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Wednesday, 29 October 2014

By Jason Shave
Sales Manager
RMG Networks

As a salesperson, I spend a lot of time traveling to the reception areas of numerous companies in various industries. I am constantly amazed at how ‘vanilla’ and unassuming many are – surely a reception area is the place to showcase the company’s attributes and act as the pulse of their professional significance. Should I not expect to be engaged, wowed or learn something during my visitor experience?  Do first impressions no longer count?


Cast your mind back and think about the last 10 reception areas you visited. My guess is that many, if not all, were slightly outdated from a technological perspective.  They probably had a tiny TV mounted in the most ridiculous place possible, showing BBC or CNN or possibly just a blank screen, which even if it was turned on would have given you neck strain anyway. So what did you really learn about those 10 companies whilst sitting in their reception area waiting? Would very little be a safe assumption?

Now visualize the same reception areas with a large, multiscreen intelligent signage video wall installed and split into different zones. This would bring the space up-to-date with color, graphics and information, rendering the reception area in line with brand image, identity and visitor expectations. Companies could display their own real-time data and information, share price, employee engagement messages, social media feeds, green credentials, case studies, customer facing messages and more. All of a sudden, the company goes from being the same old tired and unexciting corporate mogul to a relatable, current and zestful company that people want to work for and/or do business with.


Simply put, it’s a message. Compelling visual signage says this is a company that embraces advancements in technology and other future trends; that they’re an engaging company as seen by their employees’ messages and also by your own engagement as a bystander getting more acquainted with the company. Business decision makers could even perceive the company as being ahead of the curve and want to associate their own business with one like that.

I like to think of a video wall as being a canvas to the possible, a window into real-time information and eye candy, where the viewer is visually engaged through the clever mix of data and content. When done right, the return on investment is instant.

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