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Sunday, 11 July 2010
The Salt Lake (City) Tribune: Delta Airlines unveiled a renovated check-in lobby at Salt Lake City International Airport that's expected to speed passengers and their luggage to gates. The airline added four check-in positions, bringing the total number to 30. Above the check-in positions are audiovisual electronic screens that direct passengers to available ticket agents. Nine baggage-drop areas also were added for customers checking in online or at kiosks.
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Tuesday, 17 November 2009
NEXTEP SYSTEMS has announced it will exhibit its new self check-in/checkout solution for hotels at this week's Global Gaming Expo (G2E) in Las Vegas.
According to a news release from NEXTEP, the touchscreen kiosk solution is designed to simplify guests' hotel stay and travel experiences and offers guests the ability to:
  • Check in/out within 30 seconds
  • Encode room keys
  • Upgrade and change rooms
  • View, print and e-mail bills and receipts
  • Check in and print boarding passes for flights
  • Change credit cards
  • Scan passports and licenses
NEXTEP president and cofounder Tommy Woycik says the hotel solution underscores the company's experience in other segments of the hospitality vertical: 
This hotel solution has allowed us to further expand our offerings and bring to both guests and management an entirely new level of service. NEXTEP’s ability to deliver enjoyable guest experiences and provide seamlessly integrated management systems directly to hotel lobbies is a natural extension of our experience and success in the foodservice and hospitality industries. We look forward to showcasing our newest software product at the International Hotel/Motel & Restaurant Show. 
G2E will take place Nov. 17-19 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.
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Tuesday, 03 November 2009
NEXTEP SYSTEMS has announced it will debut a self-check-in/checkout solution for hotels at next week's International Hotel/Motel and Restaurant Show, sponsored by the American Hotel & Lodging Association, the Hotel Association of New York City Inc. and the New York State Hospitality and Tourism Association.
According to a news release from NEXTEP, the touchscreen kiosk solution is designed to simplify the guests' hotel stay and travel experience and offers guests the ability to:
  • Check in/out within 30 seconds
  • Encode room keys
  • Upgrade and change rooms
  • View, print and e-mail bills and receipts
  • Check in and print boarding passes for flights
  • Change credit cards
  • Scan passports and licenses
NEXTEP president and cofounder Tommy Woycik says the hotel solution underscored the company's experience in other segments of the hospitality vertical:
"This hotel solution has allowed us to further expand our offerings and bring to both guests and management an entirely new level of service. NEXTEP’s ability to deliver enjoyable guest experiences and provide seamlessly integrated management systems directly to hotel lobbies is a natural extension of our experience and success in the foodservice and hospitality industries. We look forward to showcasing our newest software product at the International Hotel/Motel & Restaurant Show."
The International Hotel/Motel and Restaurant Show will take place Nov. 8-10 at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York City.
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Monday, 19 October 2009
Konvergence and MuchMore Media, based in Italy, have launched an interactive touchscreen digital media network in more than 70 hotel lobbies across Northern Italy's Riviera Romagnola.
The units are a content-on-demand service that show tourist info to hotel guests, and in turn generate additional income for hotel owners.

Leaflet dispensers at hotels have traditionally offered guests information on local points of interest, attractions, brands, restaurants and retail businesses. Having recognized that digital media could enhance the traditional leaflet display model and make it easier for guests to find information of interest, MuchMore worked with Konvergence, a specialist in digital out-of-home solutions, to design an integrated leaflet and interactive digital signage unit that could offer current customers the opportunity to feature their businesses on the screens as part of a value-added marketing program.

Patrizia Cicognani, marketing and sales manager, Konvergence, said:
For as long as most of us can remember, when we visit a new destination the primary source for local information has always included a hotel's leaflet dispenser. Working with MuchMore, we looked at the model and recognized there were many ways to offer better user choice and operational and commercial benefits.
A Scala-driven kiosk, part of the hotel interactive touchscreen network.
Content is stored locally on a PC installed within each freestanding unit. The system pulls live information from the Internet for content, including local news and weather, event guides and, if applicable, updated pricing information. All 70 locations can be controlled, adjusted and monitored in real-time from a network operations center run and managed by Konvergence.
In order to deliver this solution, Konvergence worked with Scala to design the multilanguage, interactive graphic user interface, manage play-out schedules and the content assets (text, video files, RSS feeds and live Web-based content) and provide a mechanism for hoteliers to change or update promotional content or pricing.
Lorenzo Spadini, owner of the four-star Corallo Hotel in Riccione, Italy, said:
Our guests are savvy users of technology and want to be able to access the information they are interested in when they want it. This helps our business look better to our customers and, by virtue of the commercial opportunity, it will help us generate additional revenue.
In the future, the network may allow for hotel operators to extend information to other screens on site, including in-room televisions.
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Friday, 16 October 2009

OnSite Media, a maker of interactive technology for the travel vertical, and Showcase Technology, a hospitality technology provider, have announced a partnership to provide interactive kiosks for more than 20,000 hotel locations.

