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Wednesday, 31 August 2011
There was no calmness after the storm last night in Times Square for the jointly produced MXM/DSA event around convergence of screen media between digital signage and mobile.
The event had over 65 participants (standing room only) in the board room of Duane Morris overlooking the digital display wonderland of Times Square; there is even a vantage point from the room where you can see both of the massive LED screens at either end of the square at the same time.

Stu Armstrong, immediate past president of DSA and managing director, direct sales for ComQi moderated the panel session.
Bob Gold, CEO, Gold Mobile, shared with the audience about how NFC will become a key part of the digital signage as a way to not only interact, but transact at the same time.  Bob also  mentioned that “mobile is the disruption to take us away from traditional impression based media strategies to one of engagement in real time right in front of the display. SMS, QR codes are part of the process, but there will be so much more.”  
In actuality, Jeremy Lockhorn, VP emerging media, Razorfish mentioned, “Out-of-home was always a hard placement as a media strategy as the content does not sit alongside media such as TV, radio or print. Now with digital out-of-home, the interactivity component can now make advertising marketing out of home more of a strategy with content engagement and delivery.”
“Today with interaction of digital signage you need to have a social-mobile strategy as well. Not only can you have Twitter integrated into a marketing message real-time, but down to the tweet can be controlled and moderated. Think about that whole new level of engagement,” said, Drew de Cavalho, sales, AdGent Digital.
Six Flags participated in the event with a presentation from Adam Oliveri, VP of corporate alliances, Sean Anderson, director, interactive and Lisa Checketts, manager of digital.  Together they mapped out the landscape of the potential of captive audience marketing from everything around how they “geo-fence” different areas of the parks to leverage location-based services to come in the future, to how they make waiting in lines more entertaining and enjoyable. 
“Today, you can interact with a digital sign with your mobile and win a spot at front of the line. We are integrating digital signage and mobile connectivity everywhere. Even though QR codes on signposts in the different waiting areas and SMS has become quite standard, we are looking to the future with our app and a variety of service integration to match our Six Flags video network,” said Adam. 
Adam also mentioned one of the biggest challenges they have been able to solve with their partners was the new engagement metrics and measurement strategies. “We are building a clear model around dwell as a key part of engagement.”   
The topic of measurement was strongly emphasized by all of the panelists. Tom Hennigan, partner of Times Square Domination (an ad network for the screens of Times Square) said that building impressions from one screen to multiple screens that all have interactivity has been a challenge. “We work in steps to build a campaign that grows over time to give the best for clients. ROI is critical for us and the level of brands we are dealing with for this media.”   
Other challenges with measurement were discussed deal with how to connect the actual campaign to a comparison across other screens.  With all the different formats it is becoming more and more complex to get a formula right across all the screens, but Jason Newport, SVP mobile for Carat said they are working hard on this as it is key to our clients. 
After this success, the DSA and MXM have started to discuss when the next event will take place. Please send in comments if you would like to participate and be involved.
Following the event, John Matthews, Comscient wrote:

Congratulations on an excellent MXM event last night at a great venue with a view! The MXM event was excellent with a great panel with above average content. It was a refreshing change from many of the digital media events that take place in NYC these days. The event also attracted a better quality attendee with more mature mobile and digital out of home media industry leaders and innovators. Definitely a worthwhile and valuable event with great insights and I personally am looking forward to future events.
Check out #MXMDSA on Twitter to see related tweets.
Matthew Snyder
Matthew Snyder is producer of MXM Events and CEO ADObjects, Inc.
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Wednesday, 03 August 2011

Hats off to the Digital Screenmedia Association (DSA) and its task force that generated the “ROI Calculator.” (To watch a video about the creation of the calculator, click here.)

The excel workbook comprised of several worksheets and inter-rated formulas is an excellent framework for an essential element of dynamic place-based media and digital out-of-home network planning. 

By addressing the key building blocks in the analysis of return and investment, then presenting these line items with roll up in summary tables and charts, the calculator speaks the language of project planners and investors.

The DSA ROI Calculator is a useful tool that will help assure that necessary conversations are part of network planning.

Clarifying communications goals and the value expected from the investment is the essential element of project planning. Without this definition of value including tangible returns on investment (ROI) and less tangible return on objectives (ROO), capital and operating costs can be a shock. 

The structure of the ROI Calculator recognizes that defining communications value leads to content strategy that defines the technology infrastructure required to deliver the media that assures business value. This is described in my article “Fail to Plan – Plan to Fail” which appeared in a Digital Signage Best Practices Guide and is available at - Resources.

Every dynamic media deployment is customized based on specific business goals and the viewer experience at the display locations. Experienced industry consultants, operators and suppliers will offer useful input to the business value aspects of this DSA ROI Calculator, including realistic return expectations and noting where value beyond what is reflected in the calculator could be expected.

The tangible measures of value such as ad revenues, sales lift, print cost replacement, etc., make the current version of the tool suited in particular to ad-based or in-house promotional networks. DSA Executive Director David Drain and ROI Task Force Chair Matt Schmitt of Reflect Systems say that future modifications will address other points of network value and investment.

It will better internalize project planning and increase the value of experienced project and investment counsel. This calculator offers value to DSA members, to which the ROI Calculator is exclusively being provided at this time.

The DSA ROI Calculator is available immediately to DSA members. To learn more about membership in DSA, click here.

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