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Monday, 09 November 2009

Nanonation, a Lincoln, Neb.-based provider of software for kiosks and digital signage, has announced it will showcase enhancements to its products at this week's KioskCom Self Service Expo. According to a news release from Nanonation, the company will show attendees new technologies to deploy and manage digital marketing assets across a variety of customer touchpoints. The company's booth also will feature stations where attendees can see a firsthand demonstration of its CommandPoint tools to monitor, manage and measure enterprise deployments.

Brian Ardinger, Nanonation's chief marketing officer, says the company's exhibit will give attendees an idea of how its customer experience technologies can benefit their enterprises:

We’ve enhanced our software platform to provide a wider range of customer experience technologies than ever before. These technologies enable businesses to cut costs, leverage investments, and deliver differentiated experiences across the enterprise. This show will give marketers and IT professionals a way to see, feel, and experience real-world examples.

Nanonation says the new product features it will exhibit include:

  • User interface and functionality enhancements to its software platform
  • Enhanced data-tagging intelligence to automate and improve content management
  • Intelligent, SKU-activated merchandising solutions for customers and employees
  • Digital menu board solutions for hospitality environments
  • Customer-driven digital signage
  • Mobile integration solutions, including Microsoft Tag and SMS messaging
  • Digital audio solutions for management of the in-store audio experience

The company also has announced that CEO Bradley Walker will moderate a panel, "Creating the Intelligent Customer Experience," Tuesday at 10:30 and that Ardinger wil present a "Tech Talk" on the show floor entitled "Better Shopper Marketing Through Technology: Creating Innovative, Immersive and Intelligent Customer Experiences."

Nanonation is a platinum sponsor of the KioskCom event and will showcase its solutions in booth #307.

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Friday, 30 October 2009
Wireless Ronin Technologies has announced the expansion of its digital signage relationship with ARAMARK to include ARAMARK's newly launched Burger Studio brand through its Higher Education division.

Through the partnership, Wireless Ronin will provide the hardware and RoninCast digital signage software for digital menu boards and touchscreen ordering kiosks. The Burger Studio kiosks allow college students to build their own burgers and customize them with more than 30 topping options. As they make selections, the kiosk displays their burgers being built with their topping choices. Once the order is complete, the kiosk prints a receipt while another order receipt prints in the kitchen area.

ARAMARK Higher Education provides professional services to more than 600 colleges and universities throughout North America and launched Burger Studio, the first brand created entirely by students, this fall at the University of Delaware, University of Hartford, Middle Tennessee State University and Missouri Western State University. ARAMARK plans to open additional locations through the remainder of 2009 and early next year.

Wireless Ronin has worked with ARAMARK over the past year providing digital signage solutions for multiple ARAMARK divisions, including Healthcare, Business Dining Service, K-12 and Higher Education. Wireless Ronin has provided consulting, creative design, project management, custom development, training, installation and hosting through the Network Operations Center located in Minneapolis.
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Wednesday, 14 October 2009

NCR Corp. has announced the deployment of the PatientPoint self-service kiosk at Orlando Internal Medicine's eight-provider practice in Orlando, Fla.

According to a news release from NCR, the PatientPoint self-service solution is provided by Greatwater Software, an NCR reseller. NCR says Greatwater has built on NCR's MediKiosk hardware and software platform to integrate additional applications, such as prescription adherence management and clinical trials enrollment. The system's standard applications include appointment check-in, processing co-payments and health-record updating.

Dr. Pradeep Vangala, president of Orlando Internal Medicine, says the self-service solution already is helping the practice increase revenue:

All providers face the challenger of improving the speed and efficiency of payment collection, particularly at a time when patient bad debt continues to increase. By utilizing self-service, we've not only increased the amount of patient co-payments and deductibles captured at the time of service, but we're also receiving more prompt and accurate reimbursement from payers.

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Wednesday, 30 September 2009
Window.i was released today at The Digital Signage Show Europe by PointandPress, a software programming company. The modular system uses low-energy touchpanels to enables users to control menus and access information through glass windows.
The windows are just now moving from a pilot project from the Glasgow (Scotland) City Council to a full rollout. PointandPress’ Simon Court said security is the biggest issue with U.K. deployments, as vandalism is common with digital signage projects in public spaces. The Window.i solutions in Glasgow are housed in pod enclosures to minimize damage to components.
The LED-lit touch panels are placed on the inside of glass windows and connect via USB cable to a screen behind the windows. Screens have the option of being high-brightness models to improve viewing under high ambient light conditions.
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Thursday, 10 September 2009
Esprida Corp., a provider of remote-management software, has introduced its enhanced line-up of products. According to a news release from the company, the full-service Esprida Enterprise is an on-premises, self-hosted solution, while the enhanced Esprida LiveControl platform is a software-as-a-service, or SaaS, model.
The company says its Esprida Enterprise solution is a Web standards-based platform that includes open application programmable interfaces for integration and data exchange with third-party hardware and applications. The product's other features include asset management, dynamic grouping, device configuration, software and media updates, diagnostic testing, self-heal repairing and automated maintenance, among others.
Esprida LiveControl is built on the Esprida Enterprise platform and includes many of the same features but exists in a shared, hosted environment.
Anila Jobanputra, president and founder of Esprida Corp., says the enhancements to both products will help self-service deployers realize more costs savings and great efficiency.
Esprida is continually evolving its products to ensure its clients are growing their business through substantial cost savings and improved management and performance of self-service deployments. Both Esprida Enterprise and Esprida LiveControl are optimally primed to do just that with newly enhance platforms.
Esprida says both platforms also include its patent-pending business rules engine, enabling contextual alerts, application updates and support for multiple escalation paths.
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Wednesday, 02 September 2009
Microsoft Corp. has announced a preview release of its Windows 7-based Windows Embedded Standard 2011 platform, commonly used in self-service and kiosk applications. The preview is publicly available for download here.
According to a news release from Microsoft, the latest version of the Windows Embedded platform possesses many of the same features and functionality of the Windows 7 operating system and can be customized to meet the specific needs of OEMs and technology developers.
Instead of investing in platform development, Windows Embedded Standard 2011 allows OEMs to choose only the components they need to tailor the platform to meet the unique requirements of their device. Familiar, easy-to-use development tools and embedded-enabling features help to further reduce development costs and increase speed-to-market for thin-client, point-of-service, kiosk, medical, multifunction printers and other devices.
Kevin Dallas, general manager of the Windows Embedded Business at Microsoft, says the just-announced community technology preview, or CTP, will allow customers to provide feedback on the product before its general release, expected in the second half of 2010:
To meet the demand for improved user experiences and connectivity among today's rapidly growing categories of specialized devices, Microsoft has strategically planned the release of Windows 7-based technologies to OEMs in the embedded marketplace. The availability of the Windows Embedded Standard 2011 CTP empowers our worldwide ecosystem of OEMs, partners and developers to take advantage of the next-generation platform's enhanced Windows 7-based features and provide feedback prior to its general release to manufacturing. We encourage the embedded community to take full advantage of the CTP's availability and join in our excitement as we look ahead to the future availability of Windows Embedded platforms incorporating Windows 7 technology.
Prior to the platform's general release next year, Microsoft will make available a Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist certification, preparation kit and training courseware, as well as a series of five free webinars that will explore the enhanced features and capabilities of Windows Embedded Standard 2011. Webinar participants can register here.
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Wednesday, 02 September 2009
ELO Media has announced the debut of its newest DVmatic DVD-rental kiosk, the DVmatic 550XL. According to a news release from the company, enhanced features include advanced security, simplified maintenance and a new software interface.
Dan Kenyon, vice president of sales and marketing for ELO Media, says the new, "next-generation" version of the DVmatic has some of the same features other DVD-rental kiosk brands have touted:
The next-generation DVmatic software offers online reservations, the ability to rent from one kiosk and return to another within the same network, advanced Web-based customer and owner Web sites, various membership options, coupon promotional codes, advertising options and Blu-Ray capabilities. The DVmatic holds up to 550 titles for either movies or games.
Kenyon also says ELO Media now offers a "seller financing" program that may make owning a kiosk more affordable for potential ELO customers:
We feel that with the launch of our new software and financing (being) ever so difficult, it is the perfect time to introduce our new 'seller financing' initiative and expand our customer base. Entrepreneurs are sometimes anxious entering this business because of the significant cash outlay. However, if you could start this business for a few hundred dollars per month, with a minimal down payment, it becomes a much easier decision and is almost like leasing a car — suddenly, it's a lot more economical.
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Tuesday, 01 September 2009
Kiosk hardware and software provider Source Technologies has announced the addition of Software-as-a-Service, or SaaS, as a delivery model for its portfolio of printing solutions.
According to a news release from the company, the software is called Software-as-a-Service for Secure Print and enables users to securely print documents with centralized administration and control.
Source Technologies says its new delivery method requires lower acquisition costs compared to traditional software solutions, and Doug Salvador, Source's vice president of marketing, says that value proposition will appeal to strapped business operators:
With today's economic climate, organizations are facing extremely tight capital expenditure budgets, yet their mission-critical projects must continue. Taking advantage of our service-oriented solution lowers the cost of ownership for these projects and gives organizations the opportunity to reallocate funds to other areas of their business.
Source Technologies says the software-delivery method is built on Web-based technology, making it easy to configure and keep current, and that the solution is ideal for printing checks and negotiable documents, healthcare and employee forms, information- or time-sensitive documents, prescriptions, shipping labels, invoices and distribution pick tickets.
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Thursday, 20 August 2009

Working Solutions, which develops Acquire digital signage software, has added a Google Maps plugin to its program, allowing users to incorporate the GPS program into digital signage content. Content is updated using 3G cellular connectivity, making it useful for mobile digital signage applications.

“We already have one of our resellers waiting to use the new GPS plugin for a taxi system trial which will start this month”, said Neil Farr, managing director of Working Solutions. “The screens will be utilizing Acquire’s interactive technology to allow passengers to select relevant local information. They will also be able to see their speed, heading and location on the Google map.”

The company also announced a rental program for its Acquire package, where customers pay a monthly fee for use of Acquire software services.

“Customers can choose to rent the entire solution in the same way they would a SaaS solution but they have the option to purchase the software at any time. The rental model is also a good way for customers to evaluate the software for an extended period or even run a pilot or trial” said Paul Mayer, sales & marketing manager at Working Solutions.

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Wednesday, 01 July 2009
TEMPE, Ariz. — Phoenix Kiosk Inc., an Arizona-based self-service hardware and software developer, today announced the launch of the Celsius kiosk model, the first in a series of outdoor kiosks manufactured by the company.
According to a news release, the Celsius can be used in extreme temperatures, enabling self-service and digital signage applications to be placed in a wide variety of outdoor settings. The ruggedized unit can withstand environments ranging from 32 deg. F to 110 deg. F, all while still being fully functional for public use. The Celsius is built with features such as weatherproof speakers and a viewing-area visor, allowing it to be placed in high-traffic outdoor areas without the fear of weather damage.
“The Celsius is a breakthrough for our company” said Alan Work, CEO of Phoenix Kiosk Inc. “The market for outdoor kiosks continues to grow, and Phoenix Kiosk is excited to be setting yet another trend in the kiosk and self-service market. The Celsius will change the way people think of open-air kiosks from both a cost perspective and a style perspective.”
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Wednesday, 27 May 2009
VANCOUVER, British Columbia — INETCO Systems Limited, a business transaction management provider that delivers cross-tier visibility into ATM, POS and card-processing applications and networks, today celebrated the launch of INETCO Insight 4.5. This version of the software includes smart alerting capabilities for instant awareness of critical transaction events, powerful visualization and complete transaction correlation to help any user access rich transaction information and integrate it into existing applications for better management of critical business processes.
"With INETCO Insight 4.5, business and IT users can capitalize on powerful business transaction intelligence to achieve greater service efficiency and lower costs," said Bijan Sanii, president and chief executive of INETCO. "The value of this information grows exponentially as transaction processors and other financial service providers face increased operational complexity due to mergers and acquisition activity, consolidation and upgrade efforts, such as legacy modernization projects, virtualization, EMV and ACI's upcoming Base 24 transition."
INETCO Insight 4.5 captures complete information on every financial transaction as it moves across both internal and third-party service provider networks and applications. This rich transaction information can improve the efficiency of a wide variety of business processes, from customer service to fraud monitoring to application support, reducing the risk of downtime and fraud losses, decreasing overhead costs and improving customer satisfaction.
"Increased competition, market consolidation and convergence have complicated business matters for transaction processors, emphasizing a growing need for innovative ways to control costs, reduce the risk of revenue loss and improve service quality," said Pat Cridge, senior manager of operations for Open Solutions Canada. "Open Solutions Canada is using INETCO Insight 4.5 to manage eight unique electronic funds transfer channels and rely on its correlated information to ensure we can confidently meet the needs of our growing client base without incurring risk of service disruptions, additional support costs and redundant operational costs."
INETCO Insight 4.5 includes the following new features and enhancements:
Complete transaction correlation: Every important detail about every transaction is captured automatically, including field-level detail, transaction-path information, the linkage details between networks and application layer activity. This information is assembled end-to-end, across multiple links that often include third-party services. INETCO Insight provides the information that both line-of-business and IT users need to manage business transactions, saving hours of manual efforts, fragile scripts and costly inquiry requests.
Advanced statistical and event-based alerting:
Gone are the senseless alerts that are often ignored. Built on a robust rules engine that lets the user assign severity levels and thresholds, alerts are more precise and meaningful. Triggered in response to user-defined groups and critical events, tailored alerts combine the complex logic gathered within the transaction fields and statistical information to meet specific business needs. Notify users through on-screen traffic light displays, e-mail alerts and syslog deliveries.
Powerful visualization:
Whether it's a business manager or a frontline support person, user-defined Web-based dashboards provide a customized view of all relevant information in real time. Transaction analysis is enhanced with continuous access to eight days of historical information as well as drill-down and filtering capabilities to isolate transactions of interest, reduce mean time to repair and eliminate costly "blame-storm" sessions.  
Ease of deployment:
Featuring network-based transaction capture capabilities, INETCO Insight was architected for ease of deployment within high volume transaction environments.  The software can be installed on a standard Microsoft Windows machine, with no agents or code changes required. It automatically writes information to standard databases and easily integrates with security, reporting and event management applications.
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Wednesday, 13 May 2009
MALVERN, Pa. — USA Technologies announced today the availability of ePort SDK, a software version of its ePort cashless transaction technology that includes enhanced security features.
EPort SDK offers all the benefits of the traditional ePort device in a software package. Combined with the Company's ePort Connect Service for payment processing, consumer support and online reporting, the solution provides end-to-end encryption on all credit and debit card transactions.
"Ensuring the security for our customers is a priority at USA Technologies to counter identity theft and credit/debit card fraud," said Ron Fridman, VP of engineering with USA Technologies. "The ePort SDK software offers our customers financial security, from the swipe of their card, through the transaction and to the completion of the purchase."
The software-based ePort SDK is designed for applications in which a customer's unattended point of sale solution has computing power built in — overcoming the need for a standard ePort terminal. The ePort SDK software will run on both Linux and Windows based computing platforms.
The ePort SDK enables kiosks and other PC-based self-service retail locations to accept cashless payment. The product is particularly well suited to the kiosk market, where it is already being used by USA Technologies' customers including Merit Entertainment and Teknovation. The software is also designed for use with next generation vending machine controllers which are being developed by several vending manufacturers and their component suppliers.
The ePort SDK solution utilizes MagneSafe security technology from MagTek Inc. The MagneSafe encrypts financial card data inside the payment terminal read head at the time of the card swipe, and the data remains encrypted until the data is securely transferred to a payment processor.
"We take our responsibility to protect consumer card data very seriously and are committed to doing everything in our power to protect our customers from card fraud and ID theft," said Fridman. "The ePort SDK solution meets the industry's highest security standards."
USA Technologies was certified by Visa as a Level One PCI Service Provider earlier this year.
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Monday, 09 March 2009
BUDAPEST, Hungary -- Scala, a provider of end-to-end connected digital signage software and a member of both the Self-Service & Kiosk Association, as well as the Digital Signage Association, has announced that students of Dennis Gabor Applied University in Budapest, Hungary, are using Scala's software as an educational tool.
According to a news release, Dennis Gabor Applied University was established in 1992 and is a private institute accredited by the Hungarian government. The aim of the university is to provide students with a thorough grounding in a range of technical subjects including information technology, technical engineering and business management which leads to internationally recognized degrees at BSc and BA standards.
To date, more than 10,000 students have successfully graduated from the university and have entered the international information technology, Web development and computer-aided design markets, among others.
Mikropo, Scala's certified partner in Hungary, worked with the university to offer students the opportunity to use Scala as a content creation and design tool to complement their multimedia-focused syllabus.
"In less than two days, students have been able to use Scala to apply academic knowledge to real-life projects by first storyboarding ideas the old-fashioned way and then designing the implementation solution in Scala," said Csilla Muhari, educator and Scala trainer at Dennis Gabor Applied University. "It took very little time for students to understand how Scala works and to become proficient users. This has made my role as an educator significantly easier."
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Thursday, 05 March 2009
IRVINE, Calif. -- Advantech, an IPC solutions and service provider, and a member of the Self-Service & Kiosk Association, has announced a series of Intel Atom-based Computer On Modules (COM) that covers full-rangge of COM form factors, from COM-Express and COM-Micro to ETX 3.0.
Com Express: The SOM-5760 COM Express module, soon to be released by Advantech, is equipped with the Intel Atom Z530 solution for portable device applications running on extremely low power consumption. The SOM-5761 with Intel N270 platform provides abundant I/O interface such as PCIe, PCI, USB and SATA.
COM-Micro: The SOM-6760 and SOM-6761 integrate the Intel Atom Z530 and N270 on a small board size of 95 mm X 95 mm. Together they provide for more design flexibility on the carrier board design, and allow customers to reduce the overall size of their system.
ETX 3.0: SOM-4461 is designed as the future product choice for customer's current ETX solutions. With next generation power saving technology and IO interface, the Intel Atom N270 SOM-4461 is able to provide higher processing and SATA support than old ETX products, and it allows customers to extend the product life cycle of their current ETX applications.
The benefits of Intel ATOM-based Computer On Modules, according to the news release, include a small form factor, low power consumption, extended battery life and increased power and performance.
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Tuesday, 03 March 2009
Cnet: Microsoft has announced plans to bring its Surface computer product to 12 overseas markets. Those markets include Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Qatar, Spain, Sweden, the United Arab Emirates, and the U.K. Surface is currently distributed in the U.S. and Canada. "Since our initial launch of Microsoft Surface, we've received an overwhelming response from companies worldwide that are looking for innovative ways to engage with their customers and developers who want to create applications that were not possible with other technologies," said Panos Panay, general manager of Microsoft's Surface product line.
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Monday, 02 March 2009
BUENA PARK, Calif. -- Noritsu America Corp., a provider of digital imaging solutions, has unveiled the new CT-RS photo kiosk, according to a news release.
The kiosk will be showcased at Noritsu's Booth F155 at the PMA International Convention and Tradeshow in Las Vegas, March 3-5.
PMA is a professional trade association that helps the worldwide photo imaging community adapt to new technologies.
According to the news release, the Noritsu CT-RS photo kiosk is a consumer input self-service terminal that is designed for retail environments. It is equipped with a new media reader that accepts a wide range of input media and delivers processing speeds three times as fast as previous Noritsu models. It includes a built-in receipt printer and is available in a countertop configuration, or as a standalone photo printing system that supports multiple internal photo printers. The kiosk also accepts raw image files directly from digital cameras.
"Noritsu's extensive history of industry innovation and award-winning products has long allowed retailers to offer consumers a wide range of value-added photo merchandise that provides a convenient and satisfying way to preserve their memories," said Akihiko Kuwabara, president of Noritsu America Corp. "The D703, D502, CT-RS and EZ System Manager continue this tradition by ensuring top performance, simplicity and flexibility that directly translates into greater revenue opportunities for the retailer."
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Friday, 27 February 2009
BUFFALO, N.Y. -- RidgeLogic Development, a developer of digital signage software and a member of the Self-Service & Kiosk Association, has announced that a 28-acre sports and entertainment complex has extended its commitment to use RidgeLogic's software to power its digital signage deployment.
The Chelsea Piers sports facility is located between piers 59 and 62 on the Hudson River in New York City.
According to a news release, Chelsea Piers deployed RidgeLogic's SceneStudio software on digital signage in its Golf Club in the spring of 2008. The positive reaction from members, guests and staff caused Chelsea Piers to expand useage of the software to deployments in the Ice Skating Rink and Health Club. The sports center also has plans to add digital signage to its Field House.
Each venue has screens that display class schedules and the location of private parties to help guests and members find their way easily. The screens also advertise venue-specific services to enhance branding.
"SceneStudio digital signage, along with our other technological aspects, is an important part of making our communications clear and accessible to all our guests and members," said Ferdinand Lleshanaku, Chelsea Piers' director of technology. "It also helps us meet our mission of providing state-of-the-art facilities along with cutting-edge programming and a commitment to being the best amateur sports and entertainment complex in the country."
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Tuesday, 24 February 2009
EAST HAVEN, Conn. -- Netkey, a provider of software for digital signage and self-service kiosks, and an association member, has announced that the company is a Gold-level sponsor of the 2009 Digital Signage Expo, according to a news release.
The company will demostrate its digital signage software solutions in booth no. 1205 at the show, which will take place in Las Vegas, Feb. 25-26. Netkey will exhibit real-world examples of its digital signage software customer applications used for digital out-of-home advertising, retail, interactive digital menu boards, corporate communications and entertainment.
V. Miller Newton, chief executive of Netkey and president of the Self-Service & Kiosk Association, will present a checklist for evaluating and budgeting for digital signage software as part of an educational session titled, "How to Start and Plan a Successful Digital Signage Installation." Netkey will also be presenting a Tech Talk Workshop session titled, "Understanding the Digital Signage Workflow: The Key to Operational Success."
"In today's challenging environment, businesses continue to adopt digital signage as a valuable tool for driving sales, enhancing the customer experience and increasing employee productivity," said Robert Ventresca, vice president of marketing for Netkey. "Netkey's sponsorship and participation in the Digital Signage Expo is a reflection of the growing market interest in the power and performance of Netkey digital signage software, and recognition of the sustainable business value and ROI Netkey delivers to its customers."
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Wednesday, 21 January 2009
NEW YORK — Fujitsu Transaction Solutions Inc. unveiled a host of new U-Serv self-service hardware and partner software for retailers at the National Retail Federation's 98th Annual Convention and Expo.