According to a news release from the two companies, the new kiosk application will combine OnSite's Concierge "automated travel assistant" and Showcase's NetStop software system. The kiosks will feature a 24-hour digital concierge and special offers, discounts and incentives from advertisers.

Pual Rajewski, CEO of Showcase Technology, says the partnership represents a milestone for the OnSite Concierge application:

The new software package that bundles OnSite Concierge with NetStop enhances our capabilities to better serve the needs of our customers, such as hotels and airport business centers. It is also the first time that OnSite Concierge has been available in Europe and Asia.

The partnership is a three-year agreement, according to the release, and all existing NetStop customers will be offered the OnSite concierge as a free upgrade to their current services.

The two companies also will exhibit the new product at next week's Best Western North American Convention in Phoenix.

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Tuesday, 30 June 2009
JERICHO, N.Y. — Incentient, a provider of self-service technology for the hospitality industry, today announced the launch of SmartTouch, a glass touchscreen panel with proprietary software that allows hotel guests in-room access to a full range of guest services without human intervention.
According to a news release, guests can use the system to order room service, schedule spa services, have their car retrieved from valet parking, or request services such as reservations at hotel-recommended restaurants, bell services, housekeeping and laundry pick-up. Guests are provided real-time updates on the status of their service requests.
The SmartTouch wireless glass panel is placed in the hotel room and offers rotating images of the hotel, selected food offerings based on time of day and an entire suite of services. Completely multilingual, the entire application can switch to the guest’s requested language with a touch of the screen.
The patent-pending operating environment requires no installation or disruption in the hotel room, and the system is a completely noninvasive, plug-and-play technology, according to the release. The screens service offerings and look and feel can be fully customized to match unique hotel brands.
“Hotel operators are being asked to provide an increasing number of guest services with fewer personnel,” said Jennifer Martucci, co-founder of Incentient. “Without systemic change, guests experience frustrations from hold times, unavailable personnel, language barriers and slow service, resulting in unfulfilled expectations. Incentient technology allows the hotel to increase service throughput to guests in these circumstances.”
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Wednesday, 17 June 2009
ATLANTA — Ariane Systems Group, a provider of self-service check-in/check-out solutions within the EMEA regions, announced today that it has established a definitive agreement to structure a joint venture with TAOS Technologies LLC and its affiliates to develop and deploy hospitality-oriented self-service technology solutions within North America. The new venture will be called Ariane Systems North America and will be based in Atlanta.
Ariane Systems specializes in product manufacturing and software development and offers a wide range of software products and customized service solutions recognized within the hospitality market.
TAOS Technologies’ expertise lies in the deployment and support of custom-developed software and guest-facing technologies, including self-service check-in/check-out solutions in North America. TAOS Technologies is partnered with some of the largest hoteliers in the world for the development of IT solutions and provides requirements gathering, R&D, hardware/software integration, project management, supplier management, site installation and ongoing help desk support services.
“Leveraging the existing resources, processes and systems of both parties will provide both customer-facing and back office hospitality solutions at a depth and breadth not yet seen in North America,” said Jeff Councilman, president of TAOS.
The North American integrated offering will combine Ariane Systems Group’s software development components, including licensing and maintenance agreements, with TAOS Technologies’ hardware and service solutions offerings. Ariane Systems North America will be led and managed by TAOS Technologies LLC in Atlanta.
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Thursday, 19 March 2009
Los Angeles Times: As technology progresses, some hotel chains are removing an age-old staple of the hotel lobby: the front desk. That's just what Andaz, a new, hip hotel brand from Hyatt has done. The hotel uses handheld computers no bigger than a stenographer's notebook to confirm hotel reservations and swipe cards. Other hotel chains use automated kiosks to enable travelers to confirm their reservations. Some say it's just a sign of the progressive times. "The reliance on the front desk is going to diminish greatly because technology will allow it," said Laurence Barron, chief information officer for the American Hotel & Lodging Association in Orlando, Fla.
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Monday, 16 February 2009
Nashville Business Journal: Two Nashville-based tourism and technology companies are merging, combining their talents to create a host of products for the hotel industry including touch-screen kiosks and restaurant guides. Uniguest is a seven-year-old $5 million company that installs and services computers for hotels and offers software to keep them secure. U.S. Hospitality Publishers Inc. is a 22-year-old $5 million firm that prints in-room hotel guides, funded with restaurant advertising.
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Monday, 26 January 2009 The UK's largest hotel chain, Premier Inn, has announced that it is launching its first fully self-check-in hotel at St Mary's Gate, Sheffield, reducing check-in time to under a minute for guests. The self check-in automated kiosks have already been successfully trialed at the London King's Cross Premier Inn; they allow guests to take complete control of their own booking when they arrive at the hotel. The check-in process currently takes an average of 8-10 minutes, but the new technology employed by Premier Inn will dramatically cut this time down.

