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Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Comark Corp. has announced the release of a multimedia kiosk that allows customers to capture live video or photos in various backdrops using green screen technology and then share the content via e-mail or a printed postcard.

According to a news release from Comark, the kiosk features a built-in proximity sensor and a motion detector equipped camera to attract customers and save power during times of inactivity. The solution includes a 32-inch high-resolution LCD for advertising content, a 19-inch LCD touchscreen and a stainless-steel keyboard with a trackball mouse. Multiple software configurations and payment peripherals are available as well, the company says.

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Wednesday, 11 November 2009
At the KioskCom Self Service Expo in New York City, Motorola today is exhibiting the MK4000 micro kiosk, an interactive, full-service multimedia kiosk.
The company says the micro kiosk is ideal for retail applications such as loyalty and gift card functions, merchandise locating, price and inventory checks, product information access, CD and/or DVD listening stations, product ordering or viewing “how-to” videos. Motorola also says the solution is well-suited for applications in the transportation, hospitality, entertainment and healthcare verticals.
The MK4000’s features include:
  • A choice between laser barcode scanning or imaging technology
  • Networking options, including wireless and Ethernet support
  • A slim profile, at 2.43 inches by 6.17 centimeters
  • Flexible mounting options – shelves, walls, tables and end-caps
  • 12.1-inch color LCD touchscreen
  • Microsoft Windows CE operating system
  • Compatibility with Motorola’s Mobility Services Platform (MSP)
  • Stereo speakers, microphone and headset jacks
Motorola says the micro kiosk solution can help retailers create a better shopping experience and retain valuable customers:
The MK4000 enables the deployment of intuitive, on-demand, rich multimedia applications that provide your customers with instant and constant access to information — when and where they need it — eliminating wait times that can result in lost sales, well as customer attrition.
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Monday, 14 September 2009
Envelop Media, a technology startup based in West Liberty, Ky., has announced the deployment of a kiosk-display case hybrid prototype as part of the "Magna Carta and the Foundations of Freedom" exhibit at the Fraunces Tavern Museum in New York City.
According to a news release from Envelop, the Clarifier is a glass-enclosed display case with a multimedia touch interface incorporated into the glass. It features "electric glass" technology that, when turned on, creates projection surfaces to display content and, when turned off, makes the glass clear, allowing the user to view the items inside the case. The touch interface provides information about the displayed objects and even can conduct transactions.
Scott Templeton, chief executive of Envelop, says the company believes the Clarifier may be the kiosk format of the future:
Kiosks are great technology, but the industry has always been challenged by telling consumers what they can do on a kiosk and with creating a single device for multiple users. The Clarifier draws the consumers' immediate attention with the display items and the touch interfaces accommodate multiple users and can tell a story or sell a product. This device is the future of the kiosk industry.
Envelop says it also is working with the Kentucky Science and Technology Corp. and Kentucky's Morehead State University to bring the Clarifier to market.
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Thursday, 28 May 2009
CAMBERLEY, Surrey — Cineworld, the second-largest multiplex cinema chain in the U.K., has installed Protouch’s Xen X5 and X4 self-service kiosks into a number of its U.K. cinemas.
The kiosks are to be used for both Cineworld’s “Unlimited” film program and for ticket collection.
Cineworld installed the Xen X5 self-service kiosks into five of its cinema sites, including Glasgow, West India Queys and Cheltenham in late 2008. They are used in the cinema’s main foyer to sell the company’s Unlimited film program, which entitles visitors to watch any film, any day, anytime and at any Cineworld Cinema for just £13.50 a month.

Cinema visitors simply sign up to the program by entering personal information into the kiosk. From this, an A4 receipt with a photo of the member is then printed and can be used as identification until a membership card arrives in the mail.
In the six months that the kiosks have been operating, they have shown impressive results, increasing membership by 100 new members per week. Due to the success, Cineworld plans to install the Xen X5 kiosk into all of its cinemas to continue selling the Unlimited program.
“The Unlimited program is a large and important part of Cineworld’s business and distinguishes them from every other cinema company in the U.K., and Protouch’s X5 kiosk is helping advance the program,” said John Anderson, Cineworld’s marketing coordinator.
On the back of the success of the X5s, Cineworld has greatly expanded its kiosk operations and is now rolling out 34 of Protouch's new Xen X4 kiosks in 13 of its U.K. cinema sites.
The X4s will be used for ticket purchase and collection and will run either as wall- or floor-mounted kiosks, using the latest Chasis printer technology for receipts.
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Tuesday, 28 April 2009

EE Times: A San Francisco design house has demonstrated a technology for bringing a multitouch interface to large screen displays. Moto Development Group claims its approach can cost effectively scale an iPhone-like capability to LCD displays 60 inches in diagonal or larger. The technology is aimed at a broad range of uses ranging from interactive public signage, kiosks, collaborative computing and gaming. Moto posted a video demonstrating a prototype of its technology on a 19-inch computer display.

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