Among the new kiosks:
  • The U-Serv 60 will feature theater ticketing, which allows movie patrons to forego long lines at the box office by self-ticketing with the kiosk. Patrons can either go online and order a ticket for will call pick-up at the kiosk, or browse the available movies and purchase on site. Today, Regal Entertainment and AMC Entertainment, the No. 1 and No. 2 movie chains in the world, use Fujitsu ticketing solutions.
  • Med-Serv Patient Registration Kiosk. Along with sister company Fujitsu Computer Products of America, and partner Allscripts, Fujitsu is demonstrating a patient-registration kiosk. The Med-Serv unit shows how a patient can register and be positively identified using Fujitsu palm vein biometric technology.
  • The U-Serv 75 is Fujitsu's higher-end kiosk solution. In concert with software partner Escalate Retail, the U-Serv 75 will feature the assisted guided selling application. Guided selling allows consumers to help themselves by simple queries and unbiased suggestions and recommendations.
  • The U-Serv 150 exterior solution is ruggedized for outdoor use. It features a 17-inch touchscreen color display, card reader, omni-directional scanner and high-end PC. The U-Serv 150 has been redesigned to make it more affordable for more locations like stadium and concert venues. The U-Serv 150 is a Univations solution but will not be displayed at NRF.
  • The U-Serv 50 entry-level kiosk solution, which can be configured for countertop use or freestanding on a pedestal. The U-Serv 50 will be displayed as part of the DeliVision System self-ordering kiosk, in conjunction with partner Modiv Media. Roche Bros, a New England-based grocer, recently began implementing this solution chain-wide.
"Today, consumer demand for self-service options has become mandatory in the retail environment," said Peter Wolf, vice president of self-service and Univations operations at Richardson, Texas-based Fujitsu Transaction Solutions. "Fujitsu has a renewed focus on self-service technology in retail, and these new U-Serv solutions and applications represent that commitment to quality and affordable innovations that will further enhance customer service and satisfaction."
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Thursday, 15 January 2009
NEW YORK -- Microsoft Corp. has released its latest offering from its Windows Embedded Ready product line. Windows Embedded POSReady 2009 is the next generation of Windows Embedded Point of Service software for devices such as cash registers, self-service kiosks, digital signage, cash ATMs and fuel pumps. According to a news release, this new platform is a flexible operating system designed to seamlessly connect POS solutions with peripherals, servers and services.
Buddy Broeker, director of embedded computing solutions for Advanced Micro Devices Inc. (AMD), signaled his enthusiasm for the new product.
"As AMD provides the embedded processor of choice for many point-of-sale and kiosk systems, we're looking forward to working with Microsoft Windows Embedded to support the launch of Windows Embedded POSReady 2009," said Broeker. "The key features of Windows Embedded POSReady 2009, combined with AMD's innovative, high-performance, low power x86 embedded platforms, help make it easy for customers to quickly create smart, connected, service-oriented systems that will provide customers with a connected retail experience."
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Wednesday, 31 December 2008
POSEN, Ill. -- Corporate Safe Specialists is upgrading its MenuSOS kiosk software platform to support more applications, including .net framework 3.05, Windows Presentation and Communication Foundations (WPF and WCF) and SQL Express.
Corporate Safe Specialists kiosk solutions are designed to help small- and medium-sized businesses quickly implement self-service systems with a lower initial investment. MenuSOS is offered as an enhancement to the CSS kiosk platform, which, according to a news release, is the only kiosk system to accept credit/debit cards and cash, validate and count currency, and store it directly to a business rated safe. Notes are deposited directly into a business rated safe and CSS kiosk security can be made ready for armored car pick-up.
MenuSOS offers rapid self-configuration through a scripted, user-friendly process that non-technical users can complete within a few hours. Restaurant and retail establishments would then have a working kiosk platform that would provide benefits to both the business ower and customers.
According to the release, customers will now have the ability to order and pay for products and services through a touchscreen interface. The design objective for the user interface was a superior customer experience that shed associations with order entry via a personal computer.
Business owners are able to service a greater number of customers without hiring additional staff. The MenuSOS will also enable small business owners to offer their customers the self-service options that have become increasingly popular at larger competitors. The MenuSOS module can also be used as a digital chalkboard to communicate daily specials and other information to customers.
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Wednesday, 31 December 2008
GARDEN GROVE, Calif. -- MIE Solutions, a provider of software tailored for the manufacturing industry, has unveiled its new MIE Trak Kiosk.
According to a news release, the MIE Trak Kiosk is designed to collect shop floor employee data without involving the use of paper or barcodes. The kiosk comes with a user-friendly interface including large buttons that enable employees to clock in and out for the day, as well as in and out of specific jobs. Employees can also issue a bill of materials for job costing purposes, all at the kiosk.
The MIE Trak Kiosk user interface is unique, according to the release, because it has the capability to highlight all of the jobs an employee is scheduled to work on.
Dragging and dropping jobs onto the scheduling whiteboard will immediately change the jobs employees see as they clock in to their machine and associated job. Eliminating keystrokes is a key to managing data collection and the MIE kiosk does this as recently viewed items are shown in plain sight on the computer screen. In order to reduce paper waste, the kiosk can display drawings, blueprints and models on the computer screen.
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Wednesday, 24 December 2008
RANCHO CUCAMONGA, Calif. — Co-Op Financial Services has enhanced its Falcon Fraud Manager by adding Falcon Real-time Decisioning, an optional service that allows highest-risk transactions to get evaluated by Falcon before authorization of the transaction. To date, all transactions are evaluated after the authorization decision.  The enhanced Falcon allows potential fraud to be detected and prevented earlier. 
Webinar on Falcon Real-time Decisioning
Co-Op Financial Services will host a webinar on Falcon Real-time Decisioning on Jan. 15 at 11 a.m. PST. For additional details about registration, visit Co-Op's Web site.
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Tuesday, 23 December 2008
CUPERTINO, Calif. -- Solidcore Systems Inc., provider of security software, and Esprida Corp., a remote management software producer, have partnered to help retailers remotely manage kiosk systems.

According to a news release, the partnership seeks to ensure that remotely managed kiosks can only be altered with Esprida LiveControl’s automated administrative software, which automates administrative tasks to give businesses complete visibility and control over a kiosk network with security provided by Solidcore’s POS Check and Control software, which addresses all of the PCI and security requirements of a kiosk system.

Solidcore also protects the kiosk from malware, zero-day vulnerabilities and any unauthorized local changes that might include reading or copying protected files off of the system.

"We are pleased to be partnering with Solidcore to deliver a more comprehensive offering that addresses key concerns for anyone deploying intelligent devices, such as kiosks," said Anila Jobanputra, president of Esprida. "By combining our technology offerings we make it easier for kiosk deployers to meet and exceed security protocols and service expectations."

Anne Bonaparte, president and CEO of Solidcore, said the partnership will address challenges in security, change audit and configuration control caused by the remote locations of the kiosks.
"Working together with Esprida will help simplify the most challenging aspects of kiosk deployments so retailers can focus on growing their businesses and servicing their customers," she said.
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Wednesday, 17 December 2008
RANCHO CUCAMONGA, Calif. -- CO-OP Financial Services, one of the nation's largest credit union-owned EFT networks and a member of the Self-Service & Kiosk Association, has announced enhancements to its Falcon Fraud Manager product.
Falcon Fraud Manager assists credit card issuers in combatting identity theft by identifying suspicious transaction patterns.
According to a news release, CO-OP Financial services has added Falcon Real-time Decisioning, an optional service that evaluates high-risk transactions prior to determining whether or not to authorize the transaction, as opposed to after authorization has already taken place. The enhanced Falcon Real-time Decisioning detects potential fraud earlier in the transaction process, helping credit unions reduce loss.
Michael Ver Schuur, executive vice-president of United Heritage Credit Union, said he was pleased with Falcon Real-time Decisioning.
"Falcon Real-time Decisioning exceeded our expectations," said Ver Schuur. "It saves us time and money by preventing the riskiest fraudulent spending before authorization was completed. The product has already paid for itself."
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Friday, 05 December 2008
CNET: Blockbuster and Microsoft are working to use Microsoft's Live Mesh data synchronization solution to give consumers a way to reach their video content from a variety of devices. A Microsoft representative said on Monday that Microsoft's Live Services team is working with Blockbuster on "building some demo Mesh apps." It's the latest tie-up between the companies. Blockbuster already is one of the early customers for Microsoft's Exchange Online hosted e-mail service.
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Tuesday, 02 December 2008
CHICAGO — TEKchand LLC, a supplier of server-side, Web-based software applications for ATM management, has launched its new ATM content-management application, ATMContentPro.
According to a news release, the new application provides remote management of screen and receipt marketing on ATMs and kiosks from multiple vendors, and TEKchand says ATMContentPro is the first in a series of appliance-based products specifically designed for ATM deployers with fewer than 50 terminals.
The appliance model means that support for the entire solution, hardware, software and application is consolidated within a single company for simplified maintenance, TEKchand says. The appliance comprises hardware, operating software, application software, firewalls and database functionality, all pre-loaded and locked down to create a secure architecture that’s ready to implement on a client's network.
“We’ve taken the pain out of a complex integration process by delivering a secure server appliance preconfigured with our core application and accepted ATM industry security standards,” said Rajeev Bahri, managing director of TEKchand. "This makes our appliance model easy to purchase, implement, use and, most of all, afford, for organizations with even the smallest ATM deployment base."
ATMContentPro is a pre-configured appliance delivering TEKchand’s flagship application, ATMContent Manager, which allows users to design, schedule, modify, implement and dynamically control screen graphics, receipt and marketing messaging on ATMs, regardless of the manufacturer or operating software.
“Since our core benefit of an agnostic solution that can manage multivendor ATM hardware remains intact with ATMContentPro, clients can choose what they feel is the best hardware or terminal software, both now and in the future, and still have a common marketing and management solution for this important customer touchpoint,” Bahri said. “This is the first introduction of TEKchand’s new appliance-based approach, which will expand in 2009 to include our entire product suite, especially PCI-compliant cardholder preferences.”