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Tuesday, 13 January 2009
CHICAGO -- The InterContinental Chicago, a two-tower hotel located in the heart of Chicago, has deployed self-service kiosks where guests can check the status of flights for both O'Hare and Midway airports.
According to a news release, that information is provided by Flyte Systems, a company that offers cost-effective, subscription-based feeds of real-time flight information, not FAA-regulated scheduled departure times, which often fail to list delays caused by air traffic control, aircraft maintenance, crew availability and weather.
John Barbier, director of information technology for The Intercontinental Chicago, says reaction to the kiosks has been positive.
"The other day a staff member overheard a guest say he didn't care about waiting in line because the service itself was such an extraordinary and valuable convenience," he said.
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Wednesday, 08 October 2008
The Franchise Magazine: G&D (UK) Ltd., the London franchisee of Advanced Media Information, has placed its second touchscreen guest information kiosk at the prestigious Millennium Gloucester Hotel and Conference Centre in Kensington. This follows the success of its first kiosk at the Hilton London Metropole Hotel.
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Wednesday, 13 August 2008
Boston Business Journal: The Sheraton Boston Hotel is one of five U.S. Sheratons on Wednesday that has launched a "virtual concierge." The display, on a table, consists of a 30-inch surface computer designed to allow multiple guests to seek self-service concierge services at the same time. Customers will be able to access tourist information, details about other Sheraton properties and on-demand music selections. The technology represents the debut of Microsoft Surface, from Redmond, Wash.-based Microsoft Corp.
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Tuesday, 24 June 2008
FRAMINGHAM, Mass. — PeopleCube, provider of intelligent workplace, resource and energy management technology, has announced an alliance partnership with KIOSK Information Systems, a designer and manufacturer of indoor and outdoor kiosks, public Internet stations and other electronic self-service informational terminals, according to a news release. This partnership allows both companies to meet the needs of organizations large and small to reduce real estate and energy costs by implementing an on-site shared workspace and room reservation solution.
Resource Scheduler is the leading Web-based workspace, resource and energy management solution that allows users to quickly and easily schedule and manage flexible workspace and other shared resources with just a few simple clicks. KIOSK Information Systems is an established leader in the design and manufacturing of self-service kiosks, having produced thousands of kiosks for more than 15 years. Through this complementary relationship, PeopleCube is able to recommend a leading vendor in kiosk technology to customers in need of an on-site reservation kiosk system. Conversely, KIOSK Information Systems can suggest Resource Scheduler to kiosk customers looking to maximize shared workspace utilization by implementing an office hoteling work environment. Using a KIOSK Information System reservation kiosk and Resource Scheduler, mobile and remote workers are able to check in and out of existing reservations, or search for and reserve available shared workspace upon entering the building using the self-service kiosk.
"Reducing real estate and related costs is becoming increasingly important, especially in a time of economic uncertainty. As a result, many companies are turning to flexible workspace programs as a way to save money and attract top talent because it allows them to maximize workspace utilization and provide much-desired flexibility to their mobile workforce," said Abe Zelkin, vice president of business development at PeopleCube. "By partnering with KIOSK Information Systems, customers are able to leverage the expertise of two leading vendors to implement a complete on-site workspace management solution, helping them to achieve both their economic and talent retention goals."
"As an innovation leader in the self-service kiosk marketplace, it is essential that we partner with proven winners in their respective industries to support the needs of our customers," explained Tom Weaver, chief marketing officer of KIOSK Information Systems. "We’re very excited about partnering with PeopleCube, as they have been at the forefront of office hoteling technology and are well-versed in how it can help our customers offset the soaring prices of gas and corporate real estate."
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Tuesday, 17 June 2008
AUSTIN, Texas — NCR Corp. has announced its newly designed NCR XpressPort, a modular hotel check-in kiosk designed to meet consumer demand for self-service convenience in a high-touch environment.

Hyatt Hotels and Resorts is among the first premier hotel chains to deploy the new NCR XpressPort kiosks as part of its overall lobby redesign moving forward.

"Hyatt guest usage grew to 30 percent within the first two weeks of implementing NCR self-service kiosks," said Lance Marrin, corporate director of rooms for Hyatt Hotels Corp.  "Since then we’ve seen a direct correlation between our properties with multiple kiosks and guest service scores. Clearly the growing consumer expectation for self-service options, combined with the integrated design, has proved to be a winning combination for Hyatt."

