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Monday, 07 July 2014

Tablets have been touted as "reinventing" and "revolutionizing" retail. Retailers and consumer-facing businesses have been testing the use of tablets to gain operational and marketing advantages, and they are establishing their place in a changing technological landscape. Businesses embracing mobility are incorporating tablets and touchscreens into their customer experience.

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Monday, 17 June 2013

In today's market, the iPad and Android tablets are doing more than just disrupting the way millions of users consume digital content on-the-go and at home. They are paving the way for businesses across many different industries to more effectively and memorably engage with their customers. Since they are a cost-effective and beautiful way to engage with customers, they easily create memorable one-on-one experiences in any location.

Provided by MokiMobility

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Wednesday, 05 October 2011
The complex covers two floors in four adjacent buildings. Washington Mall desired a wayfinding mall directory with interactive concierge and promotional capabilities.

Livewire was engaged by the hardware vendor to provide the software solution for the Mall’s multiple wayfinding directories.

Download this case study to read more about the functionality and implementation of the solutions for Washington Mall by Livewire.

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Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Successful kiosk deployoment requires careful planning and consideration of key questions before beginning a project. In addition to functionality, deployers also must consider concepts such as customer experience, aesthetics and branding goals. Intelligent kiosk design incorporates:

  • Usable aesthetics
  • Careful component selection
  • Ergonomics and accessibility

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Friday, 01 January 2010
The rollout of a brand-new kiosk can be a daunting task, but a good place to start is with the machine's enclosure. Taking the proper steps when choosing what surrounds a kiosk can help ensure a project's ultimate success. Download Now.
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Friday, 01 January 2010
Meridian Kiosks helped Bloom launch its innovative Breeze Info Station, creating an all-in-one kiosk loaded with value for customers and branded with Bloom's vision of service and quality. Download Now.
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Friday, 01 January 2010
HR kiosks are helping employers and employees streamline HR functions, such as recruiting or managing benefits. But to be successful, the issues of implementation and security need to be addressed. Download Now.
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Friday, 01 January 2010
There's more to designing a kiosk than throwing a keyboard, box and touchscreen together. Learn how to use form, function and forethought to make your kiosk irresistible. Download Now.
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Friday, 01 January 2010
There is nothing more inconvenient than a kiosk that doesn't work, which is why outdoor kiosk manufacturers face the challenge of developing rugged kiosks that maintain functionality against the elements. This guide discusses the demands of outdoor kiosks, hardware, software, installation and maintenance as well as the advantages of using self-service in general. Download Now.
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Monday, 31 August 2009
Creating customized kiosks can help a deployer meet the needs of its customers, but choosing the right software and hardware is crucial for success. A turnkey kiosk supplier can help a company build a kiosk tailored to its specifications quickly and easily. Download now.
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Monday, 03 August 2009
King Soopers, a division of the Kroger Corp., worked with Livewire to develop a self-service solution for the sale of discounted ski lift tickets, baseball, concert and amusement park tickets. Download now.
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Tuesday, 27 January 2009
When the government of Bermuda needed to get wayfinding and advertising information out to tourists, it decided to deploy digital displays outdoors. Tough display enclosures were needed —enclosures that could take sand and humidity. Find out how ITSENCLOSURES came to the rescue. Download now.
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Friday, 19 December 2008
When Nestlé had to deploy computer kiosks throughout its factory floor, company execs knew they couldn't use just any enclosure. Factories are harsh environments, with intense heat, bitter cold and substantial moisture. That's why the company turned to ITSEnclosures. Download now.
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