TEKchand says it has been able to reduce the cost of delivery for ATMContentPro by using open standards to deliver ATM-management capabilities that many smaller organizations want, but thought too expensive.
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Tuesday, 25 November 2008
PADERBORN, Germany — Some 100,000 ATMs and other self-service devices on five continents are now monitored by Wincor Nixdorf AG's ProView software solution, the company announced in a news release.
ProView is used to control and remotely monitor self-service systems. To date, the solution has been installed on devices in more than 40 countries. The machines range from ATMs, transaction terminals, account statement printers, postage stamp and transportation ticket terminals, as well as cash-deposit systems and kiosks.
Financial institutions using ProView include Raiffeisen Bank Group in Austria, Halkbank in Turkey, CIMB Bank in Malaysia, and Susquehanna Bancshares in the United States. The software has even taken a lead in Eastern Europe, where leading retail banks Privatbank and Nadra Bank have signed for the service.
ProView has been adapted to address the particular requirements of self-service equipment. All transaction-data is analyzed by the ProView agent on the terminal level and is transferred to the ProView server for processing and output.
ProView ensures system availability: detailed information about the operating state of each terminal enables fast, targeted resolution, Wincor says. Remote service means repairs can be carried out via electronic access from a central location, ensuring that device downtimes and site visits by technicians can be minimized. As a result, this solution leads to highly relevant cost savings and increases the overall profitability of the institution's self-service network.
ProView also protects ATMs from manipulation. Wincor Nixdorf's antiskimming module monitors the entire area around the card input slot. If a foreign device is detected, the ATM sends a message — known as an "event" — to ProView. This message brings an immediate initiation of a variety of defensive measures, including an alert to the customer.
And ProView has been expanded to incorporate a new function for incident management called, simply, Incident Manager. When an error occurs, a ticket is opened that documents every individual step, stores information and displays the current status of the repair work.
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Friday, 14 November 2008
DAYTON, Ohio — NCR Corp. is launching its NCR APTRA Self-Scheduler multichannel booking solution for financial institutions at the BAI Retail Delivery Conference & Expo in Orlando, Fla., Nov. 18-20.
According to a news release, NCR APTRA Self-Scheduler enables consumers to book appointments with the bank's sales consultants through the Internet, a mobile device or a self-service terminal — at a time and physical branch that is convenient to them, whether it be around the corner from work at lunch time or close to shopping on a Saturday morning – providing bank customers with choices they haven't had in the past. The 24-hour system ensures that once an appointment is booked it can be confirmed immediately through the customer's choice of methods, from an SMS reminder to their cell phone, to e-mail or Text-to-Speech.
Trials of the new NCR solution with a major U.S. bank have demonstrated its popularity with customers and staff members, with all key metrics performing well. NCR's research indicates that retail banks using this solution can make inroads into their "no-show" statistics, which can run anywhere from one-in-10 to one-in-five missed appointments. Text message reminders can reduce these missed appointments by up to a third as customers are less likely to forget about the meeting and more likely to reschedule if they have a conflict. The sales consultant can then be released to meet with other customers, improving branch productivity.
"By providing an instant, real-time view of which specialists are available, and registering any cancellations immediately, banks can improve the customer experience — letting customers book time with their branch in a convenient, empowered manner even after the branch or call center has closed," said Brian Bailey, NCR vice president of financial industry marketing.
Banks also can  deploy NCR APTRA Self-Scheduler on kiosks in their branches, enabling "walk-in" customers or prospective customers to make an appointment, or allowing those who have previously scheduled a meeting to "self check-in" on arrival. This gives branch employees better visibility to who is waiting and how long they have been waiting. This self-check-in style solution helps reduce queues at the teller line and the reception desk, and helps ensures that appointments start on time. Consumers can also use these kiosks to schedule appointments, view product information and complete digital questionnaires and forms, providing a new way of "pre-staging" activity prior to the start of the appointment.
"Consumers, whether personal or commercial, tend not to sign up for high-value products, such as savings vehicles, insurance or mortgages, without talking to a financial advisor first," said Bailey. "NCR APTRA Self-Scheduler makes it even easier for customers to meet with a financial advisor at a convenient time and location by providing a consistent, easy process for booking appointments across multiple service channels."
The NCR solution features a rules engine, which is used to define the hours advisors are available in each location, their areas of expertise and the locations they work from, providing an overview of current capacity levels.
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Thursday, 13 November 2008
MUNICH, Germany — The new STARCOS 3.3 Passport Edition operating system from Giesecke & Devrient has received two certificates from the German Federal Office for Information Security, confirming that the OS complies with international security standards for passports (Common Criteria EAL 4+).
Specially designed security mechanisms ensure that passports and identity cards can remain in use for many years. Benefits include the speed and flexibility with which the chip can be personalized and its interoperability with a wide range of card-reader systems. These features make STARCOS 3.3 Passport Edition one of the world's most powerful and stable operating systems for biometric passports.
According to a news release, STARCOS 3.3 Passport Edition offers "the ultimate in flexibility." The category of passport and the corresponding security standards do not need to be defined until the time at which the personal data is incorporated. Many countries have chosen to introduce biometric features in their electronic travel documents in gradual stages. The type of data to be stored on the embedded chip is left to the discretion of the passport-issuing authority.
In the first instance, a digital photo is stored in the chip alongside the personal data used to identify the holder of the passport. If the need arises to issue passports and identity cards offering a higher level of security, additional biometric data such as fingerprint images can be added to the chip. No further modifications are required to the actual document or the OS.
It enables passport authorities to simplify their inventory processes and reduce costs, while at the same time guaranteeing a high output of personalized security documents.
STARCOS 3.3 Passport Edition supports all categories of passports envisaged by the European Union and the ICAO. The biometric data are protected against attempted forgery and identity theft by a number of special mechanisms. The system makes a distinction between passports that don't contain fingerprint images — protected by Basic Access Control — and passports containing more sensitive data — protected by Extended Access Control. A supplementary Active Authentication function can provide an additional safeguard by identifying forged copies of passports.
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Wednesday, 12 November 2008
BROOKFIELD, Wis. — Fiserv has announced the launch of Fiserv Logix, the newest module of the Fiserv cash and logistics integrated management suite.
According to a news release, Logix provides a comprehensive array of powerful decision support, performance measurement and asset management tools to help organizations analyze where operating costs can be reduced to improve profitability and efficiency in a self-service network.
The Fiserv Logix module is designed to capture business intelligence to assist users in measuring and managing the profitability of individual or groups of ATMs and other self-service devices, as well as collect data necessary to understand the number and types of transactions that are occurring at those devices.
The features of the Fiserv Logix module are engineered to give users the capacity to create meaningful reports containing actionable information. With the Fiserv Logix module, clients have the ability to analyze their entire network, or drill down to specific groups, bank identification number codes or individual devices. Using this information, clients may produce standard or customized real-time reports via the Internet. Authorized users can access the information giving clients the ability to achieve and maintain higher levels of performance, customer satisfaction and profitability throughout the network.
Additionally, the Fiserv Logix module can help organizations to track the assets associated with each device and device location including hardware, software and consumables as well as surrounds and signage, security products, and communication lines and equipment. The system is designed to maintain warranty and contract information to ensure that ATM and device owners are receiving service levels as agreed.
"The Fiserv Logix module is designed to help organizations understand the costs and revenues associated with the self-service channel and assist with decisions such as whether their devices are in the right locations based on transaction volumes, revenues and customer satisfaction," said Brian Jorgenson, director of product management, Fiserv Cash and Logistics. "Using that knowledge, organizations will be able to plan more strategically across the ATM self-service channel, and improve cost management through better tracking and reporting of actual costs versus revenues."
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Friday, 31 October 2008
Sheffield Telegraph: A Sheffield developer of bespoke software is breaking boundaries in modern technology to revolutionize commercial activity. GWD Media has expanded into three key sectors and increased staff numbers to more than 20 after receiving investments totalling £500,000 (U.S. $810,700) from South Yorkshire Investment Fund. GWD Media, which won the Creative and Digital Industries Innovation accolade at the 2007 Sheffield Business Awards, is advancing from its origins in the development of Internet kiosks to the creation of management software for public-orientated technology.
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Tuesday, 28 October 2008
EAST HAVEN, Conn. — Netkey, provider of solutions for self-service kiosks and digital signage, has received validation from IBM for its Netkey Software Platform for the Ready for IBM Retail Integration Framework program.

The IBM Retail Integration Framework leverages open standards, including Association for Retail Technology Standards, Open Application Group Integration standards and global GS1 System standards, to unlock communications between services, information sources and business processes, making the store and the enterprise one landscape.

The IBM Retail Integration Framework initiative brings together platform-independent software vendors that deliver proven solutions designed and built for the retail industry. Through this initiative, IBM works with select business partners to validate solutions that meet the requirements of next-generation, open-standards-based store environments.

The Netkey Software Platform is a scalable suite of applications and management software modules designed to help retailers quickly develop and operate media-rich kiosk and digital-signage systems. As a long-standing IBM business partner and independent software vendor, Netkey has several solutions that have been validated by IBM for use with the IBM Anyplace Kiosk.
"In today's challenging economy, retailers are increasingly turning to self-service kiosks and digital signage as valuable tools to enhance the customer experience, improve employee performance, and generate sustainable returns," said V. Miller Newton, chief executive of Netkey. "Achieving Ready for IBM Retail Integration Framework status reflects the power of the Netkey platform as the software foundation for highly scalable digital-media systems that create brand differentiation and deliver real business value."

To achieve validation, Netkey developed tight integration with IBM WebSphere and IBM Tivoli middleware. Retailers now have the option of using IBM WebSphere middleware as the application server for the Netkey-powered kiosk or digital signage network. The Netkey Platform will pass kiosk or digital-signage media-player alerts to the IBM Tivoli Enterprise Console for simplified monitoring and management of store devices.
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Monday, 13 October 2008
REDONDO BEACH, Calif. — Unicomp Corp. of America will showcase automated registration processing Oct. 19–22 at the MGMA Annual Conference in San Diego. 
Using the IMPOWER core platform and automated registration engine, Unicomp developers have created a touchscreen interface and established the POWERstation Kiosk to enable self-service patient registration.  
The POWERstation Kiosk integrates and shares data with any practice management and electronic medical record system through HL7 messaging protocol and ODBC connectivity, without requiring a custom interface. Authorization and consent-form signatures are electronically captured and sealed in a HIPAA-compliant digital-document format. Optical character recognition technology converts insurance card and driver's license information into digital patient data and stores images of the documents in patient-centric folders for accessibility locally or from remote offices. Insurance eligibility is verified in real-time over the Internet, allowing co-pay and deductible requirements to be determined. Credit-card payments are collected, and immediately processed electronically, before medical services are rendered.
Unicomp selected SeePoint Technology's secure kiosk systems, which include fully integrated duplex card scanners, electronic signature pads, magnetic card readers, HIPAA privacy filters and AEGIS Antimicrobial treatments proven to be effective against MRSA and a wide range of bacteria, fungi and harmful microbes. 
"SeePoint's integrated hardware is a great fit to display and drive our POWERstation Patient Registration Kiosk application. The units contain all the devices needed to drive our software solutions, and they protect all cables, ports and wires from the public," said Andy Kaplan, president of Unicomp Corp. of America.  "They are a great partner to work with as they are responsive and their units are manufactured specifically for healthcare facilities."
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Thursday, 09 October 2008
WESTON, Fla. — Esprida Corp., a provider of remote management technology, has announced that it has teamed up with key industry partners to showcase branch optimization at KioskCom in New York, October 15-16.
The multi-partner solution makes it possible for government agencies and financial services organizations to monitor and control a customer visit throughout its lifecycle for improved services, greater efficiencies and enhanced customer experience.
"Esprida and its partners provide branches with a combination of best-in-class solutions in a process that uses self-service kiosks, queue management software and front-office applications to create a seamless workflow with people in the branch," said Anila Jobanputra, president of Esprida Corp. "Our software, Esprida LiveControl, is the service oriented architecture platform that makes all of this possible by enabling communication between hardware, software, customers and staff."
The Esprida-engineered solution leverages hardware, customer flow technology, configuration control software, an application solution platform, and secure connectivity products.
The solution accepts selections in its queuing process and offers visitors recommendations on the most appropriate channel to complete their task(s) quickly and easily.
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Friday, 03 October 2008
POSEN, Ill. — Corporate Safe Specialists, an association member, and The Pinnacle Corp. have announced that interface and certification efforts are nearly complete between the CSS line of Advanced Cash Control Systems and Pinnacle's Palm POS.