On display this week at the 2008 Hospitality Industry Technology Exposition & Conference (HITEC) in Austin, Texas, the NCR XpressPort kiosk is part of NCR Xpress Hotel, a self-service solution that allows guests to perform a number of tasks, such as check in and out, print room keys, locate and modify reservations and view and print messages.  To make it easier for guests to locate amenities around a hotel property, such as identifying the best route to a guest room, pool, hotel restaurant or other services, NCR Xpress Hotel also features optional interactive wayfinding functionality.

The sleek and flexible NCR XpressPort features a 17-inch touchscreen interface as well as a signature capture module to facilitate transactions during a guest’s stay.  Its simple-to-use, modular design can be either freestanding or configured to complement any hotel lobby layout.

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Monday, 02 June 2008 Walk into the recently opened Hyatt Place in Columbia, S.C., and guests can order meals on a touchscreen kiosk at any time of day; self-service kiosks greet travelers by name and spit out room keys. At only $140 a night, don't expect to be pampered — this new kind of chain is about modern functionality. Called "select service" by industry insiders, the hotel category is taking a democratized dose of style from upscale predecessors like W and Kimpton. And it's altering the landscape for travelers both here and abroad, with brands that are a step up from bland budget hotels like Marriott SpringHill Suites, Hilton Garden Inn and Courtyard by Marriott.
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Thursday, 17 April 2008
LAS VEGAS—It was triple vision for SoloHealth at KioskCom’s Self Service Excellence awards ceremony as its innovative EyeSite kiosk won two of three categories where it had been entered and snagged the day’s grand prize, the Best of the Best, for receiving the most votes of entries in all categories.

David Drain (left), executive director of the Self-Service & Kiosk Association, congratulates IBM's Cortlandt Johnson, who was inducted into the association's hall of fame.

Users of the EyeSite kiosk enter sight-related information on a touchscreen, such as the person’s age, the date of his last eye exam and whether he wears contacts or glasses. The kiosk then presents a series of stimuli for both near and distance vision. A printout of the results and a video analysis help the user determine the next steps for eye care.

In addition to overall best, the application was voted best healthcare application and best new innovation in a kiosk deployment. Manufacturer KIOSK Information Systems and software vendor Netkey submitted the kiosk for the Self Service Excellence awards, which were presented on the first day of KioskCom Self Service Expo.

For the first time, the Self-Service and Kiosk Association announced its Hall of Fame inductees as part of the awards ceremony. They were Cortlandt Johnson and Janet Webster. Johnson’s background includes helping Eastman Kodak develop the first photo kiosk and being a leader of self-service technology at IBM. He also helped found the association. Webster, who manages self-service for the United States Postal Service, is responsible for the deployment of 2,500 Automated Postal Center kiosks. For 2005, she was the recipient of the 2005 Kiosk Industry Leader of the Year Award in the Deployer category.

Below are all entries and winners of the KioskCom Self Service Excellence Awards.
Best Retail Deployment
• Cabelas - Best Retail Deployment, submitted by KIOSK Information Systems
• Self-Service Networks: Electronic Gift Card Dispenser, submitted by Self-Service Networks
• WINNER: Self-Service Networks: Thule Interactive Point-of-Purchase, submitted by Self-Service Networks

Best Financial Services Deployment
• Alltel BillPay Kiosk, submitted by Source Technologies
• Automated Commerce Machine (ACM), submitted by Pay-Ease LLC
• WINNER: Multi-Function Financial Services Kiosk, submitted by INFONOX

Best Goverment/Education/Non-Profit Agency Deployment
• WINNER: Automated Commerce Machine (ACM), submitted by Pay-Ease LLC
• Barcelona City Council Service Kiosk, submitted by FOCUS ON EMOTIONS
• SWANSON SERVICES CORPORATION COBRA KIOSK, submitted by Source Technologies

Best Travel/Hospitality Deployment
• Northwest Airlines Mobile Website, submitted by Northwest Airlines
• WINNER: PDC Smart Kiosk, submitted by MEI
• SITA S2 AirportConnect Kiosk, submitted by SITA

Best Entertainment/Gaming Deployment
• Dave & Buster's Loyalty Kiosk, submitted by KIOSK Information Systems
• WINNER: Foxwoods Resort Casino Promotions Kiosk, submitted by Livewire International
• SanDisk Digital Media Download Kiosk, submitted by Nanonation

Best Healthcare Deployment
• WINNER:  EyeSite Kiosk by SoloHealth, submitted by Netkey and KIOSK Information Systems
• Patient Passport Express, submitted by D2 Sales
• Phreesia - The Patient Check-in Company, submitted by Phreesia, Inc.
• RemoteNurse Patient Monitor, submitted by Elo TouchSystems

Best Food Service Deployment
• Mandalay Bay - Bayside Buffet, submitted by NCR Corporation and MGM
• WINNER: Prepayment Kiosk by School-Link Technologies, submitted by MEI

Best Other Industry Deployment
• BMW ICS (Indoor Communication System), submitted by Reality Interactive
• EyeSite Kiosk by SoloHealth, submitted by Netkey, KIOSK Information Systems
• WINNER: Ford SYNC Kiosk, submitted by Frank Mayer & Associates, Inc., Wireless Ronin Inc.

