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Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Ben Johnston
RMG Networks

Meet our fictious friend, Samantha. Samantha works in the People and Culture Department (formerly known as HR) of a mid-sized financial services company.

Meet Samantha

On any given day, Samantha and her department colleagues have a lot of information to share with the company's employees. They frantically spend much of their time organizing that information into emails, handouts, and meeting agendas in order to educate the employees on a wide range of subjects. But the problem is that the employees are very busy and distracted, and their calendars are full and their in-boxes overflowing with emails - many of the messages don't even get read or absorbed. And, these are important company messages that could help the employees be more productive!

One day, Samantha goes to a happy hour with her local metro-area "People and Culture Professionals" group to socialize and learn about trends others are using in employee communications. Over drinks, she shares her problem with the group. Then she hears Brian, a colleague from another company, talk about a great solution he has found called Digital Signage.

Brian explains to Samantha that he realized the employees at his company like looking at the TV screens in the break rooms, the lobbies and the conference rooms, which the company used to just play the news. Brian says he realized the TVs would be a great way to reach busy employees instead of clogging up email boxes and holding more meetings. He then tells her he found a company that showed him how to put his important People and Culture messages, company performance data, and even real-time production information up on the screens. They even showed him how to bring in sports, news and weather to keep viewers engaged. As a bonus, it turns out that publishing annoucements on the TVs is really easy to do, as simple as writing an email and dragging in an image in many cases.

Brian's company still uses email for some annoucements and hasn't eliminated the need for meetings yet, but his department's email volume is down and from surveying his employees, he knows their awareness of company events and their engagement with the company's goals has increased. Brian is happy with the results.

Samantha buys Brian a drink and asks him to tell her more. She thinks she just might have found a solution to some of her problems.

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