According to a news release, Palm POS will provide direct integrated functionality to CSS' suite of Advanced Cash Control Systems, providing a single point-of-control for cash flow and enabling a clerk's ability to accept, validate and secure cash directly into a business-rated safe. This integration will enable increased productivity with authenticated and traceable employee deposits, while reducing clerk training efforts by consolidating separate systems. The integration will provide increased visibility through consolidated loss prevention reporting that includes cashier details and safe events to support accountability audits. Integration will also eliminate the need for a stand-alone terminal for the safe, which frees precious space in the retail location and lowers overall equipment expense.
"The integration of Advanced Cash Control Systems into the Pinnacle Palm POS provides retailers the flexibility and single point for cash transactions that they are looking for," said James Currey, national sales manager for CSS. "CSS is always looking for innovative technology advancements that will increase the productivity of our customers' staff, in the most cost effective means possible. This solution will provide an integrated cash management capability increasing visibility to the retailer, while allowing for easier training for clerks to learn a single system for accepting payment and securing the cash, keeping the proper balance of funds in the till while reducing the exposure of the business."
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Tuesday, 30 September 2008
EAST HAVEN, Conn. — Netkey, provider of solutions for self-service kiosks and digital signage, has won the Fiondella Milone LaSaracina "Deal of the Year" Award. The award was presented during the second annual Innovation Pipeline Awards and Technology Showcase in Norwalk, Conn.
Netkey also was  named by the Connecticut Technology Council as one of 100 technology "companies to watch" for 2008.
According to a news release, the award was presented in recognition of Netkey's acquisition of Alpharetta, Ga.-based Webpavement, which develops software to manage networks of digital displays. The transaction has propelled Netkey to a leadership position in the fast-growing digital signage market, which is expected to exceed $2.5 billion by 2011.
Netkey digital signage software is used by hundreds of organizations worldwide including Clear Channel, Kellogg's, Pfizer, the University of Houston and the United Nations.
"This is a great honor and we appreciate being recognized for the hard work and success we have achieved," said V. Miller Newton, chief executive officer of Netkey.
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Tuesday, 30 September 2008
PADERBORN, Germany — Wincor Nixdorf has expanded its software-solutions portfolio for postal-services providers. The PC/E Postal Solution Suite covers primary postal processes, ensuring effective processing of classic postal services and financial services, as well as those of sales processes that resemble retail sales.
According to a news release, PC/E Postal Solution Suite's four modules — Channel Delivery, Security, Management & Optimization and Banking Business Enabling — may be used to create customized solutions. PC/E Postal Solution Suite makes use of all relevant customer delivery channels, from the counter to the self-service system, as well as to mobile devices and the Internet. The solution enables postal-service providers to map their service offers with a single software.
The Product Management module represents the development of a rule-based, service-oriented software component for the universal administration of postal products and services. It maps all the information pertinent to a postal service and makes it centrally available.
The software bundles typical sales and service functionalities for all types of branches and POS systems. And automated teller safes or self-service systems also can be integrated. Classic postal services, such as parcel and letter-acceptance and distribution, are optimally supported.
This software suite is expected to be available during the fourth quarter of 2008 and will be presented for the first time at PostExpo2.
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Wednesday, 24 September 2008
COLOGNE, Germany — KODAK has released the upgrade for version 2.0 of its Picture Kiosk software.
The new upgrade encourages consumers to make premium products easily through dedicated attract loops and premium product visualization with customer images – right at the order summary.
According to a news release, the software delivers improved workflows that make it easier for consumers do what they want, from finding their important pictures to stunning premium product items, quickly and easily. The software also enables direct G3 and G4 series kiosk connectivity to the KODAK DL2100 Duplex Printer, allowing retailers to leverage their existing KODAK Picture Kiosk hardware investment as the basis for expansion into fast-growth double-sided photobooks, greeting cards and calendars right in the store. In addition, the new software also enables ordering of exciting off-site photo-merchandise that delivers even more profitable retailer opportunities while delivering on the promise of consumer digital photography.
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Tuesday, 02 September 2008
Worcester (Mass.) Business Journal: Several creditors are trying to force the liquidation of Cyphermint Inc., a Marlborough-based mobile payment system maker, according to documents filed with the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the District of Massachusetts. And a trustee appointed by the court, Joseph Baldiga, a partner at the Worcester-based law firm of Mirick O'Connell, is in the process of putting together a management agreement to run the company until it or its assets are sold.
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Tuesday, 02 September 2008
Worcester (Mass.) Business Journal: Cyphermint Inc., a Marlborough, Mass.-based provider of software that lets users pay bills through cell phones and self-service kiosks, has several creditors trying to force its liquidation, according to documents filed with the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the District of Massachusetts. A trustee appointed by the court is in the process of putting an agreement to run the company until it or its assets are sold. Paperwork has been recovered that allegedly shows a number of Cyphermint's directors and executives took substantial amounts of money from the firm in March and April, weeks before the company’s local operations shut down.
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Wednesday, 27 August 2008
LONDON — Leading technology company Knowledge Online announced the launch of its E-SURVEY software to the vending and kiosk industry. The new technology will significantly improve the speed and accuracy of surveys through the convenience of real-time and automated survey creation on a PDA, according to a news release.
The new venture will see field-based sales employees equipped with handheld PDAs, loaded with the E-SURVEY software. All the traditional paper-based forms will be programmed into the new electronic format. This new system will provide real-time survey submission to the business, resulting in a faster sign-off process for site selection.  
With less need for manual survey write-ups, which in turn reduces the margin of error and double entries, the software ultimately raises sales levels through improved productivity and accuracy.
Other benefits that this new solution can deliver include the increased productivity of employees, notably: 
  • Field-based staff are no longer required to write up survey submissions manually, which includes processing multiple photographs. This allows them more time to spend with customers and prospects.
  • The accuracy of information submitted via automated screen prompts on the PDA ensures that all surveys are correctly filled in, resulting in no return visits or delays in the submission process.
  • The faster approval process improves the communication process with the client providing differentiation from any competitors.   
"E-SURVEY is an essential component to industry where real-time data collection is a vital part of the company's business model," said Andy McDonald, managing director of KOL. "Unlike paper-based reporting, it allows clients to build their own complex task-based forms and download these to their mobile workforce. By working in real time, long decision processes can be instantly reduced, increasing the profitability and productivity of a company."
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Monday, 18 August 2008
CUPERTINO, Calif. — Solidcore Systems Inc., a provider of software to detect and prevent unwanted change, has released POS Check and Control for easily securing and controlling distributed retail point-of-service systems and kiosks. The solution is based on Solidcore's "runtime control" technology that is designed to solve the rigors of POS security, malware protection and Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard compliance with minimal system and operational overhead.
Solidcore protects nearly 100,000 POS systems worldwide. Unlike application whitelisting, host intrusion prevention systems and antivirus, Solidcore provides runtime control capabilities that deliver comprehensive security with low overhead. Runtime control ensures only pre-authorized software and code can run on POS systems while securely allowing software updates from trusted sources, such as those generated by retail coupon engines. Solidcore's runtime control also prevents disk tampering, and provides advanced memory protection to authorized software to defend against buffer overflow vulnerability attacks and zero-day exploits.
"Financially motivated, targeted attacks are definitely focusing on POS systems," said John Pescatore, vice president and analyst for Gartner. "As with all business-critical systems, merchants must ensure they start with secure POS software and configurations, and then implement and enforce strong change control and vulnerability management processes to make sure that only authorized updates are allowed."
A retailer can use Solidcore's POS Check and Control to quickly validate field-deployed POS images against a gold image standard. Once POS systems are established as "clean" systems, Solidcore's runtime control works to prevent any malicious code or other unauthorized programs from executing. This unique security solution will allow an in-store technician to login as an administrator and perform routine maintenance while simultaneously preventing that technician from adding to or tampering with the set of software that is authorized to execute on the POS device. This level of protection extends across all forms of access, from network to USB key.
Once secure, POS Check and Control reports on POS system changes in real-time for continuous PCI DSS compliance verification. This includes providing continuous information about change events such as who is making changes, where changes were made, when the change was made, how the change was implemented and what content changed.
"With both margin pressure and the number of publicized and unpublicized data breaches on the rise, retailers cannot afford to cobble together combinations of audit, antivirus and list-based security tools on their critical POS systems," said Anne Bonaparte, president and chief executive of Solidcore. "POS Check and Control goes beyond the security flavor-of-the-week by giving retailers the power to ensure their POS systems remain secure and only change when the merchant wants them to."
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Wednesday, 06 August 2008
NORCROSS, Ga. — Postilion, a provider of software solutions for self-service banking and payments and a division of S1 Corp., announced in a news release that Marks & Spencer has completed the implementation of a gift-card program based on Postilion solutions.
Marks & Spencer is a high-end fashion retailer with more than 600 stores located in the United Kingdom and 240 stores worldwide.
The Postilion Card Issuer solution enables retailers to manage the entire life cycle of their gift cards, including traditional paper vouchers, gift-card certificates and electronic vouchers. This comprehensive solution controls the issuing, authorization and account management for individual gift cards and batches of gift cards that can be offered as corporate incentives. Cards can be identified either by a magnetic stripe or a barcode and value is only loaded at the time of purchase. For multi-national retailers, such as Marks & Spencer, Postilion also provides the ability to issue and manage gift cards in multiple currencies, with the currency type loaded at the point of sale.
Following a successful pilot in the company's Irish stores, the Marks & Spencer gift-card program was launched in all UK stores in November 2007.
"Gift cards are proving increasingly popular with consumers in the U.K., and the project with Marks & Spencer serves to highlight this," said Grant Wyatt, general manager of Postilion Europe. "We see a growing awareness in the retail community of the benefits of running a gift card program in-house. Not only does this provide the retailer with greater control and flexibility, but as volumes of gift-card sales increase, the cost advantage of running these programs in-house becomes obvious."
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Friday, 18 July 2008
BOSTON — Modiv Media has released the newest generation of in-store media delivery and self-service shopping, melding advanced behavioral and contextual media targeting capabilities to provide real-time offer and promotional message delivery. Modiv Shopper 5.0 and Modiv MediaHub 1.0 are now using Microsoft Atlas AdManager to enable the delivery of media to retail customers based on in-store activity, including basket contents and in-aisle location.
Modiv Shopper delivers relevant media to shoppers through a wireless handheld self-service scan-and-bag solution. Modiv MediaHub is the campaign management and analytics solution powering media delivery to multiple touch points enabled by Modiv's solutions. By integrating Microsoft's ad-serving technologies into Modiv MediaHub, Modiv Shopper expands its targeting opportunities to include media based on real-time activity in-store. This augments the highly relevant 1:1 offer delivery based on shopping and redemption history, which has propelled the Modiv Shopper solution to its early successes at Stop & Shop supermarkets.
For example, a shopper buying hot dogs can now be delivered a message to "remember to buy the ketchup" or every shopper walking down the carbonated beverages aisle before the big game can be offered a savings for cola or chips. These new capabilities give brands an unprecedented opportunity to communicate at the moment of decision with a grocery shopper while significantly improving the self-service shopping experience for the customer.
"Companies such as Modiv Media are engaging retail shoppers in new and innovative ways, introducing a way for advertisers and agencies to communicate with target audiences at the moment of decision in highly relevant and measurable ways," said Scott Ferris, general manager of the Advertiser and Publisher Solutions Group at Microsoft. "Microsoft is committed to working with companies like Modiv Media who create these new opportunities to help advertisers and agencies quickly build their brand and product sales."
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Monday, 30 June 2008
CUPERTINO, Calif. — Solidcore Systems Inc., a provider of software to detect and prevent unwanted change, today introduced its S3 Control PCI Device edition, which enables retailers to achieve Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard compliance with reduced time and expense.
The new solution eases the burden on merchants using Windows Embedded grocery, retail and hospitality self-service systems to meet the PCI DSS requirements and to document compliance, according to a news release. The PCI Device edition also protects sensitive bank card data by prohibiting viruses and malware from penetrating point-of-sale terminals, servers, ATMs and kiosks.
Device manufacturers and merchants have been in a difficult position of retrofitting fixed-function retail devices with more costly security applications that degrade device performance, such as antivirus software. Solidcore addresses these challenges with its S3 Control PCI Device edition, which is a small footprint, low-overhead change prevention solution that runs transparently on Windows Embedded devices.
"It has become essential for retailers to control access and ensure software integrity across the entire in-store electronic payments and POS environment," said Ray Carlin, executive vice president of sales and marketing for Retalix, and president and CEO of StoreNext Retail Technologies. "Solidcore has combined extremely effective lock-down protection with rapid deployment, and this enables our supermarket customers to protect data and sustain PCI compliance with reduced effort and cost."
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Tuesday, 24 June 2008
FRAMINGHAM, Mass. — PeopleCube, provider of intelligent workplace, resource and energy management technology, has announced an alliance partnership with KIOSK Information Systems, a designer and manufacturer of indoor and outdoor kiosks, public Internet stations and other electronic self-service informational terminals, according to a news release. This partnership allows both companies to meet the needs of organizations large and small to reduce real estate and energy costs by implementing an on-site shared workspace and room reservation solution.
Resource Scheduler is the leading Web-based workspace, resource and energy management solution that allows users to quickly and easily schedule and manage flexible workspace and other shared resources with just a few simple clicks. KIOSK Information Systems is an established leader in the design and manufacturing of self-service kiosks, having produced thousands of kiosks for more than 15 years. Through this complementary relationship, PeopleCube is able to recommend a leading vendor in kiosk technology to customers in need of an on-site reservation kiosk system. Conversely, KIOSK Information Systems can suggest Resource Scheduler to kiosk customers looking to maximize shared workspace utilization by implementing an office hoteling work environment. Using a KIOSK Information System reservation kiosk and Resource Scheduler, mobile and remote workers are able to check in and out of existing reservations, or search for and reserve available shared workspace upon entering the building using the self-service kiosk.
"Reducing real estate and related costs is becoming increasingly important, especially in a time of economic uncertainty. As a result, many companies are turning to flexible workspace programs as a way to save money and attract top talent because it allows them to maximize workspace utilization and provide much-desired flexibility to their mobile workforce," said Abe Zelkin, vice president of business development at PeopleCube. "By partnering with KIOSK Information Systems, customers are able to leverage the expertise of two leading vendors to implement a complete on-site workspace management solution, helping them to achieve both their economic and talent retention goals."
"As an innovation leader in the self-service kiosk marketplace, it is essential that we partner with proven winners in their respective industries to support the needs of our customers," explained Tom Weaver, chief marketing officer of KIOSK Information Systems. "We’re very excited about partnering with PeopleCube, as they have been at the forefront of office hoteling technology and are well-versed in how it can help our customers offset the soaring prices of gas and corporate real estate."
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Wednesday, 11 June 2008
DAYTON, Ohio — Unified Grocers Inc., a U.S. cooperative grocery wholesaler, has teamed with NCR Corp. to support and promote the NCR Advanced Checkout Solution (ACS) POS software solution to its approximately 3,000 independently owned retail grocery customers in the western United States.
"This relationship provides Unified with a consistent and reliable POS solution that can be extended to all of its retail customers," said John Saccomanno, director, NCR Food, Drug and Petroleum Industry Marketing. "By using ACS, Unified’s customers will benefit from a POS software solution that helps drive maximum operational efficiencies and enhances consumers’ shopping experiences."
Joining Unified and NCR in the strategic relationship are NCR RealPartners SNCR and Team Business. These NCR resellers will facilitate the execution of the program, as well as the delivery and support of the ACS solution to Unified’s retail customers.
ACS is designed to enhance customer service and help retailers improve labor productivity, retain profitable customers and quickly adapt to changing business environments. Offering superior promotional flexibility, ACS can be customized for larger retailers or packaged for smaller retail formats, such as independent merchants, making the software a strategic choice for Unified and its customers.
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Wednesday, 11 June 2008
CHANTILLY, Virginia — GAMUT Systems has announced that TRAVELER has been selected and implemented by the Bolivian Ministry of Tourism to provide real-time information for travelers using interactive informational kiosks installed throughout the 3 largest cities in Bolivia; La Paz, Santa Cruz and Cochabamba.
TRAVELER is an interactive and scalable composite application solution from GAMUT which integrates data from disparate sources into a single-view touchscreen user interface, whereby users can quickly gain access to information on various points of interest within a specified locale.
TRAVELER operates online via the Internet as well as on a desktop or personal data computer (PDA). TRAVELER is also available in several languages such as English, Spanish, French, and German. In addition, TRAVELER deploys a built-in advertising screen-saver which constantly scrolls through local ads and events and even exhibits a virtual keyboard for custom ad hoc searches.
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Thursday, 17 April 2008
LAS VEGAS — Flextronics, a $30 billion global electronics company, has announced a new venture to help speed the deployment of self-service applications. The program, called “Jumpstart,” offers companies a set of software plug-ins and hardware components preconfigured for faster, more effective rollouts.
Flextronics introduced its “Jumpstart” initiative on day one of KioskCom Self Service Expo in Las Vegas.
“We want to bring to market a product that will help jumpstart businesses,” said Andrew Block, senior director of Flextronics’ Self Service Solutions Group. “And we hope to jumpstart not just the product, but the industry as well.”
Block said that the self-service industry is confronting a quality problem. Not only are kiosks with poor usability being misused to premature deaths, manufacturing processes are not cranking out reliable machines. And when users encounter down kiosks, the whole industry suffers. One remedy, Block said, is to bring some consistency to the design and building of machines.
Block said that since acquiring WebRaiser Technologies and Solectron, Flextronics has benefited from the unification of self-service resources, thus becoming a major player in the industry. The acquisition made Flextronics the world’s second-largest electronics manufacturing and self-service powerhouse, trailing only Taiwan-based Hon Hai Precision Industry Co. in terms of annual sales, according to Forbes.
Headquartered in Singapore, with 20,000 employees in dozens of locations around the world, Flextronics helps customers design, build, ship and service electronics products, including kiosks, through a network of facilities in 30 countries on four continents.
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Monday, 14 April 2008
ROCKVILLE, Md. — Pay-Ease LLC, a self-service provider specializing in custom hardware and software for processing commerce transactions, will exhibit its multi-functional Automated Commerce Machine at the KioskCom Self Service Expo and Digital Signage Show in Las Vegas on April 16-17 at booth #351.
The Pay-Ease ACM provides local and state governments, utility and insurance companies, as well as retailers, the opportunity to offer citizens and consumers the benefit of paying bills, cashing checks, transferring money, purchasing prepaid cell, long distance cards and print on demand gift cards, DMV services and ATM functions via the ACM. 
Pay-Ease is showcasing the latest technology available in a state-of-the-art modularly designed kiosk which processes transactions via cash, check and debit/credit card.
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Monday, 07 April 2008
SYDNEY, Australia — SPOS, an Australian point of purchase provider, and St. Clair Interactive have announced a partnership agreement. SPOS will distribute and support a broad range of transactional kiosk software based on application software templates and Remote Management packages from St. Clair, one of the world’s leading developers of touchscreen self-service.