Best Overall Software Solution
• BMW ICS (Indoor Communication System), submitted by Reality Interactive
• WINNER: Dave & Buster's Loyalty Kiosk, submitted by KIOSK Information Systems, St. Clair Interactive
• Showroom Technology SHOW/PRO V3 Kiosk, submitted by Netkey

Best Hardware/Enclosure Design
• Automated Commerce Machine (ACM), submitted by Pay-Ease, LLC
• BMW ICS (Indoor Communication System), submitted by Reality Interactive
• WINNER: CVD's, submitted by CVD, Inc.

Best New Innovation in a Kiosk Deployment
• WINNER: EyeSite Kiosk by SoloHealth, submitted by KIOSK Information Systems & Netkey
• Live Nation - Interactive Mobile Phone Digital Signage, submitted by Nanonation
• Phreesia - The Patient Check-in Company, submitted by Phreesia
• Qflix, submitted by Sonic Solutions

Best of the Best
EyeSite Kiosk by SoloHealth, Netkey & KIOSK Information Systems

Industry Deployer of the Year
David Forbes, exec director, IT, AT&T, for his work using kiosks and digital signage to enhance the customer experience for mobile customers.
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Monday, 14 April 2008
CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Source Technologies, a provider of transactional and interactive kiosks, is demonstrating its full line of self-service solutions for bill payments, services, retail, hospitality and financial services industries at this week’s KioskCom Self Service Expo and The Digital Signage Show.
Source Technologies will also showcase products currently used by Alltel and Swanson Services Corp. Alltel's BillPay Kiosk and Swanson's tamper-resistant Cobra Kiosk have both been selected as finalists for the KioskCom Award. Source Technologies' clients have received the award for three consecutive years.
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Tuesday, 25 March 2008
FRANKLIN, Tenn. — The PC-based electronic point-of-sale market in Europe/Middle East/Africa experienced a 4 percent shipment increase in 2007 and continues to show strong growth potential in 2008, according to a new study released by IHL Group. Taking advantage of normal cyclical upgrades in Western Europe and enjoying strong oil revenues in Russia and the Middle East, the region is poised to remain strong even while shipments slow in North America.
The largest boost in 2008 will come from replacement of systems installed in the late 1990's (just before the Euro conversion and Y2K) in the Large Format Food & Drug sectors and Hypermarkets. Also helping will be shipments to Russia and the Middle East, which have seen tremendous growth in their retail infrastructures as oil reached and surpassed $100 per barrel. These trends will continue for several years in the more technically mature EPOS markets (for example, Germany, France and the UK), and long-term for the other EMEA countries, according to the 2008 Europe/Middle East/Africa Retail POS Terminal Study from IHL Group, a global research and advisory firm that serves retailers and retail technology vendors.
"Retailers continue to see the EPOS as more than just a method for accurately recording sales," said Greg Buzek, president of IHL. "Added functionality at the till, whether in the form of capabilities such as customer returns, inventory look-up, or workforce management, helps retailers see EPOS as THE central system in the store, and they are willing to invest in it accordingly."
According to the study, retailers in the Food & Drug and Mass Merchant segments are experiencing heavy consolidation, while those in the Convenience and Hospitality segments are seeing rapid expansion. Security is also weighing heavily on retailers' POS purchase decision-making process. Retailers want POS systems that are PCI-compliant, in order to avoid data breaches such as those experienced recently by TJ Maxx, Hannaford Brothers and other retailers in North America.
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Friday, 08 February 2008
The Times of India: Mumbai airport's international terminal will hopefully see less of those long check-in queues this summer. About 20 self-service check-in kiosks will be installed at city hotels which will allow people to complete the check-in formalities for their flight when they check out of the hotel.
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Wednesday, 19 December 2007 Hario Tandiwidjojo, 28, pleaded guilty to federal charges stemming from his hacking into business kiosks at hotels and stealing credit card information. He pleaded guilty to one count of unauthorized access to a protected computer to conduct fraud. In a plea agreement filed in United States District Court, Tandiwidjojo admitted that he hacked into approximately 60 computers inside business kiosks operated by Showcase Business Centers Inc. Tandiwidjojo bypassed four password checks that Showcase Business Centers had in place on their computers, using passwords he obtained while employed by a company that serviced the business kiosks.
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Wednesday, 07 November 2007
CHANTILLY, Va. · Gamut Systems recently unveiled its Traveler kiosk, a virtual concierge kiosk-based solution for the hospitality, transportation and entertainment industries. Traveler is an interactive application integrating data from disparate sources into a single-view touchscreen user interface, whereby users quickly can gain access to information on various points of interest within a specified locale.
"We've integrated dynamic data such as maps, hotels, restaurants, entertainment, museums, bus routes and schedules, metro lines, taxi information, movies and the list continues," said Peter Nylund, CEO of GAMUT Systems.
