI.

You can find us online at our website, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

What is Scanalytics's Elevator Pitch? Scanalytics measures consumer behavior insights through intelligent floor sensors and enables brands to "trigger" real-time interactions with integrated displays and devices for an enhanced visitor experience. Our input/output (i/o) platform allows you to set predetermined metrics that react when behavioral activity is met, optimized through our powerful analytics solution. We provide innovative data to improve digital strategy, operations and consumer experience on-site today and in predictions for tomorrow.

About You: Matt McCoy, COO and Co-Founder. I graduated with a double major in Marketing and Mass Communications, co-founded and managed TNK Landscape with Scanlin, worked in London as a Communications Agent and served as an Account Manager for Chamberlain Research Consultants. I have an extensive background in marketing, business development and data visualization.

What do you think about the current digital signage/digital out-of-home landscape? Digital is being rapidly implemented across almost every industry, changing customer experience in the offline world. While this technology is actively progressing forward, solution providers and brands need insightful analytics up to and throughout the user experience to truly understand the engagement process and opportunities to innovate the market. Scanalytics provides the tools for digital to capture behavioral data on consumer activity in their space, and initiate interaction with visitors for real-time autonomous marketing.

Give us an example of your work: Here is a case study about our ability to quantify customer engagement in kiosks, which led to a higher return on the kiosk deployment.

With floor mats and touch screens, we're also able to expose direct correlations, allowing us to gather insights on the entire shopping experience, as seen in this pdf.


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