St. Clair software has been installed in 11 countries and many languages for retail, financial services, leisure industries, healthcare and ticketing.
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Friday, 14 March 2008
YORK, Pa. — Livewire International Inc. has announced the relocation of its corporate offices as it celebrates its 10-year anniversary.
Livewire’s new facilities more than double the amount of office space occupied by the company’s corporate officers and development staff.  The relocation, fueled by Livewire’s continued growth, also provides expanded showcase areas for demonstration of the many custom software and self-service solutions developed over the past 10 years.
The new offices are located in a complex known as the Industrial Plaza of York, one of numerous renovation projects completed within the last few years by the York County Economic Development Corp.
“We are excited to relocate to this great property located near the center of historic York with its nearby wealth of downtown activities and retail locations,” said David McCracken, Livewire’s president. “While most of our work is more at a national or international level, this is one means for us to help give back to the local community and support the growth of technology in Central Pennsylvania.”
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Wednesday, 12 March 2008
LONDON — In partnership with AV reseller Audio Visual Solutions Ltd, Working Solutions has installed its new Acquire Bluetooth application on three LCD kiosks at London Luton Airport. Protouch supplied the kiosks, which house 40-inch LCD screens.
Powered by the Acquire Kiosk Designer software application, the three kiosks provide multifunctional assistance for airport customers. Both 3D airport and destinations maps were repurposed so that they suited kiosk use. Customers also can give their opinion on the standard of airport facilities by using the touchscreen feedback form. In addition, customers can download offers from the terminal’s retail outlets.
The Bluetooth application, developed by Working Solutions’ in-house programming team, works in conjunction with the Acquire software platform. Using a Bluetooth transceiver device connected to the kiosk, the software searches for Bluetooth activated devices, usually mobile phones, with a predetermined radius. When the kiosk promotion is touched by the user, the transceiver broadcasts its offer – in this case, an image of the special offer. If the mobile phone user chooses to accept the offer, their phone downloads the image. This image can then no longer be downloaded to the same phone unless the phone leaves the area for a predetermined length of time. Any user who refuses the image will not be sent that image again, so users are not bombarded with Bluetooth offers that they do not want. And for those newer mobile phones that have a default security function that asks for a 4-digit pairing code to be entered before the image is accepted, the kiosk provides this information as an on-screen instruction.
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Monday, 10 March 2008
LOS ANGELES — Using a new interactive wine-retailing solution from runtriz, and touchscreen technology from SeePoint Technology, wine shops, tasting rooms and bars can expand their offerings. Wine by runtriz, a touchscreen kiosk, allows consumers to learn about different regions, get recommendations, view ratings and order.
The interactive system allows consumers to order and checkout without requiring any additional retailer staff or personnel. Not only can customers view wine listings by variety, vintage year or price, the runtriz solution also lets consumers search the world by region. The kiosk uses 3D animated graphics- developed by designers from the National Geographic Channel. Just touch anywhere on the map and the system will take you to that country’s wine regions while pulling retailer’s stock right on the screen. Customers looking for a Bordeaux can simply touch France on the map or scroll through Australia for a new Syrah, for example.
Wine by runtriz is certified to run on all of SeePoint’s kiosk systems. The solution can be housed in a free-standing model, on a countertop or the All-in-One VESA mounting kiosk system. All SeePoint systems are secure kiosk systems with integrated processing unit and touchscreen monitor. Their small footprint units can be mounted in various locations, including poles, wall-mounted or desktop.
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Tuesday, 04 March 2008
Associated Press: Passengers using United Airlines' "Easy Check-In" found it anything but that on Leap Day when the automated system crashed, resulting in longer lines. The nation's No. 2 carrier blames the service interruption on software issues related to the leap year. Spokeswoman Megan McCarthy says customers were still able to check in online and with customer service agents but not at Easy Check-In kiosks for several hours. She says the units are now back in service.
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Wednesday, 16 January 2008
Nashville Business Journal: Edgenet Inc., a Brentwood, Tenn.-based company that provides software for retailers in the home-goods industry, has released Edgenet Vision, a software platform that can display 3-D renditions of real products in virtual-room settings. Consumers can utilize the software online, or on an in-store kiosk.
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Friday, 11 January 2008
AUSTIN, Texas — Wincor Nixdorf International has announced the U.S. introduction of its software solution — an advanced, end-to-end platform that provides retailers with unprecedented control and visibility into every part of the store system. By utilizing the Microsoft .NET Framework, Wincor Nixdorf’s enables U.S. retailers to respond quickly to business requirements with unprecedented ease.
At the store level, solution helps retailers meet operational challenges with a single product suite that provides seamless connectivity for multistore management, customer loyalty, intelligent rules-based pricing and promotions, and advanced checkout concepts. centralizes the management of the entire customer shopping process with a hardware-independent approach to retail software.
Wincor Nixdorf’s solution has a user base approaching 50,000 in 26 countries. The U.S. introduction offers American retailers an alternative to legacy or Java-based systems already in the market, allowing them to reduce development time for customized components with minimal impact on the core framework.
Tad Shepperd, vice president of retail for Wincor Nixdorf USA, says the introduction of is ideally suited for the American retail market, which is transitioning away from proprietary systems to more open end-to-end IT solutions.  
“Current retail IT strategies are capitalizing on the inherent benefits of open systems and managed services, following years of heavy investment in proprietary solutions that have turned out to be costly, as well as impractical to upgrade and manage throughout their lifecycles,” Shepperd said. “We are finding that retailers are turning to us as a single source for best-of-breed retail solutions; however, they appreciate our open approach that allows our software solution to run on any hardware platform.”
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Thursday, 20 December 2007
CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Source Technologies has announced the availability of its suite of applications tailored for its line of interactive kiosks. These applications integrate with the kiosk to provide retailers with a comprehensive, self-service solution designed to better serve their customers.
Source Technologies' interactive suite of applications includes price checking, product locator, gift registry, store mapping, coupon dispensing and frequent shopper tracking.
"Source Technologies is one of the few vendors in the marketplace who can provide retailers with both the kiosk hardware and the software," said Snehal Vashi, vice president of software development. "Not only do we provide these applications, but we have the ability to create new ones as our customers' self-service needs change. We strive to make doing business easier by providing both hardware and an array of applications, and quickly creating new and innovative applications when necessary so retailers can rely on a single vendor for all of their self-service needs."
Source Technologies' interactive kiosks feature an open, Windows Embedded operating system, allowing retailers to maximize their kiosks by integrating multiple applications. These applications are created using Source Technologies' authoring platform that allows Source or their customers to rapidly create and deploy these applications. Retailers can offer many services to their customers through a single kiosk rather than deploying multiple kiosks to achieve a complete self-service, retail environment. Additionally, the applications support Simple Networking Monitoring Protocol, allowing the applications to be monitored remotely or deployed from a central location.
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Monday, 03 December 2007
YORK, Pa. · Analytical Design Solutions Inc., developers of KioWare kiosk software, has announced a new product to the KioWare line. KioWare Server ASP is designed to support enterprise and Application Service Provider installations, giving clients or resellers the ability to host the software. KioWare Server ASP provides an additional site data layer that enables kiosks to be organized at a higher level than the project level currently in the regular KioWare Server. This gives resellers and ASPs the ability to make each site layer a different customer, allowing for complete separation of data and user access, and controlling what the site client is able to do and see within KioWare Server ASP. 
Additionally, the following new features in KioWare Server 4.0 also are available in KioWare Server ASP:
  • Flexible user accounts, roles and permissions that control user abilities at a functional level.
  • Client content updating procedures that include application files, KioWare updates and OS updates. To support cellular networks, content transfer now checks for file truncation and corruption errors.
  • Ability to provide ad hoc grouping of kiosks. Groups can contain other groups, projects or individual kiosks.
  • Addition of ad hoc data structures useful for storing custom data about each kiosk, which can be imported from a spreadsheet.
  • Added infrastructure to support 3rd party add-ins. The first add-in will be released in December: a kiosk mapping add-in that enables all your kiosks and their status to be overlaid onto a digital map.
  • A new API that enables 3rd parties to develop a custom KioWare Server interface as well as plug-ins to the standard interface.
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Monday, 19 November 2007
YORK, Pa. · Analytical Design Solutions Inc. has released Version 6.2.0 of KioWare Lite and KioWare Kiosk Basic, and Version 4.0 of KioWare Server. KioWare products provide lockdown security for browser-based applications, restricting users from accessing the OS and desktop, and allowing customization to limit Internet access.  KioWare products can also provide support for second monitors, external and input devices, user phone dialing, and server based remote monitoring. 
Version 6.2.0 for KioWare Lite and KioWare Kiosk Basic new features include:
  • Ability to add or extend custom features through support of 3rd party .NET dlls, meaning clients are now able to develop plug-ins to work with KioWare.
  • Domain page blocking warning can display custom HTML page, instead of the existing KioWare dialog box.
  • Support for Storm EZ Access keypad.
Additional Version 6.2.0 KioWare Kiosk Basic new features include:
  • Support for SNAPI barcode scanners, HID MSR Readers, and OPOS MSR Readers.
  • Ability to request content update and upload usage statistics as frequently as every 10 minutes, or at the completion of every user session for uploading usage statistics.
Finally, Version 4.0 of KioWare Server new features include:
  • Completely flexible user accounts, roles and permissions that control user abilities at a functional level.
  • Simplified client content updating procedures that include application files, KioWare updates and OS updates. To support cellular networks, content transfer now checks for file truncation and corruption errors.
  • Ability to provide ad hoc grouping of kiosks. Groups can contain other groups, projects or individual kiosks.
  • Addition of ad hoc data structures useful for storing custom data about each kiosk, which can be imported from a spreadsheet.
  • Added infrastructure to support 3rd party add-ins. KioWare's first add-in will be released in December: a kiosk mapping add-in that enables all your kiosks and their status to be overlaid onto a digital map.
  • A new API that enables 3rd parties to develop a custom KioWare Server interface as well as plug-ins to the standard interface.
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Tuesday, 16 October 2007
POSEN, Ill. · Corporate Safe Specialists will introduce the MenuSOS software module for its Kiosk safe platform at KioskCom's Self-Service Expo in New York City on Oct. 23—24. CSS Kiosk solutions are designed to help small and medium-sized businesses implement self-service systems with a lower initial investment. 
MenuSOS is offered as an enhancement to the CSS Kiosk platform, which is the only kiosk system to accept credit/debit cards and cash. Notes are deposited directly into a business-rated safe and CSS Kiosk security can be made ready for armored car pick-up. 
MenuSOS offers rapid self-configuration through a scripted, user-friendly process that non-technical users can complete within a few hours. Establishments then would have a working kiosk platform that would provide benefits to both the business owner and customers. Customers now will have the ability to order and pay for items set up during configuration. Business owners are able to service customers without hiring additional staff.  
The MenuSOS module also can be used as a digital chalkboard to communicate daily specials and other information to customers.
CSS sells a variety of innovative security products including patented, smart-safe technologies that control access to safes remotely, and customer-facing solutions, such as kiosks, that manage transactions and handle cash payment directly from the customer.
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Monday, 08 October 2007 At least 2,000 Long Island Rail Road passengers were billed twice for tickets purchased with credit cards and certain types of debit cards at station kiosks, officials said. LIRR officials said the billing problem was caused by a software glitch in all of its 269 automated machines throughout Long Island and New York City. Most of the riders have been reimbursed, and the rest will be soon, officials said.
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Wednesday, 26 September 2007
YORK, Pa.·Analytical Design Solutions Inc. has announced that in August it passed the 10,000-license milestone for its KioWare Kiosk System Software.
The company developed KioWare in 2001 to deploy browser-based applications into a kiosk environment easily and inexpensively, securing the operating system and allowing users to access only the application. The KioWare product line ranges from basic browser-lockdown to server-based remote monitoring. KioWare is sold in more than 40 countries for use in fields such as healthcare, financial institutions, education, and governments.
In other news, the company expanded its offices to accommodate new employees in the areas of software development, quality assurance, customer support, sales and technical support.
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Friday, 21 September 2007
CHICAGO · PROVISIO, a developer of kiosk software solutions, has released a new version of its remote management solution for kiosks, SiteRemote (Version 2.0). Some of the new features are:
  • Integration of Google Maps and Virtual Earth to identify the location of your remote kiosk machines
  • Support of Windows Remote Desktop functionality
  • Support for SQL express databases and Small Business Server/Domain Controller
  • Customized alert messages
  • Customized login page for your business
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Friday, 21 September 2007
SANTA BARBARA, Calif. · Esprida Corp. has released a remote device management software platform that speeds response times and reduces infrastructure costs. The new scalability benchmark delivers direct operational benefits to organizations with large deployments, according to a press release.
"This new level of enterprise scalability speeds communication and minimizes the infrastructure needed in very demanding environments," said Anila Jobanputra, president of Esprida. "With our more robust software, organizations with thousands of devices and multiple users achieve greater visibility into operations through more frequent status updates, quicker access to that data and the ability to handle more concurrent requests. Both response times and cost considerations are identified as key challenges for many leading organizations. We're pleased our software is able to address both those issues."
Esprida remote management software is used by several standards-setting organizations and agencies to run large-scale, mission-critical applications in a variety of industries including retail, banking and federal and state governments.
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Tuesday, 18 September 2007 Teradata, a division of NCR Corp., announced today the enhancement of its Teradata Customer Management Solutions portfolio with a software module known as CRM Epiphany Inbound Marketing. The software is licensed from new Teradata alliance partner Infor, provider of enterprise software. By integrating the Infor tool with its Customer Management Solutions portfolio, Teradata is able to deliver relevant, personalized recommendations in real time, while the customer is online or using a self-service device, such as a kiosk.
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Tuesday, 21 August 2007
FREMONT, Calif. · ISTS Worldwide Inc. has developed applications for the retail storefront on the Verifone MX870. The applications have been developed for the retail and payment industry - creating effective customer engagements, resulting in improved customer satisfaction for retailers, especially in small form factor kiosk applications.
Verifone MX870 is a multimedia enabled 1/4 VGA, PCI PED approved terminal that goes beyond traditional PIN pad. It's ideal for payments, kiosk, loyalty, gift and value-added applications to deliver branding, promotion and advertising.
Verifone MX870 integrates with VeriFone's VisualPayments suite, a set of server-based software solutions to provide a single point of control for payment, signature, device and content management.
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Saturday, 04 August 2007
MELVILLE, N.Y. · Arrow Electronics Inc. has announced that it has completed its acquisition of Centia Group Ltd. and AKS Group Nordic AB for approximately $32 million, including the assumption of debt.
"We are excited by the opportunities that the acquisition of Centia/AKS, Europe's leading specialty distributors of access infrastructure, security and virtualization software solutions, brings to our enterprise-computing-solutions business," said Kevin Gilroy, president of Arrow Enterprise Computing Solutions. "This transaction further strengthens our strategic focus on the fast-growing software market segment and diversifies our product portfolio in the European region, just as Alternative Technology Inc. enhanced our capabilities in North America."
Centia/AKS has more than 120 employees throughout Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Norway and Sweden. The joint linecard includes suppliers such as Citrix, VMware and RSA. Centia/AKS support value-added resellers in delivering solutions that optimize, accelerate, monitor and secure an enduser's IT environment. Total sales for 2007 are expected to exceed $120 million.

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Wednesday, 18 July 2007
YORK, Penn. · A new version of KioWare Lite and KioWare Kiosk Basic software is now being shipped out, according to a company news release.
KioWare's new software features include support for Windows Vista, a temporary licensing option that expires after a specified time period (ideal for rented computers and tradeshows), and a custom dialog-box blocking that allows users to pick and choose which dialog boxes to block.

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Monday, 09 July 2007
CRN Australia: Photo kiosk developer Whitech has sold 35 percent of its company to Fujifilm Holdings Australasia. Whitech's suite of PhotoTeller software is marketed with Fujifilm's Digital Photo Center kiosks, which are now said to provide consumers the most popular method of picture ordering in Australian retail stores.
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Tuesday, 03 July 2007
The (India) Economic Times: Microsoft chairman Bill Gates has offered to help the Maharasthra government set up agro-kiosks to serve farmers. "The agro-kiosks will help farmers get the latest information on weather, cropping patterns, and trends in agricultural produce prices very quickly and efficiently," said Chief Minister Vilasrao Deshmukh.
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Wednesday, 30 May 2007
Yahoo! News: Microsoft Corp. has taken the wraps off Surface, a coffee-table shaped computer that responds to touch and to special bar codes attached to everyday objects.
Surface is a Windows Vista PC tucked inside a shiny black table base, topped with a 30-inch touchscreen in a clear acrylic frame. Five cameras that can sense nearby objects are mounted beneath the screen. Users can interact with the machine by touching or dragging their fingertips and objects such as paintbrushes across the screen, or by setting real-world items tagged with special bar-code labels on top of it.
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Wednesday, 23 May 2007

LONDON·Multimap is demonstrating the latest version of its highly-functional API (Application Programming Interface v.1.2) at the Travel Distribution Summit 2007, Islington, London, today and tomorrow.

Multimap provides online maps, point-to-point driving directions and geo-spatial ("where's my nearest?") searches to mobile, PDA, kiosk and interactive TV platforms and in multiple languages.

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Tuesday, 22 May 2007

CHARLOTTE, N.C.·Source Technologies, a provider of integrated solutions for managing financial transactions and other secure business processes, has released a newly enhanced concourse Kiosk Project Planner 2.0.

The new Web-based application allows users to design kiosks based on specific business-related criteria.

Available free on Source Technologies' Website, the Kiosk Project Planner 2.0 guides customers through a series of questions addressing their specific business needs. Based on their criteria, customers are provided with instant recommendations for their kiosk design and project requirements. Customers can make modifications to the design simply by resubmitting answers. Additionally, the Kiosk Project Planner 2.0 is more interactive with the inclusion of audio and video content that helps users better understand how Source Technologies' solutions work.

"Before version 2.0, customers designed their kiosks by selecting the necessary hardware components and software themselves," said Glen Fossella, general manager and vice president of Marketing for Source Technologies. "With the Kiosk Project Planner 2.0, customers are provided with real-time recommendations and can make quick adjustments if necessary. Our kiosk clients are increasingly making long-term investments in self-service technology and appreciate this kind of planning capability."

As Source Technologies has broadened its concourse product family, the Kiosk Project Planner has expanded accordingly. A year ago, concourse kiosks were primarily deployed for transactional applications such as bill pay and branch banking. With expanded capabilities, they are now increasingly being sold for use in retail environments for informational purposes.

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Wednesday, 09 May 2007
FRISCO, Texas  · Fujitsu Transaction Solutions Inc. has announced plans to develop the next release of its GlobalSTORE POS software. Stop & Shop/Giant-Landover has signed an agreement to collaborate with Fujitsu to develop and deploy the new software.
The GlobalSTORE application is a customizable POS and cash-management solution. While GlobalSTORE has been successful for grocers in Europe and Japan, Fujitsu says the new software will offer extended capabilities required by North American grocers.
According to a news release, the North American version of GlobalSTORE will include additional advanced-user interfaces, simplified integration and technology based on Microsoft.NET.

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Tuesday, 01 May 2007
PROVIDENCE, R.I. · Shazamm has announced the launch of its new application, Z-one.
Z-one combines Shazamm's proprietary asset-management platform ZMedia with its interactive application Voice-it. This lets users remotely manage and monitor content on self-service kiosks and digital signs. The application includes asset management/control, application management, remote monitoring, and remote usage and analytics.
By combining Shazamm's ZMedia and Voice-it applications, Z-one enables users to control all aspects of content integrated in interactive customer-service systems. It includes the ability to change text-based content and resize photographs and video, including broadcast-quality footage, in real-time.
Z-one is customized to suit the needs of each client, and encrypted to provide a secure transfer of information, including credit-card transactions.
"We developed Z-one in response to the need for keeping these tools current, dynamic and exciting for the enduser," said Dana Paul, Shazamm's chief executive.
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Monday, 30 April 2007

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. · Audio/Video Interactive (AVI) announced the availability of a new version of its content management software. The new Digital Associate content management system is accessible through the Web and allows users to access a library of audio, video and pictures, create playlists and schedules and distribute them to a device or network of devices. The system also allows users to monitor devices and generate reports on playback statistics.

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Thursday, 26 April 2007
PADERBORN, Germany · Wincor Nixdorf has had integration of its store software in SAP for Retail officially certified by SAP. Certification of the interfaces means that Wincor Nixdorf has taken a further step toward securing the future success of the software, which maps all store processes. The solution is already integrated in SAP and being run by many international customers. is a platform solution for all checkout processes at retail stores and has numerous interfaces to merchandise-management systems from leading vendors such as SAP, Microsoft and Aldata for custom solutions. Seamless integration between the central ERP and local POS solution at the store is essential to creating end-to-end transparency in retailers' processes throughout the supply and demand chain.

"Wincor Nixdorf has traditionally been an active driver of standardization in retail IT. Wincor Nixdorf Retail Consulting and SAP have worked to certify this online data transfer with SAP and accomplished it within a very short time," said Dr. Michael Schulte, head of software marketing at Wincor Nixdorf.

Certification of the interface to SAP for Retail means that now has a further module for rounding out the solutions it offers for international retailing companies. It enables central parameterization, campaign design and analysis of key commercial indicators and, when linked to the central merchandise management system, is a necessary addition for providing seamless support for typical retail processes. Online communication between the local and central components of and direct integration with merchandise management means that retailers can respond effectively to internal and external influences and implement strategic measures promptly.

In the past three years, 37 retailing companies from 19 countries have decided in favor of the store software from Wincor Nixdorf, tantamount to more than 40,000 licenses sold worldwide.