Traveler can run online over the Internet or as a desktop application on a physical personal computer. Traveler also comes in different languages such as English, Spanish, French, German, etc. Traveler also deploys a built-in advertising screen saver, which constantly scrolls through local ads and events, as well as a virtual keyboard with custom search functionality.
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Monday, 05 November 2007
Detroit Free Press: Hotels nationwide have been slow to adopt technology, compared with the people who stay in them. But they're making up for lost time, experimenting with dozens of new high-tech ways to attract and keep customers, cut costs and stand out among the competition for where you'll spend the night. At some hotels, you can order room service from a phone touchscreen, or adjust your room temperature, or summon housekeeping. You can see area restaurants on the screen, check out their menus and push a button to contact the restaurant and make reservations.
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Monday, 05 November 2007 TTI Technologies International has announced it has partnered with, a New York-based consumer ticket-sales service, to provide Broadway and Off Broadway theater tickets via its new ConciergeOnDemand solution. ConciergeonDemand is a computer-based system that allows hotel guests to view and book tours, buy show tickets, book transportation, etc. directly from a convenient lobby kiosk or PC workstation.
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Thursday, 02 August 2007
ZDNet: With hundreds of kiosks installed at more than 300 Hilton Hotels, Hilton's chief information officer says Hilton is using self-service to meet customer demands.
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Tuesday, 31 July 2007
SEATTLE · Impart Media Group Inc. announced the installation of its first concierge kiosk at the Lake View Hotel on Mackinac Island in Michigan.
According to a news release, the kiosk provides up-to-date meeting and event schedules with directional maps, hotel amenities, restaurant menus, a local guide with third-party ad space and a remote content management system with real-time updates. Displayed information can be mirrored on multiple screens and can be utilized in conjunction with the hotel's guest-services intranet.
"The Concierge is built to support the efforts of the hotel in creating a memorable guest experience," said Advanced Method's Devon Imamura, one of the kiosk's lead developers. "This is a win-win situation because guests can now get the information they need right at their fingertips and the hotel can generate revenue."
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Friday, 27 July 2007
SAN FRANCISCO · Atman Hospitality Group Inc. is deploying kiosks at its Gaia Napa Valley Hotel & Spa that offer guests an opportunity to be conscious of their own energy and water usage.
"Promoting awareness of sustainability, Gaia's GreenTouchscreen kiosks show guests and visitors how much we are saving in water, electricity and CO2 emissions,"� said hotel-group president
Wen I. Chang, in a news release.
Large electricity, water and CO2-usage/emission meters above the kiosk provide status of the building's efficiency. Historical-use charts compare Gaia Napa Valley Hotel & Spa to typical hotels and equate the resulting savings. Hotel guests can even see how much electricity, water and CO2 their rooms are using/emitting from their in-room televisions.
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Wednesday, 28 March 2007
Impart Media Group Inc., a provider of end-to-end networked digital signage solutions, and Advanced Method, a designer of rich-media content, have announced a new interactive touchscreen kiosk called Concierge, which is tailored to a hotel's specific needs, with a variety of tools and features that will enrich the guest experience.
The functional benefits built within Concierge include:
  • Up-to-date meeting and event schedules with wayfinding maps.
  • Hotel amenities and restaurant menus.
  • Local guide with third party ad space.
  • Motion graphics, audio and video features.
  • Remote content management system with real-time updates.
The kiosk's displayed information can be mirrored on multiple screens at the hotel property or even used in conjunction with the hotel's guest services intranet. The hotel has complete control over all content, with instant updates to the kiosk via an online content management system.
The equipment includes mobile freestanding or wall-hung enclosures, 32-inch or 42-inch vertical touchscreen LCD displays, and the Impart IQ Interactive media player. Wireless options also are available to conveniently connect to the hotel's broadband Internet or LAN.
Concierge will start shipping in quantity, May 2007.
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Monday, 19 February 2007
SUNNYVALE, Calif. · Hoteliers can now provide their patrons with a compact, stylish computer-access kiosk that can streamline guest service by freeing up employees to help guests who require more personal services.

Vertical Systems Inc. is offering Aspen, a sleek, high-style kiosk unit that can be placed in hotel lobbies, corridors, conference rooms or other public spaces. Aspen kiosks can house either VSi's BoardEZ airline boarding-pass printing systems, Internet-access PCs or a hotel's own proprietary computer equipment with high quality printer for guest use.

