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Kiosk Best Practices

A self-service kiosk project is intimidating. It is important for any project, but especially true for self-service kiosk implementations, to consider all facets before initiation. These include creating clearly defined goals, creating realistic success metrics, building the appropriate team, understanding the customer expectations and deploying successfully. We hope you will find the guide helpful and educational. But, we need your help to make it even better and more useful. Please submit your suggestions to Paul Flanigan.

Digital Signage Content

Digital signage has introduced a new medium for advertising, education, entertainment and information. While many operators concern themselves with the hardware and software aspects of digital signage, the ongoing challenge to provide content that will engage viewers can be formidable. This document was written to provide best practices for content — arguably the most important aspect of a digital signage deployment.

Kiosk and Digital Signage Rollout

Rollout of a digital-media project, whether it’s a kiosk or digital signage, requires detailed project management. Study the 10 crucial steps to a successful rollout here.

Kiosk Cash Management

Cash control systems are an effective means to managing your financial risk and increasing the productivity of your kiosk operations. The impact can be significant and go directly to the bottom line.

Kiosk Compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act

During kiosk rollout, deployers must consider compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Learn the basics of the ADA here, as well as the best ways to ensure your machine’s compliance with the regulations.

Photo Kiosks

Learn the basics of successfully deploying photo kiosks – one of the most popular types of self-service technology – including security, remote monitoring and GUI.

Kiosk Enclosures

The sheer number of options for kiosk enclosures can be overwhelming. Learn what details are important to consider, including choosing materials and ensuring legal compliance.

Selecting Kiosk Touchscreens

There are many different types of touchscreens available for kiosks. We break down the different technologies here – find out which offerings are best-suited to your project.

Top Five Mistakes of Kiosk Deployment

It’s easy to make mistakes when executing a complicated kiosk project. Find out which are the most common and the best ways to avoid them.

Kiosk Graphical User Interfaces (GUI)

To ensure a positive customer experience with any kiosk project, attention must be paid to the Graphical User Interface (GUI). Find out the hallmarks of a user-friendly GUI and how to implement them during a kiosk rollout.

Kiosk Acceptance and Managing Change

Successful kiosk deployments go beyond simply rolling out the machines – deployers must be able to manage how customers, as well as employees, perceive and welcome the kiosks in order to maximize their use.

Remote Monitoring of Kiosks and Other Self-Service Devices

Kiosk projects can become overwhelming to manage, especially those that are rolled out on a large scale. Learn how remote-monitoring technology can help reduce the costs of maintaining your project.

Power Protection of Electronic Kiosks

Kiosks that are unprotected from power surges and other disruptions can experience serious problems, including revenue losses. Learn how to safeguard kiosks from such unexpected disturbances.

System Security for Kiosks and Other Self-Service Devices

Securing kiosks and other self-service technology is of paramount importance, especially for machines that access the Internet. Learn the best ways to ensure your kiosks and your customers’ data are fully protected.

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