"Clarendon Reports, the world's leading provider of technology market data for the retail and hospitality sectors, published its key figures for the retail software market for the first time 2006. These placed Wincor Nixdorf as a market leader in software applications for retail stores," said Schulte.
The study's assessment was based on sales generated from software solutions in 2005. According to Clarendon's Worldwide Data Book 2006, only Microsoft posted higher software sales, mainly from operating system software, in this segment in Europe. Wincor Nixdorf was ahead specifically in the areas of POS software and store support software, i.e. software applications that support store automation.
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Tuesday, 24 April 2007
YORK, Pa. · Livewire International Inc., a supplier of interactive self-service software solutions, and Analytical Design Solutions Inc., developer of the KioWare secured browser kiosk software, announced their strategy for ongoing and future product development.
Formally named Kiosk 2.0, the alignment of both companies' products will deliver a comprehensive line of services and software offerings to the self-service market. From a secured browser to enterprise-level transactional self-service applications, Livewire and KioWare provide licensed products for self-service deployers, complete systems for businesses desiring turnkey solutions, and hosted software.
Kiosk 2.0 products incorporate the architecture of new Web platforms using technologies such as AJAX , RSS and Web services. The Livewire-KioWare software products and applications are built on Microsoft's .NET platform.
KioWare Enterprise Server is the first product released since the integration of KioWare's remote-management software and Livewire's content-management/transaction server. Enterprise Server integrates the management of kiosk applications, digital content, users, sales orders, campaigns, product catalogs, point-of-sale terminals and kiosk usage.
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Friday, 20 April 2007
Atlanta, Ga. — Vertical Alliance has opened its doors for business and is offering consulting and systems integration services to clients that are looking to add kiosk technology to their operations. This new company has deep roots within the kiosk industry. Vertical Alliance was formed by Peter Kaszycki, the founder and former president of Pro-Tech Solutions, an outdoor kiosk designer.
After 17 years of experience within Pro-Tech, and as a veteran of the kiosk industry, Peter saw the need to better assist clients at the front end of the kiosk selection process to insure that their kiosk initiative is successful.
"Vertical Alliance provides valuable insight and direction to clients that are considering the use of public-access kiosks within their business model," Kaszycki said. "We are oriented around the premise of providing clients with recommended solution sets that are specific to their stated objectives and goals."
Based in Atlanta, GA, Vertical Alliance has partnered with leading kiosk industry specialists relative to hardware, software and support services in order to bring the best solutions to its clients.
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Monday, 26 March 2007 The North Face introduced a new in-store kiosk that is the first consumer-facing retail application deployed on Windows Vista and features full-screen video and interactive displays. Brick-and-mortar stores can deliver an unparalleled customer experience, which is why so many multichannel merchants are looking to grow their retail business. However, the expense inherent in operating stores also means that many don't stock a brand's full range of products.
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Wednesday, 14 March 2007
MINNEAPOLIS — Wireless Ronin Technologies announced that it has entered into an agreement with Sign Biz, Inc. to resell RoninCast digital signage software as the content management application for its LobbyPOP brand division.
More than 170 digital imaging dealers in the Sign Biz network will now have access to the RoninCast digital signage system for their business clients. Sign Biz operates a chain of imaging sign companies that serve more than 500,000 small businesses.
Under this agreement the LobbyPOP program will augment the Sign Biz member program. Sign Biz members will manage the sales, installation and project management of sign programs, while LobbyPOP will provide training, support, content, and maintenance related to the RoninCast digital signage software.
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Thursday, 08 March 2007
CHARLOTTE, N.C. · Source Technologies announced the general availability of CheckPartner Enterprise, offering functionality similar to the company's CheckPartner departmental, but with enhanced capabilities for extended-enterprise deployments.
CheckPartner Enterprise allows remote users to request, receive approval and print disbursements locally, even via the Internet, while maintaining centralized visibility and control. When used together with Source Technologies' encryption-enabled magnetic ink character recognition laser printers, CheckPartner Enterprise helps companies virtually eliminate official check fraud. The expanded enterprise capabilities enable an organization to use CheckPartner Enterprise's payment capabilities, regardless of location.
For financial institutions working with mortgage-closing attorneys and title companies, CheckPartner Enterprise's remote funding functionality and security capabilities lets them extend check printing to the closing agent's office. Printing closing checks on-demand eliminates wire transfers and check couriering. It also reduces check-amount errors and the expensive void-reissue-reconcile cycle common to mortgage lending.
"CheckPartner Enterprise is the first commercially available platform that lets companies of all sizes print checks securely at any location," said Glen Fossella, vice president of marketing for Source Technologies. "Not only can companies give check printing autonomy to remote branch locations, it also lets them collaborate with trusted partners on disbursements of all kinds, resulting in lower costs and more responsive customer service."
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Wednesday, 28 February 2007
SANTA BARBARA, Calif. · Esprida Corp., provider of remote-device management, announced the release of Esprida Enterprise 6.2, a software version that introduces several new features that reportedly tighten security, simplify kiosk management and lower service costs.
"As part of our commitment to continually advance this technology, we've incorporated additional value-driven capabilities in this release," said Anila Jobanputra, president of Esprida.
According to a news release, Esprida Enterprise 6.2 includes advanced administrative tools for transferring large amounts of data. Enhanced usability functions speed navigation through kiosk inventory and provide a more comprehensive system of alerts and notifications. Added to that are expanded out-of-the-box intelligence capabilities to track operational performance.

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Tuesday, 27 February 2007
PADERBORN, Germany · Wincor Nixdorf International and Cisco Systems Inc. have announced joint solution called SecurePOS, which is designed to enhance the security of transaction data generated in cashless payment scenarios.
According to a news release, the two companies have bundled their solution expertise to protect security for data-traffic passing from POS terminals to central systems in retailing enterprises., the store software from Wincor Nixdorf, encrypts transaction data at the store level. Cisco's portfolio offers protection of data in retailer networks, using a special client to help defend against the compromise of data from POS systems to store-server and central systems.
One crucial factor in generating trust in the security of cashless-payment systems is protecting credit card-data, Wincor says. Reports of credit-card theft and hacker abuse have shaken the confidence of cardholders and retailing companies. The Payment Card Industry's data security standard includes a set of requirements that establish standards for credit-card transactions. Retailing enterprises that transact business with credit cards must comply with those regulations.
Wincor and Cisco say their solution package will help retailers address some of PCI's requirements.
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Wednesday, 14 February 2007
Singapore-based electronics manufacturer Flextronics International Ltd. has acquired WebRaiser Technologies, according to the Sacramento Business Journal.
Flextronics, which manufactures electronics for companies like Dell, Ericsson, Hewlett-Packard and Siemens, reported sales of $15 billion in 2006. The company operates factories on four continents and has approximately 99,000 employees. During the third quarter of fiscal year 2005/2006, the company announced profit that nearly tripled from the previous year.
WebRaiser Technologies, located in Sacramento, Calif., was established in 1997 to create "software for the self-service economy." The company's Vendi platforms power applications such as bill payment, photography, public Internet access and e-commerce.
WebRaiser's clients have included Burger King, Kaiser Permanente, Skechers and Paramount Pictures.
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Wednesday, 07 February 2007
BROOKLYN, N.Y.: LAMbCast LTD recently announced the release of their patent pending new product named Kid's Start. Through a kiosk style interface, children between the ages of 2 and 9 can easily browse popular children websites, play music, play movies and use the printing feature to print their favorite web pages.
The design of Kid's Start is engineered to help children reach educational and developmental milestones while offering an easy introduction to computer technology. Kid's Start is a turn-key application built to install and run on a Windows computer. In addition, Kid's Start is compatible with the new Windows Vista operating system, so parents are free to purchase a low cost PC for dedicated use by their children.

Kid's Start has a unique and simple interface with powerful features such as pre-installed popular websites, a CD and DVD player, easy background color changing, friendly mouse-over voice prompts and a print feature. The Windows Media Player powered DVD player can work with parental control and restriction.
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Friday, 26 January 2007
NEW YORK · mCosm and Helio have joined forces to develop a fresh consumer experience for Helio members using mCosm's mCast software to create, manage and distribute various digital media, ranging from signage and video to 3-D effects and animation. The mCast system prepares updates and schedules digital signage and media from a central server, sending the content immediately to displays throughout the Helio retail locations. The files are shown on sleek computer displays manufactured by mCosm's parent company, Micro Industries.
"Our stores reflect Helio's unique approach to this constantly changing wireless industry," said Ali Zanjani, executive vice president of sales and distribution, HELIO LLC. "Helio locations are on the cutting edge and need to be able to take our displays to the next level at a moment's notice as well. Our partnership with mCosm allows us to update our look and media · even if we are on the go. Just like our members."
Helio stores feature pods that are an integrated environment where visitors can sample live devices and services, learn about Helio memberships, accessorize and sign up without ever having to wait in line at a traditional cash register. Digital displays, constantly updated with the help of mCosm's user-friendly software, are a key element of this design. The intuitive Web-based service offered by mCosm makes constantly updating digital content simple and is capable of being presented on almost any size screen, from the hi-definition displays on the walls to Helio's own exclusive handsets in the palm of the customer's hand.
Helio Stores are open in Santa Monica, San Diego, Palo Alto and Denver and a store is planned to open in New York early this year. Additional Helio Stores are planned for 2007 and throughout the coming years.
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Friday, 15 December 2006
SEATTLE - 3M Digital Signage, worldwide provider of digital-signage-network solutions, has released 3M Digital Signage Software · Network Operations Manager. According to a news release, the software allows users to remotely monitor, manage and proactively maintain their entire digital signage networks and computing infrastructures. Network Operations Manager displays information via a configurable dashboard, enabling at-a-glance visibility of network status.
The software also allows diagnosis and repair of many hardware and software problems through a secure Web-based interface, reducing the need to deploy technicians for on-site repairs.
"Because a failure anywhere within a digital-signage network can be highly visible, it's especially important for digital-signage operators to have a network analysis and maintenance solution that is comprehensive and enables a quick response," said Fred Arsenault, senior systems engineer at 3M Digital Signage. 
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Thursday, 07 December 2006

LINCOLN, Neb. - Digital signage and kiosk software developer Nanonation Inc. has joined the Retail Broadband Alliance.

The Retail Broadband Alliance brings together companies that represent products and services used in the retail-sales supply chain for data networks. The Retail Broadband Alliance now includes more than 225 companies. Retail merchants pick and choose the providers they want.

According to a news release, Nanonation's software gives retailers a way to monitor, measure, and manage in-store interactions to drive sales and fuel profits. Whether a network of digital signs or interactive kiosks, retailers can distribute and control their digital marketing messages to create powerful customer experiences.

"Nanonation is proud to be a member of the Retail Broadband Alliance because it enables us to bring together the people, tools and experience needed to create powerful in-store experiences," said Brian Ardinger, vice president of business development for Nanonation. "Having the right set of partners that can provide solutions for networked in-store technologies is vital to the future of retailing and its ability to connect with customers."

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Monday, 23 October 2006

CHICAGO · Source Technologies, provider of integrated solutions for managing financial transactions and other secure business processes, announced the release of e-DocSecure Version 1.5. As part of Source Technologies' family of disbursement-management software, e-DocSecure features extensive security for Internet-based remote check printing.

e-DocSecure Version 1.5 benefits lenders by extending check printing to MICR printers at agent locations while maintaining centralized approval and control. This remote check issuance capability gives lenders a competitive edge by allowing them to offer a fast, cost-effective, and secure way for their title companies, mortgage brokers, and closing attorneys to issue checks on-demand.

"Lenders have traditionally seen remote check printing as too risky because there has previously not been a way to securely manage the process, but our security is unsurpassed," said Rodger Morrison, vice president of payment solutions for Source Technologies, "Data sent over e-DocSecure to our MICR printers is fully protected using triple DES encryption. The data is not decrypted until it reaches the printer at the remote location."

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Wednesday, 18 October 2006
ARLINGTON, Texas — The Pinnacle Corporation announced a new partnership with RMS-TOUCH, a pioneer in restaurant POS systems. Pinnacle's Palm POS interfaces to RMS-Kiosk, a multi-media touchscreen customer-activated ordering system designed for busy supermarket delis and convenience stores.
"We are excited in joining forces with The Pinnacle Corporation to supply our technology in an integrated solution. Acceptance of self-service kiosks in the convenience store industry is reaching new highs. RMS-Kiosk extends the power of the Palm POS system to the end-user," said Richard Adler, president of RMS-TOUCH.
RMS-Kiosk allows customers to order sandwiches and cold cuts, increasing overall deli sales, boosting the number of transactions during peak hours, and reducing customer wait. Customers walk up to the RMS-Kiosk system, place a custom-made sandwich or deli order, pay the cashier, and pick up the order when they are finished shopping. With the POS interface, cashiers scan a bar code printed on the kiosk receipt to recall the order on the POS, saving time by not having to re-enter the order.
"As food service offerings continue to escalate within the retail convenience store industry, innovative ways to meet consumer needs without impacting speed of service is critical," said Drew Mize, vice president of retail solutions for Pinnacle. "By integrating RMS-Touch's kiosk solutions to Pinnacle's Palm POS, the consumer receives an enriched ordering experience. In addition, our clients are provided with an opportunity to cross and up-sell to their consumers by offering feature and graphic-rich ordering options."
Palm POS is the fastest in-store point-of-sale system available today, running under the Microsoft Windows family of operating systems. It has more interfaces than any other open architecture POS in the industry. From training to PLU input to scanning, an intuitive touch screen makes every task fast and easy. Palm POS interfaces to a variety of devices including pole displays, security cameras, lottery, and video confirmation. Nationwide, it is used to process upwards of $9 billion in total convenience store sales and is certified on seven different credit payment networks.

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Sunday, 01 October 2006
SAN ANTONIO · The Self-Service & Kiosk Association inducted St. Clair Interactive president Doug Peter into its Hall of Fame Friday morning at The Self-Service & Kiosk Show. Peter's firm, a leader in kiosk software development, has operated for more than 20 years.
Association president Alex Richardson presented the award while lauding Peter's efforts. Peter's peers shared Richardson's sentiments. Corporate Safe Specialists president and CEO Ed McGunn complimented Peter's efforts to spread industry education.
St. Clair Interactive's Doug Peter (right) receives congratulations from NetWorld Alliance's Bob Fincher before rising to receive The Self-Service & Kiosk Association's Hall of Fame Award. Peter, whose firm develops kiosk software, is reknowned in the self-service and kiosk industry.
"Doug has been a source of real life experience with his work at Giant Eagle," McGunn said. "I know he has given his time and energy to give his viewpoints to (SSKA) members. He definitely is somebody that is always available to give information on the growing kiosk industry."
As Richardson announced the award during a breakfast presentation, association members and show attendees burst into applause. One of the only people who remained silent during the announcement was Peter himself who nodded once with eyes closed, rose from his table, accepted his award at the podium, gave a brief thanks, and resumed his seat.
His son and marketing director, Chris Peter, congratulated his dad.
"We are elated to hear that Doug has been recognized by his peers for such a prestigious award," Chris said. "After decades of dedication and service to the kiosk industry, many of the principles he has been pursuing and promoting have been accepted industry wide."
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Thursday, 21 September 2006
EXTON, Pa. · Scala Inc., provider of end-to-end digital signage software, announced the creation of Scala KK, a wholly owned subsidiary located in Tokyo.

Scala KK will be the center of operations for Scala's Asian market. Guillaume Proux will assume the role of general manager, and Takahiro Furuichi will serve as technical services manager. Scala's sales office in Greater China, headed by Elaine Chew, will move under Scala KK's umbrella.

"Our InfoChannel product line has been available for some time now in Japanese, Chinese (simplified & traditional) and Korean language versions." said Gerard Bucas, Scala president and chief executive. "Now with Scala KK based in Tokyo we will be able to provide local support and other services to our customers in their own language."
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Wednesday, 13 September 2006
LEICESTER, U.K. · Working Solutions, software provider for the self-service and digital signage industries, announced in a news release the launch of version 3.0 of its digital-signage management suite, Acquire.
Acquire is designed to accommodate different software "plug ins" called ACQs. A few examples of ACQs are a ticker-style scrolling message controller, RSS (really simple syndication) data-feed organizer and a background music manager.
"As Acquire has grown over the past few years, our customers have driven the development of many new ACQs," said Neil Farr, managing director for Working Solutions. "We wanted the new version to be more powerful, so one of the things we have done is to bundle many of these ACQs with Acquire 3.0."
Acquire 3.0 also comes with a site manager network administration package and the Sentinel security product, which is based on the Kiosk Monitor Watchdog product. It allows customers to securely deliver digital content to all units in their networks and gives them the tools to proactively manage screens in real-time. Any screens that lose connectivity can be easily identified, with alert messages being sent to network administrators and site engineers via SMS and e-mail.
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Tuesday, 15 August 2006

WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. - IBM Corp. announced a new model of its Anyplace Kiosk, which will ship with Windows XP Professional pre-loaded. The Anyplace Kiosk is ultra-small and has on each unit a VESA·mount , which provides the ability to mount it nearly anyplace: on a wall, in a shelf, on an end cap, tabletop, or pole, or even in a floor-standing enclosure.
Features of the new Anyplace Kiosk include:

  • A choice of 12-inch (800 x 600), 15-inch (1024 x 768) or 17-inch (1280 x 1024) active-matrix LCD touchscreen interface
  • Infrared (IR) touchscreen technology
  • Intel Celeron M Processor 320 (1.3 GHz, 400 MHz front side bus, 512 KB cache)
  • 40 GB hard disk drive (HDD), standard with Windows XP Professional preloaded
  • 512 MB of memory (standard) expandable to 2 GB memory
  • Support for full-motion video and multimedia
  • A presence sensor that allows activation of the kiosk when consumers approach from up to 5 feet away
  • 10/100 Ethernet LAN and Web connectivity
  • Environmentally hardened components for outstanding reliability
  • A VESA mount that allows for attachment of wall mount, tabletop mount, or floor mount.