VSi's Aspen comes with a wired or wireless network connection and can be loaded with hotel-specific software.

The Hyatt Regency Indianapolis installed its Aspen kiosk near the reception desk as part of a station that includes two of the hotel's automated express check-in/-out units. The kiosk houses the Hyatt FastBoard boarding-pass unit.

"The guests love being able to check out of the hotel and go to the Aspen kiosk and print out their boarding pass," said Richard Walter, the hotel's Director of Rooms.

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Wednesday, 07 February 2007 Building and strengthening a property's technology backbone is expected to have widespread benefits in 2007. Consultants advise hoteliers keep their technology systems up-to-date to improve efficiency.
Customized service delivery will be an effective product of building the backbone of information. By strengthening these back-end systems now, consultants said hoteliers will be well positioned to offer high-tech options to visitors. However, technologies like check-in kiosks, restaurant ordering kiosks and multifunctional in-room systems are not one-size-fits-all.
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Wednesday, 27 September 2006

Hotel Interactive: Embassy Suites Hotels announced the launch of its 20/10 brand evolution program with the completion of EmbassyDirect Registration Kiosks in all of the brand's 182 hotels, as well as the added capability of printing airline boarding passes directly from all kiosks.

With this announcement, Embassy Suites Hotels is the first hotel brand to install the kiosk check-in technology in all hotels. Additionally, the hotel brand also becomes the first to announce airline boarding-pass printing capabilities for 18 major airlines from the kiosks in 100 percent of its hotels.

This new complimentary service spearheads the brand's 20/10 brand evolution and enhancement program, a comprehensive series of product and service upgrades and enhancements, as well as brand standards, to keep the Embassy Suites Hotels brand a leader in the upscale, full-service hotel category. By year-end 2007, the Embassy Suites brand will have funded nearly $10 million on several 20/10 initiatives including breakfast, team member uniforms and registration kiosks.

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Thursday, 14 September 2006
CHICAGO, Ill. - Hyatt Hotels & Resorts, which operates 216 facilities in 44 countries, announced it is now offering its Gold Passport members the ability to check in to their rooms prior to arrival using Web-based handheld devices. Now available at participating Hyatt properties in the United States, Canada and the Caribbean, this new offering also allows guests to select their room types, upgrades and other amenities.

"As the landscape of hotel check-in continues to evolve, we are seeing more and more travelers taking advantage of lobby kiosks and Web-based applications that give complete control over the process and as a result, greater peace of mind during the stresses of travel," said Matt Adams, vice president of operations for Hyatt Hotels Corp. "If a guest's flight is delayed or a traveler wants to upgrade to a Regency Club room, it's now possible to check in via the palm of the hand."