The new Anyplace Kiosk will be available Aug. 25.

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Wednesday, 09 August 2006
Rochester, N.Y. --  ImageXpres Corporation, a digital imaging and printing systems solutions provider, announced today that the company has entered into a business partnership with WebRaiser Technologies, Inc., the leader in software for the self-service economy, to co-develop new generation multimedia/photo kiosks that will be marketed and serviced by ImageXpres.

The agreement between the two companies provides for the integration of WebRaiser's award-winning VendiPix self-service photo processing software, with ImageXpres' family of iPrint Digital Kiosks. The joint effort by the two companies will result in a U.S. wide deployment of internet-enabled digital photo kiosks, with enhanced online POS retail functionality. The ImageXpres iPrint Digital kiosks, powered by VendiPix software, will feature new digital consumer on-demand fulfillment services, tailored to specific market segments such as specialty retail, convenience stores, hotels and hospitals.

The first units with the new functions are being installed this month at several pilot locations, including a Chevron/Texaco convenience store in Atlanta, GA, a major hotel chain, and a medical hospital in the northeast U.S.
John Zankowski, President and CEO of ImageXpres, said, "WebRaiser is the perfect partner for ImageXpres, because they bring the highest levels of self-service expertise and kiosk industry credibility to the photo kiosk world. Integrating our combined technologies into the ImageXpres iPrint Digital Kiosk product line should create a new industry standard for online digital photo kiosks. If we take into account digital photo processing speed and quality, along with kiosk reliability and scalability, we believe our iPrint Digital Kiosk, with the VendiPix software engine, is the photo kiosk that resellers, retailers, and consumers have been waiting for."
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Monday, 31 July 2006 Microsoft India launched Project Saksham, which handles public services for the benefit of rural communities. It's expected to increase the rural GDP through IT interventions.
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Friday, 30 June 2006
IRVINE, Calif. · CeroView, a kiosk designer and global provider of turnkey kiosk solutions, announced it will offer free remote-management software with any complete kiosk system it sells. Remote management allows kiosk owners to monitor their kiosk networks · troubleshooting issues, updating content, monitoring system status and performing other tasks · over the Internet.
CeroView's remote-monitoring software is application independent, meaning it runs at the operating-system level, leaving the kiosk owner free to use other software.
"Offering this program is not meant to compete with reliable kiosk software companies," said CeroView president Derek Fretheim. "We still support companies like Netkey, Nanonation and St. Clair Interactive and their clients."
While the software is free, there is a $12.50 monthly service fee for the access and monitoring service.
The company also announced becoming a certified IBM Business Partner.
"We're very proud that IBM has recognized CeroView as a leading kiosk provider," Fretheim said. "IBM understands self-service and works with clients to help them innovate in their industry. Kiosks are an important aspect of the retail experience and IBM brings leadership products to market that meet the needs of clients in a range of industries."
As an IBM Business Partner, CeroView offers application-focused solutions using IBM's Anyplace Kiosk.
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Wednesday, 28 June 2006
CHICAGO - SSA Infinium, a provider of applications for the hospitality and gaming industries, today announced that it is working with IBM, Agilysys, Bally Technologies and InfoGenesis to offer integrated back office solutions for hospitality and gaming companies worldwide. SSA Infinium is a wholly owned subsidiary of SSA Global , a leading global provider of enterprise business software and services.
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Tuesday, 13 June 2006 While announcing a recent profit revision, Hewlett-Packard disclosed its purchase of Silverwire Holding for an undisclosed sum. Silverwire is a Swiss software company with 23,000 licenses for photo kiosk software sold in 30 countries. The move comes as HP expands its stake in the kiosk market.
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Wednesday, 07 June 2006
MELVILLE, N.Y. & BELLEVUE, Wash. - The North American Components (NAC) business of Arrow Electronics, Inc. (NYSE: ARW) and BSQUARE (Nasdaq: BSQR), a leading provider of smart device solutions to Microsoft Windows Embedded and Windows Mobile device makers, announced today that BSQUARE has joined the Arrow Consulting Engineering Services (ACES) program.
The ACES program connects Arrow's OEM customers with specific design needs to an elite network of the best engineering design service teams in North America through a single point of contact.
BSQUARE brings exceptional Microsoft Windows CE expertise to the ACES portfolio of design capabilities, which includes firmware development, turnkey board design, wireless expertise, and signal integrity analysis. Its line of Intel XScalehardware development platforms, specialized drivers, and Windows training function as building blocks for OEMs who need to bring their products to the market place quickly, within budget, and with minimal overhead.
"Our partnership with Arrow exposes us to a new channel of OEMs who need to build general embedded or wireless devices, and will drive future sales of BSQUARE products and services," said Pawan Gupta, vice president, Products and Marketing, BSQUARE. "Arrow's customers can choose to either develop their designs in-house, leveraging BSQUARE training and technical support, or they can outsource key pieces of their Windows Embedded development and testing to our engineering services team."
"Our OEM customers who need to bring their Windows CE-based designs to the market place quickly will be attracted to the option of leveraging BSQUARE's industry-leading expertise at any stage in their device development," said David West, vice president, Market Development, Arrow North American Components.
Microsoft named BSQUARE its "2006 Windows Embedded System Integrator of the Year" for its execution of more than 350 successful Windows Embedded service engagements throughout the world.
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Wednesday, 31 May 2006
Seattle — 3M Digital Signage, worldwide provider of digital signage network solutions,  announced the release of 3M Digital Signage Software - Network Edition version 3.0.  Network Edition digital signage software provides the ability to distribute and play back media files, schedule playlists, and monitor a network of digital signs from any Internet-connected computer. 

Network Edition 3.0 adds new functionalities, plus augments and streamlines the content and network management features 3M Digital Signage products are known for. Highlights include new network management capabilities such as the ability to assign multiple users/multiple roles, network-status reporting enhancements and an enhanced user interface designed for even easier use. In addition, functional improvements, fixes and optional content services help optimize network performance. 
Current users of Network Edition 2.0 will receive automatic upgrades and see these improvements the next time they log in.

Among the highlights of 3M Digital Signage — Network Edition v. 3.0:
  • "User-defined media folders:  Organize media to suit any size or type of project.
  • "Multiple users/multiple roles:  Create new usernames and assign specific privileges.
  • "Schedulable layouts and tickers:  Change screen layouts at will within a playback schedule.
  • "Multidimensional reporting:  Generate network activity reports by player, media item, or time interval.
User Interface Improvements
  • "Task-oriented User Interface, with new descriptive tabs for faster, easier content, schedule and network management.
  • "All new portal look and feel.

Functional improvements

  • "Streamlined player registration.
  • "Various speed and performance enhancements and fixes.
"Network Edition 3.0 delivers more power, flexibility, and reliability to our customers while noticeably improving usability," says Steve Saxe, product marketing manager, 3M Digital Signage.  "Combined with a new reporting engine and other functional improvements, we're building on our promise to 'Keep it simple, make it count.'"
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Tuesday, 09 May 2006
LOMBARD, Ill.— ADUSA Inc. has released its latest version of S4G self-service software for grocery supermarkets. According to a news release, the new version adds two modules - bakery self-ordering and recipe recommendations - and adds new features to the existing deli, sandwich and party-tray self-ordering modules.

"This is an important software release that comes at a pivotal point in self-service efforts within many supermarkets" said Juan C. Perez, ADUSA's president. "Now retailers can combine these with our existing deli/sandwich and party tray self-ordering modules to effectively deploy a solution consisting of the most popular and highest-return self-service applications."
Self-service solutions in supermarkets are among the most popular applications with customers. These also are the applications that have the most potential to provide a solid return to the retailer by effectively increasing sales in the deli, bakery and throughout the entire store.

"Having established the self-service initiative on a solid base, the retailer can then gauge ongoing customer sentiment and if appropriate add lower return informational applications, such as product locator, wine information, etc."
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Thursday, 13 April 2006
Self-service segment leader Apunix has partnered with a multinational retail giant Verifone. Verifone will now offer Apunix software on its new kiosk line.
The initiative is dubbed Kiosk Solutions Secure Payment Software. Each company exhibited the other's products April 10-11 at this year's KioskCom in Las Vegas, and both companies' spokespeople were equally optimistic about the deal.
Verifone executive vice president Bud Waller said his company's presence surprised KioskCom attendees.
"When you start putting payments into kiosks, you'd better know how to do that," Waller said. "I wouldn't say we're the only ones in this industry, but we're the 800 pound gorilla."
He cited the company's 25-year history in the retail financial-hardware business, and the company's latest acquisition of its multinational Israeli counterpart, Lipman Electronic Engineering, as solid foundations for the foray into the kiosk market.
Waller said Verifone's history with Apunix began when he met that company's founders, Drs. Sylvia and Peter Berens, at a previous Kioskcom show and he became interested in their company because, like Verifone, they use the UNIX operating system.
"I was impressed that a pair of Ph.D.s from MIT use our development environment," Waller said.
Timothy Gendreau, founder and principal of The Gendreau Group LLC, a revenue-strategy consulting firm, said Verifone will utilize Apunix's expertise in the software space.
"Verifone is into payments. They're into hardware that facilitates payments in the (checkout) lane," he said. "We are helping Verifone to move from the lane to the aisle. Now people can, instead of payment, do 20 or 30 other functions using the Verifone hardware powered by the Apunix software."
The Apunix-powered hardware includes the new Verifone MX870 minikiosk, a tiny unit employing a 320x240 pixel monitor, 32 megs of RAM and 32 megs of flash memory. The unit's full-motion video is meant to capture shoppers' attention. It also includes a Triple DES encoded touch interface, which can work like a PIN pad on an ATM.
The GUI, graphics and front-end software are programmed by Apunix.
"The display is eyecatching," Verifone spokesperson Mandy Ownley said, while demonstrating the unit on the KioskCom show floor. "The graphics, and the faceplates, are interchangeable."
Waller said Verifone sees an obvious appeal in the affordability of self-service compared to traditional service.
"We deal with retail merchandisers all over the world," he said. "And what we see is labor costs are first on the hit parade."
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Tuesday, 11 April 2006
Whitech's Photo Teller kiosk software now has a new feature called 'Story Books' allowing consumers to create unique, themed albums around a special occasion or event in their life.
Story Books are easy and fun to create and also make a special and meaningful gift too. First the customer selects from a wide range of templates (with a set number of pages and sizes) and then chooses which photos they would like in the album. There is also an easy to use auto fill function available.
Steve Delnawaz, Managing Director of Whitech Solutions said, "Retailers have the opportunity to utilise the high profit margin available to them by offering items such as Story Books. The albums are cost-effective to create and the themed templates add more value to the end product, allowing retailers to charge for them accordingly."
There is a wide range of themed albums a retailer can offer including birthdays, weddings, sports, graduations, travel and Christmas just to name a few.
A good example of a use for Story Books is a person who has recently been married. This customer will have the opportunity of selecting a template with a wedding theme and add their favourite photos from the day to the album. Once the album is complete they also have the option of ordering several copies. Once the order has been fulfilled, the customer has a beautiful, bound album as a keepsake of an important occasion in their life.
Retailers are able to see demonstrations of Story Books being created during the Photo Imaging World Expo at Darling Harbour from April 28th — 30th at Whitech's stand, 469a.
For more information please contact Sally Taylor, Marketing Coordinator, Whitech Software Solutions on +61 2 9224 9618 or e-mail
About Whitech
Whitech Software Solutions is an innovative Australian company that offers Information Technology products and services to retail businesses all over the world.
Established in 1995, Whitech specialise in industry specific and customised electronic point of sale solutions aimed at improving the efficiency and profitability of our customers.
Whitech also develops market leading photographic digital kiosk and home ordering solutions, which successfully assist retail businesses in taking advantage of the digital boom in the photographic industry.

See for more information.
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Friday, 07 April 2006
Middletown, RI —  Swecoin US Inc., the world's leading designer of small footprint, highly reliable thermal self-service printer solutions, today announced that their Windows driver has been signed (Windows Logo Certified) by Microsoft for the TTP 2000 series of kiosk printers.
Released in August of 2005, the TTP 2000 has been quickly adopted as the standard receipt and coupon printer for many of the major kiosk developers, most of whom utilize the Windows driver.  With the driver being signed by Microsoft, the process to install a new printer in a kiosk is significantly streamlined.  Security warnings are eliminated and hardware device setup procedures are greatly simplified, reducing the number of steps for implementation and increasing the reliability of a new install.
"This new development is a significant time-saver for our customers using our printers in a Windows environment.  This is important given the number of large rollouts that rely on Swecoin printers," said Elaine Bresnick, President of Swecoin US. "This is a result of our commitment to write our own drivers and always use the standard command set that follows Microsoft's protocol."
For applications that operate in Linux or other UNIX variants, Swecoin provides a CUPS (Common UNIX Printing System) driver.  Swecoin additionally offers the ability to directly communicate with the printer using a robust internal command set.
About Swecoin US
Swecoin US, Inc. offers a complete family of kiosk printers.  Swecoin printers are used in more than 200,000 installations worldwide and are considered the best thermal printers for unattended applications available on the market today.  Ranging from 58mm-wide to letter-size, Swecoin printers are widely known for their small footprint, reliability and durable, modular design. Swecoin thermal kiosk printers are used in all manner of unattended applications, including receipt printing, coupons, HR applications, and general Internet/web site access. In addition to kiosk printers, Swecoin also manufactures several ticket printers, including the ability to simultaneously encode a magnetic stripe on the reverse side of the card. Swecoin ticket printers are commonly used in transportation, parking and access control applications.

Swecoin US, Inc. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Swecoin AB with world headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden.  Swecoin US Inc., located in Middletown, RI, operates exclusively in North and South America. For more information on Swecoin US Inc., please visit or call
(401) 848-2000.
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Monday, 03 April 2006
In its 2006 kiosk market overview report, self-service analyst firm Summit Research Associates identifies Netkey as the "industry leader" for human resources kiosk software.
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Tuesday, 21 March 2006
ARMONK, NY - IBM and its Lotus Software division today announced strong momentum and investment in the mid-market, showcasing new products and tools to better serve the needs of customers and create value-add opportunities for the Lotus Business Partner community. The new offerings include: a new version of IBM Workplace Services Express and a hosted trial version of IBM Workplace for Business Controls and Reporting.
With over 5,000 business partners and double-digit year-to-year growth, Lotus and its business partners are targeting solutions that meet the needs of small and medium customers around the world. Small and medium-sized businesses face the same challenges as large enterprises, but with fewer resources at their disposal. Lotus is providing affordable solutions that allow these businesses to adopt and upgrade systems that help enhance business performance while at the same time bringing efficiencies and cost savings to business operations. With over 800 solutions in the IBM Workplace Solution Catalog, small and mid-market firms have access to applications relevant to their industry and sized right for their operation scale.

"With more and more small and medium business owners and entrepreneurs worldwide turning to IBM Lotus and IBM Business Partners to help them build industry-specific solutions, our focus in 2006 is on delivering products and services that are affordable to manage but do not compromise on depth of capability," said Mike Rhodin, IBM general manager Workplace, Portal and Collaboration Software.
IBM Workplace Services Express 2.6

IBM is announcing the new 2.6 release of Workplace Services Express, which will ship in April. This release will provide significant reliability and scalability improvements with up to a 200 percent improvement in performance. In addition, business partners who are building horizontal and vertical solutions that extend the rich portal, team collaboration and document management services of Workplace Services Express now have the new IBM Workplace Designer 2.6 tool to facilitate development and deployment of applications for their customers.
Other additions to the release are the inclusion of a license for IBM DB2 Universal Database Express Edition licensed for use with Workplace Services Express that provides robust database capabilities, as well as portlet support for Microsoft Exchange 2003 and support for IBM Workplace Web Content Management.
Workplace Services Express is experiencing rapid market penetration with over 5,000 trial downloads by customers in the last nine months alone. Some 750 business partners are now enabled on this offering and more than 60 new business applications have already been built on Workplace Services Express, providing customers with industry-specific solutions using the rich, out of the box services of the product.

Workplace Services Express is used by companies in many industries and many sizes. Among the customers who have benefited from its team-based collaboration and portal capabilities are: government organizations, utilities companies and companies in the industrial manufacturing and retail industries.

For example, in China Shajiao C Power Station improved its collaboration capabilities and streamlined its business operations with a collaboration portal after engaging IBM Business Partner TECHHERO Technology Co. to implement a collaboration portal based on the cost-effective IBM Workplace Services Express and IBM WebSphere Portal Express. This integrated environment provides the power station with the business flexibility that it needs to capitalize on fluctuating market trends and help increase its profitability.
In the U.S., Skaugen Petro Trans, a leading lightering company in Texas, reduced information-distribution costs and provided its customers with near real-time status data when it created a content portal using IBM Workplace Services Express software.
MSI Systems Integrators, a Nebraska-based IT services company reduced costs associated with a geographic expansion when selecting IBM Workplace Services Express for their human resources intranet. Immediate savings on new hire printing costs and orientation sessions exceed $5,000, as well as avoiding the addition of a new human resource staff member to handle the expanded employee population. As an IBM Business Partner, MSI will also be able to sell the IBM Workplace Services Express solution to its own customers, offering first-hand knowledge and expertise.
Hosted IBM Workplace for Business Controls and Reporting -- a faster solution to help address compliance needs
Regulatory compliance requirements and the need to improve internal controls are issues faced by businesses of all sizes. Small and mid-market companies in particular are often overwhelmed by the cost and complexity of IT solutions available to address these needs. IBM's software offering, IBM Workplace for Business Control and Reporting, addresses these business needs.
IBM can also simplify deployment and management of this solution by providing the capability as a hosted service in partnership with IBM's eBusiness Hosting Services. The Flexible Hosting Program for Workplace for Business Controls and Reporting enables customers to be up and running with IBM's software in as little as 48 hours. Today, IBM is announcing a new "test drive" program for prospective customers who wish to evaluate the application and hosting delivery of Workplace for Business Controls and Reporting before purchasing. Business Partners can also use IBM's test drive program to support needs identification engagements, conference room pilots and other pre-sales activity. For more information on the test drive program, see
Workplace for Business Controls and Reporting is designed to be delivered in cooperation with regional systems integrators, providing IBM Business Partners with a compelling tool to help address customer compliance and internal controls needs. Business Partners can leverage this solution to help reduce or eliminate the up front time investment needed to install and deploy a technical solution, including installation fees, capital investment for hardware, and training of IT staff. IBM provides a complete package of ongoing IT services including daily operations, backup of critical data, and upgrades to new versions, allowing the customer to focus on their core business. Business Partners can then focus on offering services to support a successful deployment such as needs analysis, configuration, and end user training services.
"Compliance is a critical need for clients of any size. We're very excited to extend our partnership with IBM to include the ability of providing services around the Managed Application Services option for IBM Workplace for Business Controls and Reporting," said Howie Hunger, managing partner of Personal Systems Technology. "With this option, Personal Systems Technology has a distinct advantage: Clients can start their compliance programs in days with no up front capital investments or IT training costs and we can focus on delivering our market leading compliance services."
IBM plans to enable Business Partners to offer the hosted service to their customers and receive compensation for all opportunities they help close. IBM Business Partners who are enabled to participate in this program will receive a Closed Contract Fee totaling 4 percent of the quarterly hosting revenue stream. An additional 6 percent of first year revenue is paid as an SMB Accelerator for new Small and Medium Business customers. For more information on this complementary sales program for eBusiness Hosting, IBM Business Partners can go to or check with their IBM Business Partner representative.
About IBM
IBM is the world's largest information technology company with 80 years of leadership in helping businesses innovate. IBM Software offers a wide range of middleware and operating systems for all types of computing platforms, allowing customers to take e-business systems by using leading edge technologies from IBM to enable people to collaborate, communicate and integrate services over the Internet.
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Tuesday, 21 March 2006
LIMA, PERU - Lima Airport Partners has signed a five-year contract with IBM to provide hosting services for its SAP business applications.
LAP selected IBM because of its experience in managing large local SAP hosting projects on UNIX platforms, providing the high reliability and availability LAP requires. IBM hosts 80 percent of all SAP applications in Peru.
LAP is the business consortium that manages operations for Jorge Chavez International Airport in Lima.

"After considering the alternative of managing an in-house solution, we decided to use IBM's hosting service, as it gives us access to IBM's expertise," said LAP CFO Pilar Vizcarra. "This agreement enables us to ensure service availability and to take advantage of economies of scale, with the added benefits of relying on shared IT resources. Our personnel have been freed up to focus on our strategic business areas."

The services IBM will provide include the operation, monitoring and administration of all SAP infrastructure for LAP, including communications and application support.
Under the terms of the agreement, IBM will host the LAP applications at its Technological Campus in La Molina.
"IBM's unquestionable leadership in Peru's SAP hosting market, the experience of our services professionals in this type of engagement, and the infrastructure of IBM Peru's IT Campus all make our clients feel comfortable entrusting their IT processes to our outsourcing operation," said IBM Peru Services Manager Gaspar Fernandez-Concha. For more information about IBM, go to
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Monday, 20 March 2006
NORTH CANTON, Ohio -- PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Customers at a Saudi Arabian bank will soon know and appreciate the convenience, security and dependability of conducting self-service transactions on biometric automated teller machines (ATMs). Diebold's (NYSE: DBD) biometric Opteva(R) ATMs will provide service to a select group of government customers in need of the new technology.
Al Rajhi Bank, one of the largest financial institutions in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East, recently purchased 240 Opteva ATMs through Diebold's business partner in the Kingdom, Alhamrani Universal Company (AU). Diebold's Agilis(R) software will enable the integration of biometric technology in Opteva terminals purchased by the bank. Agilis terminal software interfaces with a variety of multivendor products to provide flexibility and help protect investments in legacy systems.
Working with AU's technical professional team, Diebold Professional Services will manage the implementation of 82 biometric terminals, providing overall development of the biometric software solution, and will create a customized user interface in the local language. The biometric units will be deployed at Social Security offices throughout Saudi Arabia. The machines will allow 400,000 retirees to use the unique geometry of the index finger in conjunction with a magnetic stripe card to access monthly retirement payments. The biometric technology will replace the use of personal identification numbers (PINs) for the authentication of identity.
"Diebold's biometric ATMs will allow us to expand our business by distributing government-mandated pension payments on a monthly basis," said Suliman Al Obaid, general manager of IT and Shared Services at Al Rajhi Bank. "Our biometric program may be expanded to include the enrollment of other customers in rural areas who are unfamiliar with the use of PINs."
The agreement also includes the replacement of legacy Diebold ATMs with new Opteva island ATMs equipped with Diebold's exclusive Extreme Environmental Kit, which incorporates an air conditioner within the ATM to provide reliability and superior operating performance. The kit extends the useful life of ATMs by allowing them to operate in regions with excessive hot and cold temperatures.
Diebold's Extreme Environmental Kit reduces operating costs by eliminating the need to enclose the ATM in an expensive, air-conditioned building or kiosk. The kit also includes a terminal safe and enclosure protected by more than double the insulating properties of previous models, better protecting the unit's devices against rapid and significant temperature fluctuations that could impact interior module reliability.
Additionally, 37 advanced-function Opteva terminals will replace Diebold's legacy i and ix-Series(R) terminals at Al Rajhi bank branches and off-site locations. The upgrades will provide future advanced functionality that may include bulk note acceptance, intelligent depository modules and other applications that enable revenue generation.
"The reliability and flexibility of our Opteva platform and biometric solution gives our customers a competitive edge by allowing them to meet the local needs of their customers," said Henrik Funch, division vice president for Diebold Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA). "And our Extreme Environmental Kit helps protect our customers' investment in the latest self- service technology."
About Alhamrani Universal
Alhamrani Universal Co. Ltd, (AU) is the largest distributor of Diebold products in the Middle East. AU is the leading provider for services and solutions in the Saudi Arabian electronic payment industry and has representation across the Gulf countries. AU is a member of the Alhamrani Group of Companies, one of the most diversified group of companies in Saudi Arabia. For more information, visit the company's Web site at
About Diebold
Diebold, Incorporated is a global leader in providing integrated self- service delivery and security systems and services. Diebold employs more than 14,000 associates with representation in nearly 90 countries worldwide and is headquartered in Canton, Ohio, USA. Diebold reported revenue of $2.6 billion in 2005 and is publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol "DBD." For more information, visit the company's Web site at
SOURCE Diebold, Incorporated
CONTACT: Media Relations, Joseph Richardson, Corporate Communications,
+1-330-490-5562, or
Investor Relations, John Kristoff, +1-330-490-5900, or
Web site:
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Monday, 13 March 2006
AUSTIN, TX·March 13, 2006·Wincor Nixdorf, one of the world's leading suppliers of IT solutions for the banking and retail industries, today announced that Balducci's has selected Wincor's StoreForward POS software as the point-of-sale application for a chainwide rollout. Balducci's, one of the largest and most highly regarded specialty food companies in the U.S., will also install Wincor's BEETLE POS systems in new stores including its Food Lover's Market stores in Manhattan and Washington, D.C.
StoreForward POS is a robust, server-based Java® point-of-sale (POS) software application that is optimized for thin-client computing — lowering Balducci's total cost of ownership, while providing a more stable, robust operating environment.  Key features include a server-based architecture for greater system uptime and reliability; a powerful accounting system that provides real-time access to critical sales information, down to the store level; and a built-in SQL database with flexible, easy-to-use reporting functions.
For POS hardware, Balducci's selected the BEETLE /NetPOS systems with a sealed-chassis, which helps to prevent the intake of particulates that can damage the system. In order to optimize valuable and limited counter space, Wincor mounted the flat-panel display and printer on a swing arm above the counter.
"The reliability and stability of StoreForward POS running on Wincor Nixdorf hardware will greatly increase system uptime at Balducci's stores, helping us speed customers through the checkouts during peak shopping hours," said John Stroke, director of information services, Balducci's.  "By improving throughput, the new POS solution plays a key role in helping Balducci's increase customer satisfaction."
"Balducci's is an innovative specialty foods retailer, with loyal customers and a great brand reputation," said Doug Evans, vice president of retail, Wincor Nixdorf USA.  "StoreForward was the perfect solution for helping Balducci's lower their costs and further increase customer satisfaction.  Wincor's store system solutions are gaining significant market momentum in the U.S., as we continue to focus on helping retailers deliver a better customer experience and drive cost out of their business."
About Balducci's
Balducci's is one of the largest specialty food companies in the country.  Formerly operating under the names Hay Day Country Farm Market and Sutton Place Gourmet, the company was purchased in November 2003 by a group headed by Bear Stearns Merchant Bank.  Shortly thereafter, the company began a major repositioning of all stores under the Balducci's name, with the new tag line, "Food Lover's Market."  Balducci's flagship store opened in December 2005 in Manhattan, and an 11th store is set to open in Washington D.C.'s Penn Quarter later this Spring. For more information on Balducci's, visit
About Wincor Nixdorf
Wincor Nixdorf is one of the world's leading suppliers of IT solutions to the retail and banking industries. The company's extensive portfolio, consisting of hardware products, software, consulting, maintenance and other services, is aimed at reducing the cost and complexity of business processes while improving customer service. Wincor Nixdorf is the world's third largest supplier of POS systems and automated teller machines and the number one supplier of POS systems in Europe (source: Clarendon Report, April 2005). With over 7,000 employees and net sales of €1,744 million last fiscal year, Wincor Nixdorf operates in over 90 countries with manufacturing plants in Germany and Singapore. Worldwide headquarters are in Paderborn, Germany and North American headquarters are in Austin, Texas. For more information, visit
For Information Contact:
KK Walker
Wincor Nixdorf, Inc.
Jeff Ketner or Catherine Seeds
KetnerBarnes, Inc.
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Monday, 13 March 2006
ENGLEWOOD, Colo.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--March 13, 2006--Value-added resellers serving the public sector now have a new emergency management solution developed by a partnership between Arrow ECS, IBM Software Group, NC-4 (formerly ETeam), Paaridian Technologies, Inc. and Advanced Interactive Systems, Inc.
The new solution, Rapid Response, provides reliable and efficient information sharing among emergency response agencies. Using this Web-based solution, disparate emergency responders can streamline communication pertaining to emergency situations. This results in shortened response times, clarity about how the incident will be managed among various emergency response organizations, and the ability to leverage up-to-the-minute information to make better response decisions.
Rapid Response, based on open standards, integrates hardware, software and middleware and is designed for use in coordinating a variety of major public events ranging from unexpected emergencies to scheduled sporting events and public celebrations.
Arrow played a critical role in solution development, market analysis and product strategy for Rapid Response, including go-to-market planning and channel development. Arrow is working closely with all partners involved to assure proper vendor certification and to effectively market the product through a select reseller base. Arrow also brought in two key systems integration partners, CACI Technologies Incorporated and Paaridian Technologies, to assist resellers with the implementation of Rapid Response.

"Rapid Response combines innovation and integrated technologies to help emergency response teams better coordinate their cooperative efforts," said Eric Williams, executive vice president, IBM Group, Arrow Enterprise Computing Solutions. "We are extremely proud of this solution and the collaborative work among several Arrow partners, IBM and ISVs that brought this product to market."
For the team's efforts in developing Rapid Response, Arrow and its partners are winners of the prestigious IBM PartnerWorld Beacon Awards in the On Demand Business Innovative Solutions category.
"The Arrow team did a terrific job in making Rapid Response a reality," said Alex Gogh, vice president of marketing, IBM Global Public Sector. "This emergency response solution has the capacity to improve safety measures in countless situations and even save lives. We are extremely proud to recognize Arrow as a winner of an IBM PartnerWorld Beacon Award." For more information about Rapid Response, visit
About Arrow ECS
Arrow ECS is the global business group of Arrow Electronics, Inc. (NYSE: ARW) that provides enterprise and midrange computing products, services and solutions to value-added resellers, system integrators, and independent software vendors (ISVs). Based in Englewood, Colo., Arrow ECS connects its customers to an exclusive network of the world's foremost technology suppliers, including HP, IBM, Sun Microsystems, EMC, NetApp, HDS, and other leading storage networking, software, and security suppliers. Arrow Electronics reported $2.7 billion in worldwide computer products sales in 2005. Visit us at
Contact: Arrow Electronics, Inc.
Ann Shiveley, 303-824-3762
SOURCE: Arrow Electronics, Inc.
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Monday, 06 March 2006
ATLANTA, March 6 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- S1 Corporation (Nasdaq: SONE), the leading provider of customer interaction software solutions for financial and payment services, announced today the decision to transition the Mosaic Software brand to S1, while retaining the Postilion product name. Mosaic Software, a provider of payment and financial transaction solutions for ATMs, POS terminals, kiosks, call centers, and Internet sites, was acquired by S1 in November 2004 to complete S1's suite of front-office solutions and leverage the domain expertise of the Mosaic staff.
Mosaic Software's CEO, Johann Dreyer, has been appointed group president of the recently reorganized S1, as announced in October 2005. Dreyer now runs S1's community financial group, retail banking operations in Europe, the Middle East and Asia-Pacific, as well as the global payments group, which is the former Mosaic Software. S1 reaffirms its commitment to providing superior service to the financial institutions, retailers, and processors that use the Postilion product and looks to continue to embrace the solutions and staff for greater synergies for the two organizations' global success.
Johann Dreyer comments: "I am confident that we enter 2006 as a fully integrated team, poised to offer an even better quality of Postilion service and support - now under the S1 Corporation brand. We look forward to offering our Postilion customers the benefits of a more comprehensive set of financial services products, implemented and supported by a team with greater global reach."
About S1 Corporation
S1 Corporation (incorporating Mosaic Software) delivers customer interaction software for financial and payment services and offers unique solution sets for financial institutions, retailers, and processors. S1 employs 1,500 people in operations in the North America, Europe and Middle East, Africa, and Asia-Pacific regions. Worldwide, more than 4,000 customers use S1 software solutions for financial services. S1 partners with best-in- class organizations to provide flexible and extensible software solutions for its customers. Through the establishment of strategic alliances with the world's leading companies, S1 is successfully accelerating the pace of innovation, implementation, and service delivery.
The payments software solution, Postilion, was added to S1's software solutions when it acquired Mosaic Software in November 2004. Postilion drives payments, including advanced financial transactions such as prepay and self- service, through ATMs, POS terminals, phones, and Internet access points. Postilion provides consolidated management information, integrated card management, EMV chip enablement, and loyalty software solutions. Postilion reduces transaction processing costs, speeds time to market for new products and offerings, improves analysis of customer transactions and business opportunities, and increases profitability. Postilion is at the forefront of next-generation payments processing software - 250 customers in 49 countries use Postilion to provide leading-edge consumer transaction processing.
For more information, please visit
Chris Watson
Vice President of Marketing of S1 Corporation,
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Thursday, 02 March 2006
CHARLOTTE, N.C. · SSKA member Source Technologies, provider of integrated solutions for managing financial transactions and other secure business processes, announced the availability of the concourse Kiosk Project Planner, an interactive design tool to create customized transactional kiosk project plans.

As an easy-to-use Web-based application, the concourse Kiosk Project Planner allows businesses to interactively develop their kiosk project requirements by selecting either branch banking or retail applications, hardware enhancements, color options and technical support packages. In addition, the Kiosk Project Planner collects information regarding production and deployment to ensure optimal implementation and post-sale support. After completion of eight simple steps, the requirements can be viewed online and submitted automatically. Source Technologies responds with a comprehensive kiosk design and project plan based on the submission.

"Source Technologies developed the Kiosk Project Planner to offer our customers an easy way to work through some of the initial steps in planning a self-service deployment," said Miles Busby, president of Source Technologies. "Banks and retailers are aggressively looking for transactional kiosks that address their customer's specific needs and that also provide unique branding opportunities. By allowing the customer to choose their model, devices, applications, colors and implementation plan, we are enabling our customers to quickly and effectively scope their project, reduce their time-to-benefit and maximize their return on investment."
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