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Tuesday, 12 September 2006 In an attempt to improve its income, India's Southern Railway is exploring revenue opportunities in addition to its traditional business including building modern hotels with Internet kiosks.
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Friday, 11 August 2006
LAS VEGAS -- The Venetian has partnered with McCarran Airport to introduce Airport SpeedCheck Advance, a service that allows guests to bypass airport lines by checking their luggage and receiving their boarding passes directly on the property.
This exclusive service, administered by Bags To Go Inc., is made for all travelers, especially for those with late afternoon or evening flights, after suite checkout time has passed. Travelers will be able to spend their spare time at The Venetian without carrying luggage. Additionally, waiting time in airport lines is cut in half as travelers now have the luxury of arriving at the airport one hour in advance opposed to the suggested three-hour arrival time.
"As the first property on The Strip offering our guests a secure and reliable way to process luggage for the trip home, we continue to advance our mission of providing unmatched service and excellence to all that stay with us," stated Paul Pusateri, senior vice president of The Venetian. "When the team at McCarran Airport explained the fundamentals of this service and how safe and convenient it would be for our guests, we didn't hesitate to sign on. With Airport SpeedCheck Advance kiosks, we will continue to provide services not found anywhere else and ensure an outstanding benefit for our visitors -- even at the end of their stay."
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Thursday, 06 July 2006 Just 10 percent to 25 percent of hotel customers use kiosks to check in or out when they are available. Hoping to increase those numbers (and shorten lines at the front desk), hotels are now letting guests use lobby kiosks to print airline boarding passes.
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Monday, 19 June 2006
ATLANTA NCR Corporation (NYSE: NCR) announced today that Millennium Technology Group Orlando, a leading provider of technology products for the hospitality industry, has been named an NCR RealPartner reseller of the NCR EasyPoint Xpress Check-In self-service kiosk.
The 1,334-room Rosen Centre hotel in Orlando, Fla., will be the first Millennium customer to use multiple NCR EasyPoint Xpress Check-In kiosks for check in, check out and guest services.
"This alliance supports our leadership in supplying superior technology solutions for the hospitality industry," said James Bina, president of Millennium Technology Group Orlando. "We are pleased to add the NCR EasyPoint kiosk to our suite·a superior self-service device that blends seamlessly with our full offering of enterprise and property management solutions."
Millennium offers full-service help desk and software support for Visual One Systems, a leading provider of lodging-management software. Millennium will provide sales, installation and support of the NCR EasyPoint Xpress Check-In solution in conjunction with Visual One Systems' kiosk-interface software.
"This partnership provides a new breadth of opportunities for NCR and Millennium to offer and deliver best-in-class self-service solutions to Visual One Systems' extensive user base," said Tracy Flynn, vice president of hospitality solutions for NCR's Retail Solutions Division. "Our relationship represents our mutual commitment to provide solutions that deliver the efficiency, convenience and service demanded by today's travelers."
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Friday, 16 June 2006
ATLANTA - NCR Corporation announced today its latest innovation in hotel self-check-in: a kiosk for hoteliers who want a smaller footprint and easy-to-manage design.
Available as a free-standing, countertop or wall-mounted kiosk, the solution features a manual card encoder, which allows for a smaller, value-priced self-service kiosk solution.
The hardware includes a key dispenser to hold blank room keys. Guests checking in via the kiosk can insert a blank room key from the dispenser into the key encoder.  Once the room key is encoded and returned to the guest, the integrated self-service printer provides the room number and guest-stay confirmation.
"This latest version of NCR EasyPoint Xpress Check-In opens new opportunities for small- to medium-sized hoteliers who want to provide their guests with the convenience and efficiency of self-service," said Mike Webster, vice president and general manager of NCR Self-Service.  "In addition to leveraging the proven NCR EasyPoint kiosk platform, the manual card encoder enables us to offer a highly-effective self-service check-in solution that requires a lower capital investment, space and resources."
The NCR EasyPoint Xpress Check-In kiosk with manual key encoding will be among the latest technology solutions demonstrated in the NCR booth (# 1500) at the 2006 HITEC show in Minneapolis, June 19-22.
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Monday, 24 April 2006
Zumikon, Switzerland —  CHECKOMATâ„¢ is a joint Swiss/Swedish company with headquarters in Switzerland. We are exclusively active in distributing this state-of-the-art, fully automatic check-in and check-out system on a world-wide basis. The CHECKOMAT system has been extensively tested and proves to be reliable, flexible, innovative and economic (rent or purchase). More information on
Checkomat is pleased to announce that Yotel London has decided to use the Checkomat check-in system for their exciting new venture at London's Heathrow and Gatwick Airports. Both properties are due to open in November 2006.

Yotel is a radical hotel concept which is part of the Yo! family of companies. Checkomat will be used in an adapted form. There will be no casing, just three touch-screens incorporated into each reception desk, with the necessary additional hardware being placed under the desk, for a total integration into the design by Conran.
This modified Checkomat concept is also available to other hotels on request. Desk-top versions of Checkomat can also be used for placing at airports or railway stations for hotel guests to check in even before arriving at their hotel.
Contact: Verena Mumford +4144.918.30.87(phone) +4179.548.60.45(cell)
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Monday, 10 April 2006
LAS VEGAS  — When the world's newest casino, the Red Rock Casino Resort Spa, opens in Las Vegas this month, the casino floor will be protected by the most secure technology available, thanks to JCM American's Universal Bill Acceptor (UBA). The casino will be exclusively equipped with the UBA and JCM's Intelligent Cash Box (ICB).
The Red Rock contract is the latest in a continuing wave of success for the UBA and ICB since making their premiere at Wynn Las Vegas last year. Since then, the award-winning products have been selected by top operators around the world.
"Being at Red Rock is very exciting news for JCM. The property will set a new standard in 'locals' casinos. Clearly, Station Casinos has carefully selected only the very best for this new property, and we are honored to be a part of that exclusive group of suppliers," said JCM VP of Gaming Solutions, Tom Nieman.
The UBA is the next generation bill validator, utilizing the latest sensing technology, including magnetic and optical sensors. The UBA is completed by its forward/backward-compatible, high-impact Plastic Cash Box. The ICB system links the slot floor and the backend, increasing efficiency by reducing common human errors in casino drop and count processes.
JCM American Corporation is the industry leader in currency handling systems and provides products, software and services to the gaming, vending, banking, amusement, and petroleum industries. Since 1995, its products have validated an estimated $2.2 trillion in currency for the gaming industry alone. From its international headquarters in Osaka, Japan, and affiliates in Dsseldorf, Hong Kong, London, Sydney and its U.S. headquarters in Las Vegas, JCM's progressive spirit continually sets worldwide industry standards with innovative products such as the World Bill Acceptor (WBA), Universal Bill Acceptor (UBA), Trident Table Safe System and Intelligent Cash Box (ICB). For more information, visit
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